Fifty Fifty Facts: Fun Trivia for Keena, Saena, Sio, & Aran!

Fifty Fifty has always had its hardcore fans since debut in November 2022, but they really blew up in popularity internationally with the release of “Cupid” in February 2023. For fans new and old that would like to learn more about who Fifty Fifty are, we have prepared a list of fun and surprising facts about all four members — Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran — garnered from the multitude of interviews the group has done since debut. Each fact comes with a citation so you can trust that it is accurate information. This page is being regularly updated with fun new facts, so if you love Fifty Fifty, bookmark this page and check back often!

Fifty Fifty Facts: Trivia to Get to Know Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran

Keena Facts

  • Keena is an ESFP for the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality test. [TikTok Korea, April 26, 2023]
  • Keena was a trainee for up to 7.5 years in total, with about 3.5 of those years being at ATTRAKT. Prior to her ultimate Fifty Fifty debut, she had been told two-to-three other times that she would debut, and the disappointment of not debuting those previous times made her skeptical that she would debut this time. She was relieved when she finally got to debut with her members and felt a duty to “do well for them.” [Star News, April 5, 2023 / MBC News, April 13, 2023]
  • Prior to debut in 2019, under her birth name, “Song Jakyeong,” Keena sang the song “Take Back My Life” for the OST to the drama The Running Mates: Human Rights. [Arirang Radio K-Pop, March 27, 2023] (Our archive of Fifty Fifty member predebut photos contains further information!)
  • Keena’s first bias of a K-pop group was Apink. She dreamed of becoming an artist after watching an Apink concert video, and she was “moved by the group and fans filling the stage together as one.” [Fox 13 Seattle, March 7, 2023]
  • Keena is inspired by Cardi B because of her elite flow in her rapping. [India Today, December 12, 2022]
  • Keena and Saena are roommates, and Saena has listened to Keena talk in her sleep on at least one occasion. [Femina India, January 4, 2023]
  • Keena and Sio have the same taste in things, especially food, and when asked during an interview to say the first food that came to mind, they both said “chicken feet”! [MBC News, April 13, 2023]
  • Keena’s go-to karaoke song is “Rain” by Paul Kim. The music of NCT also fills Keena with energy. [Femina India, January 4, 2023]
  • Everyone in Fifty Fifty agrees that Keena is the member who most easily makes new friends, because she is not as introverted as the other members. [BuzzFeed, June 2, 2023]
  • When she’s feeling down, Keena likes to hang out with her close friends at a cafe and eat. And when she’s presented with hard work, she likes to watch K-dramas. [Femina India, January 4, 2023 / MBC News, April 13, 2023]
  • Keena’s first impression of the other members was that they were all “very shy and quiet,” but it made them look cute. [POPS Thailand, December 29, 2022]
  • Keena is the best cook in Fifty Fifty, and she had a part-time job at a restaurant in the past. If she were not an idol, she would cook food in her own shop, which she imagines as a café in daytime and a pub at night. Keena considers tuna-seaweed porridge and cinnamon apple rusk to be two of the highlight meals she has made for the group. [POPS Thailand, December 29, 2022 / E NOW Interview, December 10, 2022 / “WHAT IF” – KEENA’s CONCEPT FILM / Rolling Stone India, May 17, 2023]
  • To hear her music playing as she walks down the street had been Keena’s dream, and after the viral popularity of “Cupid,” this dream became a reality. Likewise, when her producer first informed her that “Cupid” had entered the Billboard Hot 100, Keena immediately called her parents to tell them. [Press Conference, April 13, 2023]
  • In the long term, Keena’s dream is for the Fifty Fifty members to still get together when they are older to listen to their songs and be happy and relaxed. [Rolling Stone India, May 17, 2023]
  • When the members were asked jokingly in an interview what they would do if the other three members were transformed into cockroaches, most of the members said they would try to care for their cockroach members. However, Keena said she would “conclude their life as a cockroach,” meaning she would kill Saena, Sio, and Aran so that they can be “reborn as something else”! [WARNER MUSIC INTERVIEW, April 24, 2023]
  • Keena created a rap about Hunnies (the Fifty Fifty fandom) that she had the members help her perform in an interview for Indonesia. [IDN Times, May 9, 2023]

