When Is the Young Posse Comeback?

When co-producers DSP Media and Beats Entertainment unleashed Young Posse on the world of K-pop back in October 2023, it was something completely fresh and even a little bizarre (in a good way). The girls exuded talent and charisma while dancing and rapping to the silly topic of macaroni cheese, and it was pretty unforgettable. However, the Teleposse fandom is always hungry for more — whether it’s macaroni cheese or something else. So here is the complete answer to when Sunhye, Yeonjung, Jiana, Doeun, and Jieun will make their first full Young Posse comeback, with a second mini-album, XXL.

The Young Posse Comeback Happened on March 20, 2024 with Second Mini-Album XXL

Young Posse came back with their second mini-album, XXL, on March 20, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. KST. It delivered more “quirky” charm from the girls. The Young Posse XXL tracklist contains five songs in total, with the names being “Scars,” “XXL” (title track), “DND” feat. BM of KARD, “나의 이름은 (Roty),” and “Sky Line.” Title track “XXL” was composed, arranged, and had lyrics provided by KIGGEN and Rick Bridges. Sunhye, Yeonjung, and Jiana notably contributed lyrics to “Scars,” and everyone in Young Posse contributed lyrics to “나의 이름은 (Roty).” Lastly, BM contributed lyrics to “DND.” Just like with Macaroni Cheese, DSP and Beats’ promotion schedule for XXL was extremely ambiguous and silly, and this time, the schedule is formatted like a magazine.

Prior to this second mini-album, Young Posse’s most recent promotion had been for “YOUNG POSSE UP,” a remix of the Macaroni Cheese song, “POSSE UP!” “YOUNG POSSE UP” actually featured three different hip hop artists, being Verbal Jint, NSW yoon, and Token, which increased the overall length of the song by about a minute. It remains to be seen if any additional artists will feature on the next release.

In summary, Young Posse made their first full comeback on March 20, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. KST, with their second mini-album, XXL. This is bound to be a very memorable comeback.

In the interim, K-Pop Answers has plenty more information about the group where this came from! Check out how old the Young Posse members currently are, what their MBTIs are, who their leader is, and the full story behind their debut. We also maintain a convenient archive of all of the Young Posse music videos, to make it easy to watch all of their videos in one place!

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