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JYP Entertainment is one of the fundamental forces in the K-pop industry, but one of its most ambitious efforts was its collaboration with Sony Music to create the Japanese girl group, NiziU. It began with the filming of season 1 of the reality competition Nizi Project between 2019 and 2020, which concluded airing in June 2020. NiziU predebuted almost immediately afterward before debuting in full in December 2020, and since then, the girls have developed a strong body of work. So for the sake of convenience, we here maintain an archive and list of all of the NiziU music videos from JYP, including every official MV and links to performance videos and other related content, all available to watch in one spot. This is the easiest way to have fun with Mako, Rio, Maya, Riku, Ayaka, Mayuka, Rima, Miihi, and Nina!

A List of All Official NiziU Music Videos – Watch Every MV in One Place

1. “Make you happy” MV – June 30, 2022

Just four days after Nizi Project ended, NiziU made their predebut with Make you happy, which included the titular song and three other songs from Nizi Project. The song is unmistakably a JYP production, with company founder J.Y. Park himself appearing in a funny, slapstick moment, and the lyrics reference Twice and Itzy.

There is a dance performance video for “Make you happy,” plus a performance video and a separate “NiziU School” version of the video. There is also a making-of-MV video for “Make you happy,” plus shorter making-of videos taken from the perspective of each NiziU member. Later on, more songs from Make you happy received video content: A “Baby I’m a star” performance video was released in August 2020, and “虹の向こうへ (Beyond the Rainbow)” received a 1st Anniversary Special performance video in November 2021.

2. “Step and a step” MV – December 2, 2020

NiziU officially debuted on December 2, 2020 with the maxi-single Step and a step, containing the eponymous “Step and a step.” The music video feels highly reminiscent of a standard Twice MV, with bright colors and lavish sets and CG. It feels like yet another statement that NiziU is a legitimate JYP group that will receive all of its backing.

There is a “Step and a step” performance video and a making-of-MV video.

Another song from Step and a step, “Sweet Bomb !,” would receive a “jjimjilbang” version dance performance video in February 2023.

3. “Take a picture” MV – March 29, 2021

NiziU break into the amusement park to have fun for the “Take a picture” music video. The song was initially introduced in promotions that NiziU did with Coca-Cola, and then it was released as part of a double single, Take a picture / Poppin’ Shakin’, which contained the two eponymous songs and one more track, “I AM.”

“Take a Picture” received a standard performance video, a “red” version of performance video, and a “pajamas” version performance video, and there is also an MV-making video. Additionally, “I AM” would receive a “2nd Anniversary Special” version video in December 2022, followed by “Another” version video.

4. “Poppin’ Shakin'” MV – April 7, 2021

Poppin’ Shakin’” is an infectious song that makes you want to do exactly what the title says. It might get stuck in your head after one listen, and the video is full of more bright and fantastical sets.

“Poppin’ Shakin'” has a standard dance performance video and an “animal” version performance video, and there is an MV-making video.

5. “Chopstick” MV – November 11, 2021

Chopstick” draws direct melodic influence from the classic Euphemia Allen waltz, “Chopsticks,” and the music video makes prominent use of a piano as expected. In fact, keyboard keys contort to even become hallways… somehow. It is a lead track on the first full NiziU album, U.

There is a “Chopstick” performance video, an MV-making video, and a video of NiziU reacting to the MV.

6. “Need U” MV – November 20, 2021

Need U” is another refreshing track from the U album. The girls get sporty with some baseball and spend plenty of time outdoors.

Notably, “Super Summer” and “FESTA,” two more songs available on U, would receive video content. “Super Summer” received a performance video in January 2022, and “FESTA” would eventually receive a 2nd Anniversary Special version video, plus “Another” version.

*. “Take a picture” English ver. MV – December 2, 2021

The English version of the “Take a picture” music video is just like the regular one, except NiziU is of course singing in English!

*. “Poppin’ Shakin'” English ver. MV – December 2, 2021

“Poppin’ Shakin'” too got a largely identical video for its English release.