Saena Facts

  • Saena is an ISFJ for MBTI. [TikTok Korea, April 26, 2023]
  • Saena was a trainee for about 2 years in total. [Star News, April 5, 2023]
  • Prior to debut, in 2018, Saena participated in the variety show Dancing High under her birth name, Jeong Sehyeon. [KBS Kpop, September 14, 2018] (Our archive of Fifty Fifty member predebut photos contains further information!)
  • Girl group BESTie was the first group that inspired Saena to want to become a singer. She was amazed at how “brightly” they sang and danced. [Fox 13 Seattle, March 7, 2023]
  • Saena’s K-pop inspiration is Blackpink, because they have a unique color and sturdiness and they “look so cool.” She is also a “big fan” of NewJeans. [Femina India, January 4, 2023]
  • Saena is further inspired by Beyoncé because of her amazing stage presence and energy. [India Today, December 12, 2022]
  • If Saena were not an idol, she would be a photographer. [Femina India, January 4, 2023 / “WHAT IF” – SAENA’s CONCEPT FILM, December 8, 2022]
  • Saena admits that the members’ first impression of each other was “not good” as trainees because they were in competition with each other over who would ultimately debut. Of course, that sensation subsided with time. At first, she also thought Keena was “scary” because of her fierce rapping and short black hair. She likewise thought that Sio seemed “cold,” but she turned out to be the “complete opposite” of that. [POPS Thailand, December 29, 2022 / SPOTV ent. Ep. 3, April 7, 2023]
  • According to Aran, Saena is the cleanest member of Fifty Fifty. [Femina India, January 4, 2023]
  • Saena is the most energetic and positive member of Fifty Fifty, and she is like a “vitamin” to the other members. [POPS Thailand, December 29, 2022]
  • When Saena is having a difficult time, she writes about it in her diary, and when she can’t control her emotions, she will write them in her diary and then tear out and throw away the page. She gave an example, “If it’s too hard, I write, ‘I’m so tired,’ and throw it away.” [MBC News, April 13, 2023]

Sio Facts

  • Sio is “very very very much an INTJ” for MBTI. [TikTok Korea, April 26, 2023]
  • Sio was a trainee for about 3-3.5 years in total. [Star News, April 5, 2023]
  • Sio had always had a desire to express herself, whether “through painting or music,” but since she grew up a music lover, her love of singing and dancing inspired her to want to become an idol. In the future, Sio wants to further express herself by playing instruments and making her own music. [Fox 13 Seattle, March 7, 2023]
  • Sio’s first bias in K-pop was BTS. [Fox 13 Seattle, March 7, 2023]
  • Sio is inspired by Sam Smith because of how he can express himself to an audience in such a cool way. [India Today, December 12, 2022]
  • Sio’s first impression of Keena was that she was very “charismatic” because of watching her practice difficult raps. Her first impression of Saena was that she looked “very pure” in her white shirt and jeans. Her first impression of Aran was that she was wearing glasses and was pretty quiet, so she seemed as if she was in a “world of her own.” [POPS Thailand, December 29, 2022]
  • As trainees, the members did “Strange Special Training” so that they could become proficient in all areas of performing, even if it was not their area of expertise. As an example, Sio is a vocalist, but she learned to rap the Eminem song “Godzilla”! [MBC News, April 13, 2023]
  • As a trainee, Sio watched “psychological videos” and read the Dale Carnegie book How to Win Friends & Influence People in order to cope with situations out of her control. [MBC News, April 13, 2023]
  • If Sio were not an idol, she might be a novelist. [“WHAT IF” – SIO’s CONCEPT FILM]
  • Sio’s go-to karaoke song is “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” by Jaurim. [Femina India, January 4, 2023]
  • When she’s feeling down, Sio likes to spend a lot of time by herself, reading or watching movies. [Femina India, January 4, 2023]
  • Sio loves to watch animation, but she jokes that Aran looks very “tired” when Sio tries to talk about it with her. Sio particularly watched the anime Fairy Tail “like crazy” when she was younger. [Femina India, January 4, 2023 / SPOTV ent. Ep. 3, April 7, 2023]
  • Since she was younger, Sio has dreamed of going to Thailand to see the elephants. [POPS Thailand, December 29, 2022]
  • Sio has the best memory among the Fifty Fifty members. [POPS Thailand, December 29, 2022]
  • Sio says her grandmother was at the bus stop and saw four middle school students watching Sio’s videos, so she gave those students pocket money! [Star News, April 5, 2023] (Of all Fifty Fifty facts, this one is our favorite!)
  • If forced into a situation where she either had to be cheated on by her (hypothetical) boyfriend or be the one who cheats on him, Sio would be the cheater! [SPOTV ent. Ep. 2, April 7, 2023]
  • Sio’s dream for Fifty Fifty is for them to perform at the Grammys together. Meanwhile, Sio’s personal dream is to live a life where she can “afford a relaxing time to read a book every morning.” [IDN Times, May 9, 2023 / Rolling Stone India / May 17, 2023]

