When Will Katseye Debut?

The instant a pop group survival competition ends, the next question becomes when the group will actually debut. When survival competition The Debut: Dream Academy concluded on November 17, 2023, HYBE and Geffen Records had created the girl group Katseye. And yes, fans immediately wanted to know when they would debut. Not only that, but an entire Netflix documentary about Dream Academy is planned for release in 2024 as well. So based on all currently available information, here is the best answer to when Manon Bannerman, Sophia Laforteza, Daniela Avanzini, Lara Rajagopalan, Megan Skiendiel, and Yoonchae Jeong are expected to debut as Katseye at HYBE and Geffen.

Katseye Is Expected to Debut in Q2 or Q3 2024

HYBE and Geffen Records have not announced an exact debut date yet, but as more information becomes available, this space shall be fully updated. However, in the interim, we do have other useful indicators of when the group will debut. Specifically, data from Yuanta Securities, reportedly dated January 11, 2024, estimates that Katseye will debut in Q2 2024, meaning between April and June 2024. Conversely, data from Kyobo Securities Research Center, published January 22, 2024, estimates that the group will debut in Q3 2024, meaning between July and September 2024. (Only two-and-a-half-to-three months prior, Kyobo Securities Research Center had estimated that the group would debut in Q1 2024, so the time table has been slipping.) As such, according to the currently available data, it can only be projected that the group will debut in Q2 or Q3 2024.

Of course, plans can always change, and estimates can be wrong. It is also important to remember the Netflix documentary in 2024 about Dream Academy and the process of creating Katseye. That documentary currently has a release window of summer 2024, making it more likely that the group itself will debut somewhere in that window.

In the meantime though, there is at least what amounts to the group’s first song, “All the Same,” which was performed at the live finale of The Debut: Dream Academy, along with two other original songs, “Girls Don’t Like” and “Dirty Water.”

In summary, the currently most accurate answer to when Katseye will debut is in Q2 or Q3 2024, between April and September, and they seem most likely to debut during the summer. This space is being fully updated as more information becomes available, so check back often for final confirmation. In the interim, check out how old the Katseye members currently are, who the leader is likely to be, what the members’ current MBTI are, and where the members are each originally from.

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