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In a “Gym Jong Kook” video released in May 2023, both singer Kim Jong Kook and entertainer Lee Kwang-soo mistakenly believed that Aespa’s debut song was “Next Level”! It goes to show that some people could use some help in discovering the wonderful Aespa discography at SM Entertainment, and so we are here to provide some of that help. We have created a complete and updated archive of all of the Aespa music videos, including every official MV and also links to various performance videos, “track videos,” and the occasional special video. You can watch all of these Aespa videos right here and melt at how talented and beautiful Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning are!

A List of All Official Aespa Music Videos – Watch Every MV in One Place

1. “Black Mamba” MV – November 17, 2020

Aespa debuted on November 17, 2020 (in the height of COVID) with the single “Black Mamba,” which introduced the imaginary digital world called “KWANGYA,” as well as four digital avatars that correspond to each Aespa member. In fact, Aespa is sometimes thought of as an eight-member group: four humans and their four other, digital selves. The mythology that SM Entertainment has created for Aespa is deceptively complex, and the name Black Mamba actually refers to a villain that exists within this mythology. We have a bit more information about it in the link at the top of this paragraph. Regardless, at the time of its release, “Black Mamba” achieved the record for most watched debut K-pop music video in its first 24 hours, at 21.4 million views, a record it held until November 2023 when BabyMonster broke it with “Batter Up.”

For more “Black Mamba,” there is a specially edited “Debut Stage” video from SM that incorporates special effects and the digital avatars. An Aespa behind-the-scenes video for the “Black Mamba” music video was released later.

2. “Forever (약속)” MV – February 5, 2021

Forever (약속)” is the second Aespa single, a beautiful ballad. SM would release three special performance videos for this Aespa song, including a “Cozy Winter Cabin” version, “Glitter Snowball” version, and “Romantic Street” version. This song would later be included on the Aespa mini-album Girls.

You can also watch a behind-the-scenes video for the “Forever (약속)” MV.

3. “Next Level” MV – May 17, 2021

Next Level” was a huge hit for Aespa, as evidenced by the humorous and slightly concerning anecdote described at the top of this article. It is Aespa’s third single and actually a remake of an A$ton Wyld song that was, oddly enough, featured on the soundtrack for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Most people are very surprised the first time they learn this fact!

You can watch Aespa react to the “Next Level” music video, and there is also a behind-the-scenes filming video. SM released a few Aespa performance stage videos for “Next Level” as well.

4. “Savage” MV – October 5, 2021

Savage” was the lead single on the first Aespa mini-album, also called Savage. The MV carries on the sound and futuristic visuals that fans had come to expect at this point, and it was exciting that the group had just finally released an album!

Performance stage videos were released for “Savage,” plus a behind-the-scenes filming video, an Aespa MV reaction video, and a particularly funny Squid Game-themed dance practice video.

5. “Dreams Come True” MV – December 20, 2021

Dreams Come True” is a unique entry in the Aespa song and music video catalogue, because it is a remake of an S.E.S. song, which was in turn a remake of a song by Nylon Beat. With the modern visuals in this music video though, you might never guess that on your own. This song was released as part of the special album 2021 Winter SMTown : SMCU EXPRESS.

6. “Life’s Too Short (English Ver.)” MV – June 24, 2022

Life’s Too Short” is the first Aespa song and music video to be recorded fully in English, making it a particular treat for the international fans. However, there is a Korean version of the song as well, and both versions would be included on the second Aespa mini-album, Girls.

There is a “Life’s Too Short” MV behind-the-scenes video, as well as a special video that incorporates MV filming and live performances.

7. “Girls” MV – July 8, 2022

Girls” is as expected the lead single of the Aespa mini-album of the same name. With heavy guitars, katanas, and a fist fight, this is quite the music video. If you want some literal action in your K-pop, here it is.

SM released a stage video for “Girls,” plus performance videos, and yes, this is definitely an MV that warranted a behind-the-scenes video.

*. “Girls (BRLLNT Remix)” MV – October 21, 2022

As SM Entertainment explained upon the release of “Girls (BRLLNT Remix),” this was part of “iScreaM,” a “project by SM EDM label ‘ScreaM Records’, where global DJs and producers participate in releasing remix singles of SM artists’ music.” As part of this project, there was also a “Girls (Minit Remix).” These songs are part of iScreaM Vol.18. The Aespa members do not physically appear in the above MV though.

*. “Beautiful Christmas” MV with Red Velvet – December 14, 2022

Beautiful Christmas” is a special collaboration song bringing together all the members of Aespa and Red Velvet, recorded for the SM Entertainment album 2022 Winter SMTOWN : SMCU PALACE, which would release on December 26, 2022. While this song marks the first collaboration of both full groups, Karina and Winter had previously collaborated with Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy (and other SM artists) for the SM supergroup called GOT the beat.

A “Beautiful Christmas” stage video was released for New Year’s Day 2023.

