Ichillin’ Feelin’ Hot Earns Huge Highest First-Week Album Sales

In just two days, KM Entertainment girl group Ichillin’ has earned both its highest first-day and first-week album sales with its third mini-album, Feelin’ Hot. According to Korean Sales, a trusted source for conveying album sales from Korean charts like Hanteo, the Ichillin’ Feelin’ Hot album sold 8,169 albums on its first day and another 3,553 albums on its second day, totaling 11,722 albums sold in just two days. Those first-day sales are an extraordinary 2072.61% improvement over the first-day sales of their second mini-album, I’m on It!, which sold 376 copies on its first day (and 8,809 copies in total in its first week). What makes this news much sweeter is that, prior to these huge first-day and first-week album sales, Ichillin’ seemed to be facing potential disbandment.

Ichillin’ Scores Highest First-Day & First-Week Album Sales with Feelin’ Hot, Despite Facing Disbandment

On March 4, 2024, Ichillin’ YouTube teased the release of a comeback documentary series, and the end of the video teaser suggested that they had been practicing for this comeback with the expectation that it could be their last one. This alarmed fans, and popular social media presence Nugu Promoter signal-boosted the news, imploring listeners to purchase the album. It is unclear if this signal boost actually contributed to album sales or if other factors have resulted in this dramatic increase in record first-day and first-week Ichillin’ album sales. (Frankly, it seems statistically improbable that Nugu Promoter had that much impact on sales.) Nonetheless, whatever the catalyst, fans and K-pop listeners in general are thrilled at this positive development.

Of course, it also isn’t clear how much these album sales will impact whether Ichillin’ remains together for more comebacks (if the group is indeed facing disbandment). For instance, Cube Entertainment girl group CLC earned record attention for its final comeback song, “Helicopter,” yet Cube still unceremoniously ceased the group’s promotions in 2021 and left the group to disband in relative silence the following year. Hopefully, KM Entertainment has more dignity than Cube. In any case, Ichillin’ only debuted in September 2021, so the members surely still have much to share, if given the chance.

Are you enjoying Feelin’ Hot from Ichillin’? Check out the music video for its lead single, “On My Lips,” below, if you haven’t already watched it! Then, for a new group who could use some love and attention, check out the coming debut of Candy Shop from Brave Entertainment.

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