Where Are R U Next Contestants From?

The girl group survival show R U Next? has gathered aspiring idol trainees from around the world to compete to become the next great K-pop girl group at HYBE from label Belift Lab, the home of Enhypen. There are a substantial 22 trainees competing, but in total, all the R U Next contestants come from South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the United States. However, to be the most precise about nationality and where all the R U Next contestants are from, here is the country of origin for Jiwoo, Funa, Moa, Chanelle, Yunah, Minju, Jeongeun, Moka, Jihyun, Ruka, Yewon, Jeemin, Hyewon, Youngseo, Yuisa, Wonhee, Haseul, Iroha, Iris, Himena, Seoyeon, and Ena.

The Countries Where R U Next Contestants Are From

  • Jiwoo is from South Korea.
  • Funa is from Japan.
  • Moa is from Thailand.
  • Chanelle is from the United States as a Korean American.
  • Yunah is is from South Korea.
  • Minju is from South Korea.
  • Jeongeun is from South Korea.
  • Moka is from Japan.
  • Jihyun is from South Korea.
  • Ruka is from Japan.
  • Yewon is from South Korea.
  • Jeemin is from South Korea.
  • Hyewon is from South Korea.
  • Youngseo is from South Korea.
  • Yuisa is from Japan.
  • Wonhee is from South Korea.
  • Haseul is from the United States as a Korean American.
  • Iroha is from Japan.
  • Iris is from Thailand.
  • Himena is from Japan.
  • Seoyeon is from South Korea.
  • Ena is from Japan.

Of the 22 contestants, 11 of them are Korean from Korea, seven of them are Japanese, two of them are Thai, and two of them are Korean American. However, it’s probably easier to absorb this country information with a face included, so you can use this nationality image to more quickly understand where all of the R U Next contestants are from:

That’s everything you need to know, neatly arranged for maximum ease! For more information about the R U Next contestants, check out how old all 22 contestants are.

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