What Are XG Members’ MBTI?

It’s not healthy to try to categorize and describe a person’s entire personality based off of one personality test, but if you use it as just a source of fun and conversation, there’s nothing wrong with it. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test is one of the more popular options, especially in South Korea. And while XGALX girl group XG originates from Japan and all the members are Japanese, they still have participated in the trend for their multifaceted Korean promotions. So to get a glimpse of each of their personalities, here is the MBTI for XG members Chisa, Hinata, Jurin, Harvey, Juria, Maya, and Cocona.

XG MBTI for All Members

  • Chisa has an MBTI of ENFP.
  • Hinata has an MBTI of ISFP.
  • Jurin does not want to say her MBTI.
  • Harvey has an MBTI of INFP.
  • Juria has an MBTI of ESFJ-T.
  • Maya has an MBTI of ESFP.
  • Cocona has an MBTI of INFJ-T.

This MBTI information is directly derived from self-profiles that the XG members wrote themselves as promotion for the Mnet reality series, XG’s Three meals a day. These XG self-profiles were published online on April 26, 2023. Should any members’ MBTI change or vacillate with time — which is known to happen to some people — this space shall be updated accordingly to address that.

As you can see, Jurin has refrained from revealing her MBTI to date, keeping it a secret and instead declaring that she is a “wolf”! It would appear that Jurin does not want her personality to be easily summarized, which is ultimately a good thing. It is yet another way that Jurin sticks out as the leader of XG.

Idols typically discuss a standard four-letter MBTI, but Juria and Cocona went one step further with the “-T” identity descriptor. The “-A” and “-T” identity descriptors refer to “Assertive” and “Turbulent,” respectively, and the concept was apparently championed by the website 16Personalities. The “-A” and “-T” distinctions do not appear to be as mainstream as typical MBTI — certainly not in South Korea at least. Nonetheless, in brief, “Assertive” refers to people who express confidence and typically do not dwell on past mistakes, whereas “Turbulent” refers to people who strive for perfection and do more frequently contemplate their past mistakes. It makes sense that Juria and Cocona would be perfectionists after five years of training prior to XG’s debut!

Left to right: Harvey, Hinata, Juria, Jurin, Chisa, Cocona, Maya

Keeping in mind that Juria’s MBTI is currently a mystery (“Wolf”!), it would appear XG is lacking for standard “T” — “Thinking.” The other six members are all “F” — “Feeling.” All personality types beyond “T” are currently well represented in the group.

That is everything there is to know about the MBTI for XG members Chisa, Hinata, Jurin, Harvey, Juria, Maya, and Cocona, but it really only scratches the surface of their personalities — which is probably how Jurin likes it! For more about the group, check out how old the XG members currently are or who speaks fluent English in the group. Or if you just want to watch some videos, check out our archive of all XG music videos, neatly arranged for easy viewing.

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