What Are Katseye Members’ MBTI?

One might presume that, when it comes to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test, most K-pop group members would test as pretty extroverted. However, that actually isn’t the case. HYBE and Source Music girl group Le Sserafim, for example, is highly introverted for MBTI. Although, when it comes to the international HYBE and Geffen Records pop group Katseye, the results land a bit more where one might expect. Here is the current MBTI for Katseye members Manon Bannerman, Sophia Laforteza, Daniela Avanzini, Lara Rajagopalan, Megan Skiendiel, and Yoonchae Jeong, to get to know all of their personalities a bit better.

Katseye MBTI for All Members: Manon, Sophia, Daniela, Lara, Megan, & Yoonchae

  • Manon has an MBTI of ENFJ.
  • Sophia has an MBTI of ENFP.
  • Daniela has an MBTI of ENFJ-A.
  • Lara has an MBTI of ESTP-A.
  • Megan has an MBTI of ISTP.
  • Yoonchae has an MBTI of ESTP.

All of the above MBTI information comes from an introductory Katseye bio published by Netflix on November 17, 2023, because Netflix has a documentary about Katseye and the show that created it, The Debut: Dream Academy, coming in summer 2024. (We have a full series summary for The Debut: Dream Academy, if you could use a refresher, by the way!) It is fairly clear that Netflix collected all of the information in this bio from the members themselves, so its accuracy can be trusted. However, a person’s MBTI can change with time, so this space shall be updated with new results as necessary.

In the current group composition, Megan is the only Katseye member to be “I” for “Introverted,” with everyone else in the group being extroverted. Otherwise, all other personality indicators are well represented in the group. Manon, Sophia, and Daniela are all “N” (“Intuition”), meaning they are prone to thinking in more abstract terms about matters, while Lara, Megan, and Yoonchae are “S” (“Sensing”), meaning they consider situations according to the facts provided by their five senses.

Likewise, Manon, Sophia, and Daniela are all “F” (“Feeling”), meaning they consider people’s emotions first during interactions, while Lara, Megan, and Yoonchae are all “T” (“Thinking”), meaning they approach interactions logically. And finally, Manon and Daniela are “J” (“Judging”), meaning they are more deliberate about creating plans and having reasons for those plans, while the rest of the group is “P” (“Perceiving”), suggesting they are more improvisational about how they spend their time. However, it is always important to remember that MBTI is not an actual science, and it can be unintentionally harmful to try to summarize a person’s personality in four letters. Treat MBTI as a fun topic of discussion rather than as something that actually matters!

From left to right, top row: Manon, Sophia, Daniela. From left to right, bottom row: Lara, Megan, Yoonchae.

That is all there is to know about the current MBTI for Katseye members Manon, Sophia, Daniela, Lara, Megan, and Yoonchae. For more about the group, check out how old the Katseye members currently are, when they are expected to debut, who the leader may potentially be, and where the members are originally from. Or for a group that has highly different MBTIs than this group, check out the MBTI for their most direct competition, the international JYP Entertainment girl group VCHA.

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