When Did StayC Debut?

The worst time to debut a new K-pop group is probably right in the middle of a pandemic, yet that didn’t stop High Up Ent. from launching its first girl group, StayC. High Up Ent. was established in 2017 by music producing duo Black Eyed Pilseung, which comprises Rado and Choi Kyu-sung, who have written hit songs for several K-pop artists, including Sistar, Apink, and Twice. At High Up, “young talents and young thoughts are gathered to maximize the potential talents of latent stars with fresh and new ideas, creating new values through creative cultural contents.” And while that is quite a mouthful, in a roundabout way, it does describe StayC! So here, we will provide the answer to when exactly did StayC debut and with what song.

StayC Debuted on November 12, 2020 with the Song “So Bad”

Yes, despite COVID, StayC debuted on November 12, 2020 with the single album Star to a Young Culture, which included lead single “So Bad” and another song, “Like This.” Both songs were produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon. The album name Star to a Young Culture is actually what the name “StayC” stands for, and it too aligns with that wordy mission statement from High Up described above!

The music video for “So Bad” arrived alongside the release of the single album. A performance video for “Like This” was released on November 14, 2020. Members Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J all received moments to shine in these videos.

StayC performed for the first time on November 13, 2020 on Music Bank with “So Bad.” These initial promotions went well, and Star to a Young Culture became 2020’s first debut album by a K-pop girl group to surpass 10,000 physical sales in its first week. Since then, the group has gone on to achieve greater accolades, and fortunately, the pandemic eventually ended — so StayC could actually meet their fans in person!

That’s all there is to know about when StayC debuted. But for another major K-pop girl group that happened to debut in November 2020, check out the debut of Aespa. Or if you want to learn more about StayC, check out how old the members are.

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