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You can call XGALX girl group XG a lot of things, but you definitely can’t call them lazy or untalented. Having trained for five years for their debut in March 2022, the members of XG were professionals from day one, and they have already released many music videos in the times since. Uniquely, all of the members are Japanese, but they sing their songs in English and were trained by Korean idol and music producer Simon (JAKOPS), making them an international pop group by design. And if recent history is any indication — they’re only going to keep becoming more popular. So for the convenience of their Alphaz fandom, we here maintain a current archive and list of all of the official XG music videos, plus links to performance videos and special content related to each MV, so you can enjoy all of the hard work Chisa, Hinata, Jurin, Harvey, Juria, Maya, and Cocona have done in one spot!

(For the sake of being succinct, XG dance practice videos and cover videos are mostly excluded here, as there are quite a few of them.)

A List of All Official XG Music Videos – Watch Every MV Right Here

1. “Tippy Toes” MV – March 18, 2022

As we have detailed in depth elsewhere, XG made their debut on March 18, 2022 with this first single, “Tippy Toes.” It is a fierce introduction to the group and its hip hop and R&B leanings, with the members primarily wearing black and generally looking like they could rough you up if they cornered you in a dark alley. Fortunately, the girls are all sweet, so you probably don’t have to worry about that possibility. The lyrics are entirely in English, which is the norm for the group.

XGALX released a “Tippy Toes” performance (“choreography”) video, a behind-the-scenes video for the MV, and, later, an XG live stage video.

2. “Mascara” MV – June 29, 2022

The second single, “Mascara,” continues the mood introduced by “Tippy Toes.” The XG members vacillate between glamorous and edgy, and Cocona’s bedazzled basketball might exemplify the vibe of the video. It was with this song and music video that XG really began their promotional activities in earnest, including appearances on South Korean music shows — still singing in English, of course, but speaking Korean for the cameras.

There is furthermore a special “Mascara” live stage video, a behind-the-scenes video for the music video, and a performance video from XG.

3. “Shooting Star” MV – January 25, 2023

XG’s third single album, Shooting Star, contained the eponymous song and a second song, “Left Right” (below). This time, the members have vibrant blue hair, and the music video has more color and visual variety in general, with rainbows in fantasy lands, a city at sunset, and a snowy scene. The song itself continues the sorts of elements fans had come to expect following “Tippy Toes” and “Mascara” though.

XGALX released a special “live stage” video for “Shooting Star,” plus a performance video and a behind-the-scenes video for the music video. “Shooting Star” also received two remixes, a remix with Rico Nasty and a “chill” remix, each of which received a visualizer video.

4. “Left Right” MV – February 13, 2023

If there were any lingering doubt that XG draws fashion influence from Y2K / the 2000s, the “Left Right” music video puts that notion to bed. The MV thumbnail alone is oozing it! (NewJeans is another group that drew a lot of influence from Y2K early on, at least in its marketing material.) “Left Right” is notably softer and more melodic than previous songs XG had released to this point though, so this might be a good starting point for listeners who aren’t as fond of edgy hip hop.

“Left Right” has a special “live stage” video, a performance (“choreography”) video, and a behind-the-scenes video for the XG MV. “Left Right” also got a remix featuring Ciara and Jackson Wang, which received a visualizer video.

5. “GRL GVNG” MV – June 30, 2023

GRL GVNG” is the first prerelease song for the first XG mini-album, New DNA, which would release in full on September 27, 2023. Its music video is shorter than the full length of the actual song (3:08), making it more of a teaser, but the full song was available to purchase as a single in tandem with the video. This time around, the XG girls basically become aliens in the Metaverse, with Harvey as a mermaid and Jurin as a mutant. It’s quite a thing!

“GRL GVNG” has a behind-the-scenes video for its MV and photoshoot and a more in-depth behind-the-scenes video, and since the song has no official XG performance video, we will mention there is a dance practice video. Also, XG amazingly released an ASL (“American Sign Language”) video version of “GRL GVNG.”

6. “HESONOO” Video – July 25, 2023

On July 25, 2023, XGALX would release an atmospheric video for “HESONOO,” the introduction track for New DNA. “Hesono-o” is the Japanese term for “umbilical cord,” and XG chants it before performances, reflecting that the group is a family. The idea of the womb and amniotic fluid is in turn captured in this video.

Ironically, the behind-the-scenes video for “HESONOO” is longer than the actual “HESONOO” video above. Additionally, on November 26, 2023, XG released a performance video for “HESONOO” and X-GENE.”

7. “TGIF” MV – August 4, 2023

“TGIF” is the second prerelease song for the New DNA mini-album, and its music video is yet another explosion of 2000s vibes, full of color and bizarre futuristic elements. Unlike the “GRL GVNG” music video, the “TGIF” video contains the full version of its song.

There is a behind-the-scenes video for the XG “TGIF” music video too.

8. “New Dance” MV – August 23, 2023

XG goes to the beach for the “New Dance” music video, being what is arguably the most normal video the group had done to that point. There are still some slightly futuristic visuals, but mostly, it’s fun in the sun and down-to-earth fashion. “New Dance” is a lead song on the New DNA mini-album, but the full album would not release for another month still.

There is a behind-the-scenes video for the “New Dance” MV and photoshoot, as well as a choreography video.

9. “Puppet Show” MV – September 27, 2023

On the day that the New DNA album was finally released, the “Puppet Show” music video was released with it. It is a return to wild and abstract visuals, with a winter setting and a new set of bizarre outfits for both XG and the extras in the video. The members ascend a tower to perform in a sort of heavenly setting.

There is a “Puppet Show” choreography video and a behind-the-scenes making-of-MV video as well.

*. “New Dance” Official Multiverse MV – October 6, 2023

The “official multiverse music video” for “New Dance” is basically a parallel universe take on the standard MV, and it arrived as a pleasant surprise after the release of New DNA. It features famous choreographer Sienna Lalau and The Lab. There is a “behind the scenes” video for the multiverse video as well.

10. “Winter Without You” MV – December 8, 2023

Winter Without You” is, as the name suggests, a wintry R&B song released as a single, being the punctuation mark on a remarkable amount of output by XG in 2023.

There is a behind-the-scenes video for the “Winter Without You” MV. There is also a “Studio XG” version of the video, in which “Winter Without You” plays set to outtake footage of recording the song.

11. “Undefeated” XG & Valorant MV – April 12, 2024

XG partnered with Riot Games for “Undefeated,” the official VCT Pacific 2024 Song for competitive Valorant play, and it included an accompanying music video.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next XG comeback!

That does it for the complete list of all XG music videos that have been released to date, and this archive is regularly being updated for each new MV as it arrives. Please share this page with other fans, especially new fans who could use a little help and guidance! And let us know which out of all of the XG music videos is your favorite — or which ones you think best showcase the charms of Chisa, Hinata, Jurin, Harvey, Juria, Maya, and Cocona.

K-Pop Answers has much more information about XG where this came from, such as the following, so do please check it out if it piques your interest:

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