Kaylee Goes on Hiatus from VCHA for Health Condition

On March 11, 2024, around midnight ET, JYP Entertainment announced that Kaylee is going on hiatus from VCHA for an unspecified “health condition.” The expected duration of the hiatus has not been specified, as JYP only stated that she “will be taking a hiatus from upcoming VCHA activities until further notice.” However, JYP has assured that Kaylee’s health is the highest priority and that updates shall be shared. At present, it would seem that the only immediate impact of the hiatus will be that Kaylee will miss the group’s upcoming performance in Las Vegas.

Kaylee Is on Hiatus from VCHA, Seemingly Missing Las Vegas Show

VCHA is scheduled to be the opening act for Twice at their “Ready to Be” World Tour Las Vegas concert on Saturday, March 16, 2024. Previously this year, VCHA had opened for Twice at concerts in Mexico and Brazil, all of which Kaylee had performed at. Now, with Kaylee going on hiatus, it appears the group will have to perform as five members without her in Las Vegas. That is a shame, as this would have been Kaylee’s first massive live performance in the United States.

Kaylee is the youngest member of VCHA, being only 14 years old, and VCHA in general is a giant, grand experiment between JYP and Republic Records of how North American performers can exist in the K-pop system. Considering those two factors together, managing Kaylee’s health takes on even more importance for all parties involved, as there could frankly be heavy ramifications if anything were to happen to her that could have been prevented. In that sense, it is certainly a good thing that Kaylee has gone on hiatus, though we do not know the actual nature of her health condition at the moment.

We wish Kaylee a speedy recovery from her health issue, whatever it may be, so that she can return from hiatus and continuing performing with VCHA soon. VCHA actually already has a comeback scheduled for March 15, 2024 with second single album Only One, featuring “Only One” and B-side “Favorite Girl.” A performance video for “Only One” will be released in tandem, and it is already confirmed that Kaylee participated in these songs and the performance video. So, we still have some Kaylee content to look forward to!

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One thought on “Kaylee Goes on Hiatus from VCHA for Health Condition

  1. Kaylee is my favorite person on the team. I hope she can come back.
    Christine is my least favorite and I know she is off the team because her true colors came out. Just watch her expressions when the one Girl was in last place and was being told she was being let go. She actually smiled and looked happy while everyone else was crying.

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