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With K-pop only becoming ever more popular globally, it makes sense to create an international girl group trained in the K-pop system. That was exactly what JYP Entertainment and Republic Records did with the reality competition series A2K (which we have a full series summary of), which assembled six girls from the United States and Canada to become JYP’s first North American girl group, VCHA. The group represents an exciting new frontier for what K-pop can be and become! And here, we maintain a regularly updated archive and list of all of the VCHA music videos, with every official MV, performance video, and content related to each, to make it easy to enjoy all of their videos in one place. This is the place to become a bigger fan of Camila Ribeaux Valdes, Lexus Vang (Lexi), Kendall Ebeling, Savanna Collins, KG Crown, and Kaylee Lee.

A List of All Official VCHA Music Videos – Watch Every MV Right Here

1. “Y.O.Universe” MV – September 22, 2023

Almost immediately after the conclusion of A2K, VCHA predebuted on September 22, 2023 at midnight ET with single album SeVit (NEW LIGHT), containing the lead song “Y.O.Universe.” Filmed in South Korea, the “Y.O.Universe” music video thoughtfully showcases the interests and personality of all six VCHA members, making for a fitting introduction to the group.

There is a (delightfully long!) VCHA reaction video for the “Y.O.Universe” MV, as well as both a choreography video and a moving-camera choreography video. There is furthermore a five-part behind-the-scenes series for the making of the MV. Lastly, VCHA released a choreography video for each of the other two songs on SeVit (NEW LIGHT), being “Go Getter” and “Know Me Like That.” (All three of these songs had been featured on A2K.)

2. “Ready for the World” Performance Video – December 1, 2023

Ready for the World” is the second predebut VCHA single, and it is a full-length version of the A2K theme song recorded with all six VCHA members. Incidentally, the very end of the “Ready for the World” performance video is where JYP Entertainment first announced VCHA’s official 2024 debut date.

There is a behind-the-scenes video for the “Ready for the World” performance video, as well as a choreography video, a reaction video for the performance video, and even a dance tutorial (but it’s more humorous than helpful!).

3. “Girls of the Year” MV – January 26, 2024

VCHA debuted on January 26, 2024 with single album Girls of the Year, featuring title track “Girls of the Year” and B-side “XO Call Me.” The music video demonstrates the VCHA members training with big dreams, which culminates in the group performing on a huge stage and making their dreams a reality.

There is additionally a choreography video for “Girls of the Year,” a “moving version” choreography video, a performance video, and a VCHA reaction video to the MV. A special live performance video was also released, recorded in the sand.

4. “XO Call Me” Special Video – February 10, 2024

VCHA surprised fans with a self-filmed special video for “XO Call Me,” which was recorded in Beverly Hills. The guerrilla filming style lends an extra degree of authenticity, and the video offered a refreshing look at VCHA in the United States at last.

*. “Girls of the Year” Acoustic Ver. Live Video – February 14, 2024

VCHA had previously indicated that they had a special acoustic video performance in the works, and it arrived on Valentine’s Day 2024 with a “Girls of the Year” acoustic version. The audio feels pretty raw and was not post-processed in the way that most live content is, which is highly refreshing and gives a more honest indication of the girls’ vocal prowess.

5. “Only One” Performance Video – March 15, 2024

Only One” is the titular single of the first VCHA single album, Only One. This song received a performance video that takes place in a gorgeous JYP set of a colorful home, and its chorus is almost certainly going to get stuck in your head. Incidentally, Only One also contains a B-side track, “Favorite Girl.”

There is a choreography video for “Only One,” but Kaylee is not present for it because she went on hiatus from VCHA for a health issue on March 11, 2024. There is also a VCHA reaction video for “Only One” that lacks Kaylee. Lastly, there is a behind-the-scenes video series for the “Only One” MV.

Stay tuned for the next VCHA comeback!

That is the complete list of all VCHA music videos to date, and this archive is being updated for each time that a new MV, performance video, or other related content is released. Bookmark this page to always have fast and convenient access to all of the VCHA music videos as they appear, and share it with friends as an easy entry point to the group!

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