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Girl group Fifty Fifty was the miracle story of K-pop in 2023 with the success of the song “Cupid,” but they and their company ATTRAKT have ensured that they will be no one-hit wonder. In fact, Fifty Fifty already had some really excellent songs prior to “Cupid,” and there is more on the horizon. Here, we are maintaining an updated archive of all the official Fifty Fifty music videos, including every MV and, where applicable and relevant, performance and lyric videos. So have fun watching or re-watching Fifty Fifty videos and soaking in the talent of Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran, and then share this page with newcomers to the Hunnies fandom!

A List of All Official Fifty Fifty Music Videos – One Spot to Watch Every MV

1. “Lovin’ Me” MV – November 14, 2022

Prior to officially debuting on November 18, 2022 with mini-album The Fifty, Fifty Fifty released two pre-release videos, and the first of them is the pre-release MV for “Lovin’ Me.” Although it is not immediately obvious, “Lovin’ Me” is actually only performed by Sio and Saena.

Fortunately, an “OT4” live-in-studio video of “Lovin’ Me” was uploaded by ATTRAKT in May 2023, where all four members of the group sing the song together.

2. “Log in” Performance Video – November 15, 2022

The day after releasing the “Lovin’ Me” MV, ATTRAKT released a performance video for “Log in,” which for all intents and purposes is itself a Fifty Fifty music video. It was their first song to display more edge, but its content connected to the larger mythology of the group and teased the diversity of music fans can expect from the group.

Interested fans can additionally watch a “making of” film for the “Log in” performance video or a video of Fifty Fifty reacting to the video.

3. “Higher” MV – November 18, 2022

Higher” is the official debut song of Fifty Fifty and the lead single out of the four songs on The Fifty. As we have detailed elsewhere, leaders of ATTRAKT had to sell their own property in order to fund the production of Fifty Fifty’s debut. Suffice to say, these sacrifices proved to be worth it!

There is a “making of” video for the “Higher” MV, in addition to a video of Fifty Fifty reacting to the MV.

4. “Tell Me” Lyric Video – November 19, 2022

One day after debut, ATTRAKT released an official lyric video for “Tell Me,” which means that all four songs on The Fifty received a video of some sort. Like “Lovin’ Me” only actually featured two members of the group, the same is true of this song. “Tell Me” is performed by only Aran and Keena.

However, in May 2023, ATTRAKT released an “OT4” live-in-studio performance of “Tell Me” featuring all four members.

5. “Cupid” MV – February 23, 2023

Fifty Fifty released the single album The Beginning: Cupid as their first comeback, and within the mythology of the group, the song “Cupid” is actually a prequel to the songs featured on The Fifty. “Cupid” also happens to have been a monstrous international hit for the group and may potentially be the reason why you have arrived at this article! However, the official “Cupid” MV is for the Korean version of the song, and it is the English version (below) that reached the most people internationally.

There is a full Fifty Fifty documentary series detailing the recording of the “Cupid” song and production of the music video, and there is also a “Cupid” special performance video.

6. “Cupid” (Twin Ver.) Lyric Video – February 27, 2023

“Cupid” (Twin Ver.) is the English version of “Cupid” that received tremendous international attention, and both the Korean and English versions of the song were included on The Beginning: Cupid. However, “Cupid” (Twin Ver.) only actually features the singing of Sio and Aran, and a lyric video for the song was released a few days after the MV for the Korean version.

An “OT4” live-in-studio video of “Cupid” (Twin Ver.) with all four members of Fifty Fifty singing was released in April 2023.

*. “Barbies Dreams” Official Audio – July 6, 2023

It had been anticipated that the next Fifty Fifty song to receive a music video would be “Barbie Dreams” (feat. Kaliii), recorded for the 2023 film Barbie, but only an official audio video for “Barbie Dreams” was ever released. Owing to the current legal conflict with ATTRAKT, it is likely that “Barbie Dreams” will be the final Fifty Fifty song to have featured all four of the original members. That is pretty tragic.

That is all of the official Fifty Fifty music videos that exist at this time, and this archive is being continually updated for every new MV, performance video, lyric video, or special video that arrives from ATTRAKT or anyplace else. Let us know what your favorite Fifty Fifty song or music video has been!

For more, K-Pop Answers contains all of the facts and trivia you could possibly want about Fifty Fifty all in one place, including the following:

If you’re becoming a Fifty Fifty fan now or looking to convert more Hunnies, please enjoy and share our content, and we thank you for reading!

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