Aran Facts

  • Aran is an INTP for her MBTI. [TikTok Korea, April 26, 2023]
  • Aran was a trainee for about 1.5-2 years in total. [Star News, April 5, 2023]
  • Since singing had always come natural to Aran, she always believed that she was “destined to be on the stage.” The music-related opportunities she found while growing up inspired her to want to become an idol. [Fox 13 Seattle, March 7, 2023]
  • The difficulty and pressure of being an idol trainee made Aran contemplate quitting, and she cried often. However, she ultimately realized that she couldn’t bring herself to quit because she really wanted to become an idol, and she decided afterward, “Yeah, crying is not a big deal. Let’s just cry and do, cry and do.” [MBC News, April 13, 2023]
  • When Aran first joined ATTRAKT as a trainee, Keena was the first person to approach her and was very friendly. Aran’s first impression of Sio was that she was “gorgeous,” “tall,” and had a “really great body ratio.” Her first impression of Saena was that she was cute, had really big eyes, and had a “news anchor vibe.” [POPS Thailand, December 29, 2022]
  • Aran’s first K-pop group bias and song she fell in love with were Girls’ Generation and “Gee,” which she experienced at four years old (international age) while getting a perm at the hair salon. [Fox 13 Seattle, March 7, 2023]
  • Aran is inspired by Ariana Grande, and she gained confidence in singing from watching how Grande “freely sings.” [India Today, December 12, 2022]
  • Aran was the last member to join Fifty Fifty. [Will you be with us forever? FIFTY COMPANY Workshop Ep.5 FINAL, February 14, 2023]
  • If Aran were not an idol, she would be a songwriter / composer or a voice actor. If she were to voice act a character, she would particularly like to voice Bonobono, a cute sea otter from Japanese manga. [Femina India, January 4, 2023 / “WHAT IF” – ARAN’s CONCEPT FILM, December 5, 2022 / Rolling Stone India, May 17, 2023]
  • Aran sleeps the most of anyone in the group. [POPS Thailand, December 29, 2022]
  • Aran’s favorite TV show when she was younger was Power Rangers Engine Force (파워레인저 엔진포스), a Korean-dubbed version of the Japanese TV show Engine Sentai Go-onger. This is her favorite of the “Force” series shows, and she “used to watch the Engine Force series all day long” with her little brother. [SPOTV ent. Ep. 3, April 7, 2023]
  • Aran loves ASMR, and while she is not a “huge movie fan,” she has explained that “when I’m in the subway or walking on the street, I like to turn on a movie on my phone and put my earphones in and then I listen to the movie audio, almost like white noise when I’m moving somewhere.” [Mashable, May 4, 2023]

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