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Even before their official debut, KQ Entertainment K-pop boy group Xikers wasted absolutely no time in showcasing their talents and garnering a passionate fan base. It was enough that they were able to embark on their first world tour during their first year of promotions, which is quite a rare feat, and Xikers has built up a body of stellar music videos. Here, we maintain an archive and list of all of the Xikers music videos, including every official MV and links back to any performance video, “behind” content, or other related video content. This is the most convenient way to enjoy all of the music videos coming from Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Junghoon, Seeun, Yujun, Hunter, and Yechan.

A List of All Official Xikers Music Videos – Watch Every MV in One Place

0. “Geek” MV (as KQ Fellaz 2) – September 17, 2022

Prior to debut, Xikers trained under the temporary moniker of “KQ Fellaz 2,” which is a continuation of when their older brother group, Ateez, trained under the name of “KQ Fellaz.” KQ Fellaz 2 underwent extensive training in Los Angeles, which was chronicled in the reality show [KQ Fellaz 2] Ready To One, and it culminated in the music video for “Geek,” which was composed by Minjae (alongside Eden, Maddox, Dwayne, and Neko). “Geek” was an exciting introduction to the group that demonstrated all of the talent they had to offer.

*. “CANVAS” Official Video (as KQ Fellaz 2) – October 15, 2022

“CANVAS” was another original song to receive a music video during the members’ time as KQ Fellaz 2, but this song specifically features members Minjae, Sumin, and Yechan, who composed the song alongside Eden, Peperoni, and Oliv. “CANVAS” is more of a straightforward hip hop track.

1. “도깨비집 (TRICKY HOUSE)” MV – March 30, 2023

Xikers officially debuted on March 30, 2023 with first mini-album House of Tricky : Doorbell Ringing, and “도깨비집 (TRICKY HOUSE)” was the first of two lead singles. The music video has a very gritty urban energy with its subway train covered in graffiti, and the song is accordingly frenetic throughout.

There is a Xikers reaction video for the “도깨비집 (TRICKY HOUSE)” MV, as well as a fake-out reaction video where KQ surprised the members with messages from their families. There is furthermore a making-of film for the MV.

2. “ROCKSTAR” MV – April 24, 2023

ROCKSTAR” is the second lead single from House of Tricky : Doorbell Ringing and received a music video nearly a month after the album was released. As the video thumbnail suggests, this is another high-energy MV, vacillating between school scenes and a building storm. This song has a bit more melody than the previous single.

There is a Xikers reaction video to the “ROCKSTAR” music video and a making-of film for the MV.

3. “Koong” Performance Video – July 27, 2023

“Koong” is a song from the second Xikers mini-album, House of Tricky : How to Play, which would be released on August 2, 2023, and the song received a performance video in advance of the album release. Unfortunately, Junghoon would not participate in this comeback or subsequent related Xikers music videos, because he went on hiatus for ACL surgery in May 2023.

There is a making-of film for the “Koong” performance video.

4. “DO or DIE” MV – August 2, 2023

DO or DIE” is the first lead single from House of Tricky : How to Play, and it received a music video in tandem with the release of the mini-album. “DO or DIE” has an unexpectedly thrilling punk rock sound, and the music video combines video games with zombies and a rental store — par for the course in K-pop.

There is a Xikers reaction video to the “DO or DIE” MV, as well as a making-of film for the MV.

5. “HOMEBOY” MV – August 23, 2023

“HOMEBOY” is the second lead single from House of Tricky : How to Play, and it received a music video three weeks after the first song did. The video is full of bright, natural imagery, and the song slows down the tempo for a prettier, more introspective-feeling Xikers song. All of the Xikers music videos showcase the range of the group, but “DO or DIE” and “HOMEBOY” are a particularly potent combo toward that end.

There is a Xikers reaction video to the MV and a making-of film for the MV. There is also a “HOMEBOY” performance video and even a making-of film for that video.

6. “We Don’t Stop” MV – March 8, 2024

We Don’t Stop” is the lead single from the third Xikers mini-album, House of Tricky : Trial and Error. Junghoon again did not participate in this comeback, as his recovery and rehabilitation from surgery continued. “We Don’t Stop” features more hard rap verses punctuated by guitar, making it another fitting song in the Xikers discography.

There is a performance video for “We Don’t Stop.”

7. “Red Sun” Performance Video – March 30, 2024

Red Sun” is another song from House of Tricky : Trial and Error, and it received a performance video about three weeks after the release of the album. It has the usual Xikers edginess, with the members practically yelling the lyrics.

Stay tuned for more Xikers music videos in the next comeback!

That is the complete list of all Xikers music videos at this time, and this archive is being updated for each new MV, performance video, or related content as it emerges from KQ Entertainment. Bookmark this page if you want to always have fast access to the latest music from Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Junghoon, Seeun, Yujun, Hunter, and Yechan. For more about the group, check out how old the Xikers members currently are and refresh yourself on who their leader is.

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