Kiss of Life Members Profile: All Fact-Checked Trivia!

S2 Entertainment K-pop girl group Kiss of Life is brimming with talent, which means there are lots of fun facts and trivia to discuss about the members. The group name “Kiss of Life” literally refers to “giving life through mouth-to-mouth CPR” and has the meaning that the group will be “the next fresh breath of energy in K-pop.” The group has described itself as a “fifth-generation K-pop group,” and they have aspirations that they can “bring the same energy as TLC and Destiny’s Child.” And they certainly got off to a strong start when they debuted on July 5, 2023, having filmed their many debut videos across three weeks in Hungary. But so the KISSY fandom can learn even more about the group, we here maintain this current, comprehensive, and ever growing Kiss of Life members profile, fully fact-checked with trivia and fun facts about Julie Han, Natty, Belle, and Haneul. K-Pop Answers collected all of this information ourselves through many hours of research to better inform the public about this great group, so do please share this page if you find it useful!

(Also, if you would just like to know how old the Kiss of Life members are, we have a separate page for that!)

Kiss of Life Members Profile: Facts and Trivia for Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul

Julie Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

Natty Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

Belle Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

Haneul Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

We hope you enjoyed reading all of the fun facts and trivia in this Kiss of Life members profile page, as there is a lot to love about Julie, Nattie, Belle, and Haneul. K-Pop Answers conducted all of this research ourselves, so if you share any of these Kiss of Life facts you found here in writing or video, we kindly ask that you credit this page for assisting you!

Also, let us know what your favorite Kiss of Life facts and trivia are about Julie, Nattie, Belle, and Haneul in this members profile! And after that, you might want to check out our archive of all Kiss of Life music videos, so you can refresh yourself on their discography to date.

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