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With a producer like Zico and being the first boy group from KOZ Entertainment at HYBE, Boynextdoor and their concept actually felt like something of a surprise when they arrived on the K-pop scene. Boynextdoor is almost precisely the opposite of some of the tough and edgier groups out there — a lovable group of gentle guys with a soft image who sing about problems relatable to people their age! The group chemistry is inimitably charming too, and since members Jaehyun, Taesan, and Woonhak are even involved in the creation of the music, Boynextdoor stands out from other K-pop boy groups in refreshing ways. And here, we maintain a current and regularly updated archive of all the Boynextdoor music videos, including every official MV and also links to each performance video. This is your most convenient way to watch and fall in love with Sungho, Riwoo, Jaehyun, Taesan, Leehan, and Woonhak in one spot!

A List of All Official Boynextdoor Music Videos – Watch Every MV Right Here

1. “돌아버리겠다 (But I Like You)” MV – May 23, 2023

Although Boynextdoor officially debuted on May 30, 2023, their debut single album, WHO!, consisted of three singles — and they all received music videos! Two of the videos were released as predebut MVs, with the first being “돌아버리겠다 (But I Like You).” (If you’re wondering, “돌아버리겠다” means, “You’re driving me crazy.”) All three of these debut videos were filmed in Los Angeles, California, and the members were in the United States for just over two weeks in total for the filming. It rained on the first day and throughout the shoot!

If this song is driving you crazy in a good way, then watch the “돌아버리겠다” performance video too!

2. “One and Only” MV – May 26, 2023

One and Only” is the second of the three singles on WHO!, and its video has around double the views of the other two Boynextdoor debut music videos. In general, between its doorway-based beginning and dance choreography that uniquely makes use of an actual door frame, this MV feels like the “true” introduction to Boynextdoor. Although, one might argue that this song’s chorus is not quite as melodic as those of the other two songs on the WHO! album.

Fortunately, this is not the one and only “One and Only” music video, because there is a performance video to enjoy for this song too! There is also a video of Boynextdoor reacting to the “One and Only” MV.

3. “Serenade” MV – May 30, 2023

Serenade” arrived on the official day of Boynextdoor’s debut, as the final song of the group’s three debut singles. The “Serenade” music video completes the story that was being told through the previous two videos, of pining for a girl and making up one’s mind to confess to her at her home — even if that means being nice to her scary father! It’s an adorable concept executed wonderfully. Even better, the song itself is just really catchy!

KOZ Entertainment has offered a “Serenade” performance video as well.

4. “뭣 같아 (But Sometimes)” MV – September 4, 2023

뭣 같아 (But Sometimes)” is the lead single of the first Boynextdoor mini-album, WHY.. The song and video detail a nasty breakup where the members are processing the situation with a mix of anger and mourning. It is a tonal break from their debut songs and a sad conclusion to an early romance. But other than that — it’s a beautifully shot video and a great song, with Jaehyun, Taesan, and Woonhak contributing to the song production as usual. Incidentally, this music video and album were released on Sungho’s birthday!

There is a behind-the-scenes video for shooting the “뭣 같아 (But Sometimes)” MV and WHY.. trailer film, in which Sungho reveals that Boynextdoor had actually been working on the WHY.. album since even before they debuted. There is also a “뭣 같아 (But Sometimes)” performance video, a video of Boynextdoor reacting to the MV, and a special “Doorground” live performance video.

5. “ABCDLOVE” MV – October 11, 2023

ABCDLOVE” is the final song on WHY.., and its music video was filmed in portrait orientation. It’s a pretty adorable video about the members trying to come to terms with their lost love and hoping it can return. Also, at one point, Leehan kind of crushes and kills a miniature Jaehyun with his fist. Oh well!

There is an “ABCDLOVE” performance video that was also filmed in portrait orientation and is equally adorable.

*. “Last Christmas” Cover Holiday Special Clip – December 23, 2023

For Christmas 2023, Boynextdoor covered the Wham! song, “Last Christmas,” in a holiday special clip. It’s a warm and cute experience in a lovingly decorated space.

6. “400 Years” Special Video – January 16, 2024

Boynextdoor released this song and intimate special video as a surprise to the Onedoor fandom, and “400 Years” is a sweetly nostalgic track. Jaehyun, Taesan, Woonhak, Pop Time, Kako, Daily, and Likey composed the song, and Boynextdoor as a whole wrote the lyrics. The end of the song includes handwritten notes from the Boynextdoor members to the fans. (If you can’t read Korean, use the video portion of the Google Translate app on a smartphone and point it at the video screen to translate it for you!)

7. “Earth, Wind & Fire” MV – April 15, 2024

Earth, Wind & Fire” is the lead single of the second Boynextdoor mini-album, HOW?. The group describes the song as “kitsch core” (a combination of kitsch and normcore), and HOW? marks the end of a “First Love Trilogy” told through the main singles of their first three releases. Musically, this song is a departure from what came before, hence the “kitsch core” moniker.

There is a Boynextdoor reaction video for the “Earth, Wind & Fire” MV and a performance video.

These are all of the official Boynextdoor music videos that have been released to date, and this archive is being continually updated for every new MV, performance video, and special video as they release. Of course, the group is still very young, so there are many more great songs and videos where this came from. We look forward to watching and hearing them all.

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