Who Is the Leader of KARD?

Being a co-ed group at DSP Media, KARD stands out instantly from most other K-pop groups, but the distinctions don’t end there. The group has a style and flavor of its own, whether it’s the Latin rhythms that often appear or the occasionally flirtatious dance moves between members that keep things just a bit spicy. But with a four-member co-ed group, selecting a group leader could be a bit more complicated. Indeed, that is evidently the case with KARD. So among BM, Somin, Jiwoo, and J.seph, here is the simple answer to who the leader of KARD is at DSP.

KARD Has No Leader

Yep, it’s that simple. The group has no leader. This is pretty rare in K-pop, but it’s not completely unheard of. After all, there are a couple massive groups on either side of KARD that also have no leader — YG Entertainment’s Blackpink and ADOR’s NewJeans. But on the whole, such groups are basically exceptions to the rule.

Since their debut, there does not seem to have ever been a formal reason stated for why KARD has no leader. One might presume it is due to the unique makeup of the group. With two men of nearly the same age and two women of nearly the same younger age, it might have been deemed mildly awkward to call one person the leader of the other three. Additionally, each member naturally has their own strengths, and perhaps even more so than in most groups, it’s the unique synergy of the KARD members that makes the group special. In this sense, it may have been considered antithetical to select one member to be the leader.

A casual observer might just assume that BM is the leader of the group, since he is usually the one who gets the group started when they are introducing themselves. Being born in the United States, BM is also a native English speaker and typically takes the lead in English-speaking situations. However, he is not the official leader, and he is in fact not even the oldest member.

So, if you want to know who the leader of KARD is, the answer is that KARD has no leader! And for the reasons outlined above, it might be better that way. For more about the group, check out exactly how old the KARD members are now and how old they were when the group first started. Or check out who can speak English or Spanish in KARD!

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