When Did One Pact Debut?

The 2023 Mnet survival competition Boys Planet brought dozens of promising aspiring idols to public attention, and even besides those who became Zerobaseone, several of them wound up forming more boy groups in 2023. For example, the project group EVNNE debuted, and TIOT made their predebut ahead of a full 2024 debut. Armada Entertainment K-pop boy group One Pact is yet another group to ride the waves that Boys Planet had offered, with the singer Kangnam as their producer and Armada CEO. So here is the full answer to when exactly Jongwoo, Jay Chang, Seongmin, Tag, and Yedam made their debut as One Pact.

One Pact Made Their Debut on November 30, 2023 with Moment

One Pact officially made their debut on November 30, 2023 with their first mini-album, Moment, and the “좋겠다” music video. The tracklist for Moment includes six songs in total: “멋진 거,” “좋겠다,” “G.O.A.T,” “Rush in 2 U,” “진행중,” and “Illusion.” Amazingly, member Tag, Restart, and 채강해 (Chae Kang-hae) composed every song on Moment except “G.O.A.T,” which was composed by Boytoy and AVEC’s Madewell, 희연 (Heeyeon), and Ley. Tag also wrote the lyrics for all of the songs except G.O.A.T, and Joha also contributed lyrics to “Rush in 2 U.”

Prior to the release of the album, One Pact had gone through a substantial process of predebut. This began with the release of a performance video for the song “G.O.A.T” on October 24, 2023. On October 26, 2023, the group released a comical video introducing themselves individually. One day after that, One Pact released a reaction video to their “G.O.A.T” performance video.

One Pact released a second predebut performance video, for “멋진 거,” on October 27, 2023. The video came with a reminder that the song had been produced by Tag. Jongwoo was reportedly a performance director on the video as well, though this was not noted in the video itself.

Next up, on November 10, 2023, One Pact impressively released a self-made music video for “Rush in 2 U.”

Predebut promotions continued with the “2023 ONE PACT FANCON TOUR <THE PACT>,” which brought the group to at least Japan. Then finally, on November 30, 2023, One Pact released Moment and the “좋겠다” MV. (“좋겠다” translates to “Must Be Nice.”) A showcase was held on the day of their debut.

Interestingly, One Pact did not immediately appear on music shows after debut, but they did eventually appear on them to perform “좋겠다,” beginning with Simply K-Pop CON-TOUR episode 596, aired December 8, 2023. One Pact then performed on MusicCore for the first time on December 9, 2023, followed by Inkigayo on December 10, 2023.

The name “One Pact” refers to a group of people coming together as one to make a big impact. It feels fitting for a group that comes from a company with a name like Armada Entertainment. They seem to be on the right track so far, regardless.

Incidentally, Jay Chang had actually debuted as a soloist on October 17, 2023, with the mini-album Late Night, just a month prior to the beginning of One Pact. Tag had also formally left the group Ciipher in August 2023, just months before being announced as a member of One Pact. Even leader Jongwoo once belonged to another, short-lived group, Black Level. The five members had had diverse experiences prior to appearing on Boys Planet and ultimately becoming One Pact.

To summarize, One Pact made their debut on November 30, 2023 with the Moment mini-album, and they predebuted with performance videos in October 2023. Next up, check out how old the One Pact members currently are.

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