What Are Young Posse Members’ MBTI?

There are simply so many K-pop groups that a casual observer may not be able to remember one if they only saw the group once. Young Posse would very likely be the exception though. Co-produced by DSP Media and Beats Entertainment, Young Posse has an urban hip-hop style and unique sense of humor and fun that translates into something thrillingly different. If anything, it would be difficult to forget them! So to get to know the members just a bit better, let’s discuss where they land for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test. Here is all of the current MBTI info for Young Posse members Sunhye, Yeonjung, Jiana, Doeun, and Jieun.

Young Posse MBTI for All Members: Sunhye, Yeonjung, Jiana, Doeun, and Jieun

  • Sunhye has an MBTI of INTP.
  • Yeonjung has an MBTI of INTP.
  • Jiana has an MBTI of ISFP or ISTP.
  • Doeun has an MBTI of INTP.
  • Jieun has an MBTI of ESFJ.

Some of these Young Posse MBTI results come self-reported by the members themselves in bios from an Instagram Story originally published on November 23, 2023. For posterity, we have externally archived each of these bio images at K-Pop Answers: About Sunhye, About Yeonjung, About Jiana, About Doeun, and About Jieun. However, on April 2, 2024, a blip Instagram post confirmed several MBTI changes: Originally Yeonjung had described herself as ENFP or INFP, but she had changed to INTP. Meanwhile, Doeun had originally been ENTP or sometimes ENFP, but she changed to INTP. Lastly, Jieun had changed from ESTJ to ESFJ. Since MBTI is prone to change with time, this space shall be updated with new results as required.

Regardless, the current group composition demonstrates that the group has shifted more toward introversion and improvisation. Only Jieun is definitively “E” for “Extroverted” anymore. Sunhye, Yeonjung, and Doeun are all “N” (“Intuition”), meaning they consider the abstract possibilities about situations, whereas Jiana and Jieun are “S” (“Sensing”), meaning they use what their five senses tell them to contemplate situations. The only place MBTI in the group is currently lacking is for “J” (“Judging”), which Jieun has exclusively. This implies Jieun is more inclined to planning and having good reasons for it, whereas the rest of the group might be more improvisational in how they choose to spend time. Although, we always like to remind readers that MBTI is not an actual science, and it would be hasty to make blanket judgments about people’s personalities based off of this simple test!

From left to right: Yeonjung, Jiana, Sunhye, Jieun, Doeun

That is all there is to know about the current MBTI for Young Posse members Sunhye, Yeonjung, Jiana, Doeun, and Jieun. As time goes on, we’ll learn more and more about each of their unique charms! For more about the group, check out how old the Young Posse members currently are, who their leader is, and the unique circumstances of their debut.

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