Who Is the Leader of AMPERS&ONE?

P1Harmony was such a successful K-pop boy group internationally for FNC Entertainment that it was never in question that follow-up boy group AMPERS&ONE would garner a ton of excitement. Plus, several of the members were already known to the public even before the group’s debut, and more than half of them hail from outside of South Korea. This is a group with especially distinct perspectives in the realm of K-pop. And among members Kamden, Brian, Jiho, Siyun, Kyrell, Mackiah, and Seungmo, here is who the official leader of AMPERS&ONE is, plus other formal positions within the group.

The Leader of AMPERS&ONE Is Jiho

Jiho is the leader of the group, in addition to being a vocal. This was originally confirmed by his self-profile on Weverse when the Weverse account was created on November 6, 2023. Notably, Jiho is only the third-oldest member of the group, with the oldest member, Kamden, being almost exactly three years older. This suggests that FNC and the group had great faith in Jiho as a leader for him to be selected for that role.

While some groups in the fifth generation of K-pop mostly eschew formal positions, such as Boynextdoor and especially RIIZE, AMPERS&ONE members actually do have general positions within the group. Kamden is a rapper and dancer. Brian is a vocal. Jiho is the aforementioned leader and a vocal. Siyun is a vocal. Kyrell is a vocal. Mackiah is a rapper. And lastly, Seungmo is a vocal, in addition to being the maknae.

Jiho is the leader.

In summary, Jiho is the leader of AMPERS&ONE, in addition to being a vocal in the group. For more about the group, check out the story behind the debut of AMPERS&ONE, how old the members currently are, what each member’s MBTI is, and where the members are originally from.

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