All Queenz Eye Music Videos: Every Official MV

Whether it’s huge or a bit more bite-sized, a K-pop fandom is always there for its group. The I-Q fandom is there for the K-pop girl group Queenz Eye, from Big Mountain Entertainment and Media Lab SISO. They debuted in October 2022, and while they don’t have a giant body of work quite yet, what they do have is worth celebrating. So we here present an archive and list of all of the Queenz Eye music videos, including every official MV and links back to relevant performance videos and other video content.

The List of All Official Queenz Eye Music Videos – Watch Every MV in One Spot

1. “Yummy Yummy” MV – October 24, 2022

Queenz Eye debuted with the single album Queenz Table, which included the songs “Yummy Yummy,” “Before&After,” and instrumental versions of each track. This is the only release by Queenz Eye to feature member Jenna, who left the group in 2023 prior to the group’s first comeback. The “Yummy Yummy” music video has a cool and sexy girl crush vibe to it, and all of the members of the group contributed to the song’s choreography.

There is a “Yummy Yummy” performance video and a music video behind-the-scenes video, but do note that Queenz Eye content often lacks English subtitles. (In the worst case, you can use the video version of the Google Translate app on your phone, which, when pointed at your computer screen, will translate the Korean text it sees for you.) Later, Queenz Eye shared a “Christmas” version performance video for “Before&After.”

2. “Un-Normal” MV – July 6, 2023

The second Queenz Eye single album, UNI-Q, contains two more songs: “Un-Normal” and “Domino,” along with instrumental versions of each song and an English version of “Un-Normal.” The lead track is a fantastic and addicting R&B song indebted to ’90s pop music, and the members are effortlessly cool throughout.

Queenz Eye released two standard performance videos for “Un-Normal,” plus one more filmed with a drone in the rain. The group also released live-vocal performance videos for “Un-Normal,” the English version of “Un-Normal,” and “Domino.” Finally, there is a making-of-MV video for “Un-Normal.”

3. “This Is Love” MV – October 15, 2023

This Is Love” was released by itself as the third Queenz Eye single, and it is basically an explosion of melody. The MV itself is business as usual, but the Queenz Eye members put their superb dance skills on display as expected. This is another song worth many repeat listens.

There is a live-vocal performance video for “This Is Love” as well.

Those are all of the Queenz Eye music videos that have been released to date, but this archive is being updated for each time a new official MV or related video is released. Bookmark this page and share it with new fans to make it easy to watch all of their videos as they release! We also have much more content about Queenz Eye where that came from, including how old the members are, who their leader is, and a comprehensive, fact-checked profile page for all the Queenz Eye members (even Jenna)!

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