*. “Chopstick” Another MV ver. – December 31, 2021

True to its name, this is just another version of the “Chopstick” MV, released to end 2021.

7. “ASOBO” MV – April 12, 2022

The “ASOBO” music video is textbook NiziU, full of bright colors and exotic sets, and the song itself is equally cheery. Clearly, the group has an MO.

“ASOBO” has a performance video and several special performance movies, and there is also a making-of-MV movie.

*. “ASOBO” English ver. – April 26, 2022

This is the largely identical English version of the NiziU “ASOBO” MV. There is also a performance video for the English version.

8. “Clap Clap” MV – July 13, 2022

Clap Clap” is a bit bouncier than the usual NiziU music video, and it features more urban environments and cityscapes. It’s still unmistakbly NiziU though.

“Clap Clap” has a two-part making-of-MV video and two dance performance videos.

*. “Clap Clap” Another ver. MV – August 3, 2023

It’s an alternate take on the “Clap Clap” MV.

9. “Blue Moon” – December 2, 2022

Blue Moon” is a slower, more reflective track than any other NiziU music video to that point, fitting the wintry season that was to come. It makes for a nice contrast and some literally cool visuals.

There is a making-MV video for “Blue Moon.”

*. “Blue Moon” Another ver. MV – January 6, 2023

It’s another alternate take.

10. “Paradise” MV – March 3, 2023

Paradise” is another strikingly unique song for NiziU, being what amounts to a power ballad! It just might be one of their best. Between the choreography and the CG, there is a lot going on in the video as well.

There are three separate performance videos for “Paradise,” plus a making-of-MV video.

*. “Paradise” Another ver. MV – March 20, 2023

JYP really loves “Another” versions for NiziU music videos all over the place, as seen here for “Paradise.”

11. “Coconut” MV – June 29, 2023

Coconut” is the lead single for the second full NiziU album, also called Coconut. As one would expect, the music video has a refreshing tropical vibe.

There is a “Coconut” performance video, an MV-making video, and a video of NiziU reacting to the music video. Additionally, in December 2023, a “Love & Like” 3rd anniversary special version video was released; “Love & Like” was another song on Coconut.

12. “Heartris” MV – October 30, 2023

Heartris” marks the pulse-pounding long awaited Korean debut of NiziU, contained on the Korean mini-album Press Play. The music video makes prominent use of anime, seemingly as a nod to NiziU’s Japanese roots, and it also features Felix from Stray Kids. NiziU members had appeared in Stray Kids music videos prior to debuting, so the “Heartris” MV brings this full circle!

There is a NiziU reaction video for the “Heartris” MV, as well as a behind-the-scenes video and a “Heartris” performance video. Additionally, there is a “Heartris” “director’s film” — kind of a hybrid of music video and more behind-the-scenes clips!

13. “Lucky Star” Track Video – November 6, 2023

Lucky Star” is another song from Press Play, and though this video is called a “track video,” it’s still pretty much an MV. It involves a cute slumber party where the girls scare each other with ghost stories.

14. “Sweet Nonfiction” MV – March 14, 2024

Sweet Nonfiction” is a digital single and a return to singing in Japanese. The NiziU members get to exhibit some more mature fashion in spots, but mostly, this is just another cute and refreshing track, as expected from the group. But remember: “Keep it a secret from Miihi.”

There is a performance video for “Sweet Nonfiction” and an MV making movie.

That is the complete list of all NiziU music videos that currently exist, and this archive is being updated every time that a new MV or related video is released. Bookmark this page and share it with new fans so that it’s easy to spread the love of NiziU around the world! And for more about the group, check out how old the NiziU members currently are, refresh yourself on who their ace leader is, or check out what languages NiziU members speak in total.

Additionally, for more music from JYP groups, check out our complete archives of VCHA, NEXZ (created by Nizi Project Season 2!), Twice, Itzy, and NMIXX music videos.

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