How Old Are the Zerobaseone (ZB1) Members?

The Mnet boy group survival program Boys Planet gave birth to the K-pop group Zerobaseone, managed by WAKEONE. The company boldly declared Zerobaseone will “stand supreme as the center of the 5th generation K-POP,” and the group’s name refers to the group “starting from zero” and being “born as one” to create a “gorgeous beginning” together. That is quite the hype! Zerobaseoneone originally made their debut on July 10, 2023. But to learn how old the Zerobaseone (ZB1) members are right now, here is the current age and birthday for Kim Jiwoong, Zhang Hao, Sung Hanbin, Seok Matthew, Kim Taerae, Ricky, Kim Gyuvin, Park Gunwook, and Han Yujin.

How Old Explained: Age and Birthday for the Zerobaseone (ZB1) Members

  • Kim Jiwoong is 25 years old and was born on December 14, 1998.
  • Zhang Hao is 23 years old and was born on July 25, 2000.
  • Sung Hanbin is 22 years old and was born on June 13, 2001.
  • Seok Matthew is 21 years old and was born on May 28, 2002.
  • Kim Taerae is 21 years old and was born on July 14, 2002.
  • Ricky is 20 years old and was born on May 20, 2004.
  • Kim Gyuvin is 19 year old and was born on August 30, 2004.
  • Park Gunwook is 19 years old and was born on January 10, 2005.
  • Han Yujin is 17 years old and was born on March 20, 2007.

Jiwoong is the oldest member of ZB1 and the only member to have a birth date before the new millennium! Despite that, he is not the leader. Hanbin is the leader of the group, as announced in a fun video from May 2023. Meanwhile, Yujin is the maknae of ZB1, meaning he is the youngest member of the group. Between Jiwoong and Yujin, there is an age gap of more than eight years, but that’s bound to only increase the number and variety of fans the group is able to garner.

Since debut on July 10, Taerae and Zhang Hao were the first to have birthdays, and Kim Jiwoong will be next.

It can be hard to keep names and faces straight in a nine-member K-pop group like Zerobaseone, so you can use this visual to help you better understand how old the ZB1 members are:

how old are the Zerobaseone ZB1 members age birthday birth date Kim Jiwoong Zhang Hao Sung Hanbin Seok Matthew Kim Taerae Ricky Kim Gyuvin Park Gunwook Han Yujin WAKEONE K-pop boy group

Between current age and birthday for Jiwoong, Zhang Hao, Hanbin, Matthew, Taerae, Ricky, Gyuvin, Gunwook, and Yujin, that is everything you need to know about how old the Zerobaseone (ZB1) members are. They make for quite the little brother to Kep1er. For more about the group, check out where the ZB1 members are originally from, what companies they belong to, and our archive of all of the ZB1 music videos.

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