8. “Welcome to MY World (Feat. nævis)” MV – May 2, 2023

Welcome to MY World” was originally planned to be a solo “debut” song for “Nævis,” a virtual avatar and AI voice that exists in the Aespa mythology. However, the Aespa members really liked the song when they first heard it, so they stole it from her! SM released the “Welcome to MY World” music video as a prerelease song for My World, the third Aespa mini-album. Both this music video and the “Spicy” video below were filmed in California, and in the Aespa mythology, these videos are the point at which the group fully enters the “real” world.

You can watch a behind-the-scenes video for the “Welcome to MY World” MV for more.

SM subsequently released three “track videos” for three more My World songs: “I’m Unhappy” on May 2, 2023; “Salty & Sweet” on May 3, 2023; and “Thirsty” on May 4, 2023. Each video includes original filming with the Aespa members, but none of the videos contain the full version of each song. For example, the “Salty & Sweet” track video is only 1:33 in length, whereas the full-length “Salty & Sweet” song clocks in at 3:22.

9. “Spicy” MV – May 8, 2023

Spicy” is the lead single of the My World mini-album, and as mentioned above, its video filmed in California. Although it released in May 2023, it is a pretty perfect summer song, with its in-your-face sound and the bright visuals of the video. “Too spicy for your heart” indeed!

A behind-the-scenes video for the “Spicy” MV is available.

Later, on May 28, 2023, SM released a special video for “‘Til We Meet Again” made from previously filmed footage. Like the “track videos” for “I’m Unhappy,” “Salty & Sweet,” and “Thirsty,” this special video does not contain the full song.

10. “Better Things” MV – August 18, 2023

Better Things” is an English song released as a single. The song is about how the girls have “better things to do” with their time than waste it on the hypothetical ex-boyfriend being sung about. The music video is full of the gorgeous visuals and bright colors that fans have come to expect. And rather unusually, SM Entertainment built up to the release of this music video with a three-part Aespa “sitcom”!

A “Better Things” performance video and performance stage are also available, in addition to a behind-the-scenes video for the MV.

*. “Better Things” MV (æ-aespa Ver.) – October 7, 2023

The “Better Things” (æ-aespa Ver.) music video is a fully animated version of the MV using the Aespa members’ alternate egos, and it is an absolute visual delight! It is just beautiful from start to finish and great fun to watch on its own, though parts of it do relate back to the original music video as well.

11. “Drama” MV – November 10, 2023

“Drama” is the lead single on the fourth Aespa mini-album, Drama, and its music video is a dark action adventure, delivering all the promise of its title. There are motorcycles, swords, and just a killer red-and-black color scheme throughout that matches the heavy pop rhythm. It just might be one of the best Aespa music videos out of them all.

There is a “Drama” performance video and a behind-the-scenes video for the MV.

*. “Jingle Bell Rock” Lyric Video – November 24, 2023

Aespa covered the classic Christmas song “Jingle Bell Rock” as a holiday surprise to the fans, and it received a corresponding lyric video with limited animation. It’s the “Jingle Bell Rock” you remember, with a bit of rap tossed in.

12. “Regret of the Times” (2024 Aespa Remake Ver.) MV – January 15, 2024

As a “STATION single” at SM Entertainment, Aespa released a remake of the 1995 / 1996 Seo Taiji song, “Regret of the Times,” with a music video that does not actually feature the Aespa members. The sound and the grungy imagery do feel like a trip back to the ’90s in part, and the song marks a fun change of pace.

13. “Get Goin'” MV (aespa X Fraggle Rock) – March 29, 2024

To celebrate the premiere of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock season 2 on Apple TV+, Aespa released a collaboration music video, “Get Goin’.” The song is available as part of Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock – Season 2 (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack).

14. “Supernova” MV – May 13, 2024

Supernova” is a pre-release single for the first full-length Aespa studio album, Armageddon, which would be released later in May 2024. In both sound and style, the “Supernova” music video is maximum K-pop, going all in on the premise of extreme energy.

There is a behind-the-scenes video for the “Supernova” MV.

15. “Long Chat (#♥)” Universe Video – May 15, 2024

Long Chat (#♥)” is another song from Armageddon that received a music video in advance of the release of the album. This “Universe” video, which fleshes out the lore of the album, involves aspirations to travel to space; it also involves dressing up an ear of corn and listening to it. Suffice to say, this is a video you may have to watch a few times to understand.

16. “Licorice” Universe Video – May 16, 2024

Licorice” is yet another song from Armageddon, receiving a “Universe” video like “Long Chat (#♥)” did. This one has a thrilling tokusatsu concept, featuring a mint chocolate chip ice cream monster for the Aespa members to battle. Things take an unexpectedly delicious turn in the end though.

17. “Live My Life” Universe Video – May 17, 2024

Live My Life” is another song from Armageddon to receive a “Universe” video. Visually and sonically, this video has a straightforward, breezy rock band vibe.

That then is a complete and current summary of all Aespa music videos, and this archive is being updated as every new MV, performance video, or special video is released. We have plenty more information about the group where that came from though! You can check out how old the Aespa members are or how tall they are, who the leader is and what it entails, where the members are originally from, and who speaks English or other languages in the group.

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