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NewJeans may not have a particularly large discography yet, but this K-pop girl group from ADOR and HYBE is already one of the most tremendously popular groups. There are many reasons for NewJeans’ uniquely meteoric success — too many to document here, in fact — but one of the more unique features of the group is how ADOR often puts out multiple different music videos for each single that the group releases. So here, we maintain a current archive of all of the full NewJeans music videos, including every official MV and also sponsored videos, such as with Coca-Cola. NewJeans teaser videos and dance practice videos are not included here for the sake of being succinct, but we are including links to performance videos and some “special” videos. Enjoy!

A List of All Official NewJeans Music Videos – Watch Every MV Here!

1. “Attention” MV – July 22, 2022

As we have detailed at length elsewhere, NewJeans debuted on July 22, 2022 with the song “Attention,” which would appear on their debut mini-album in August 2022, New Jeans. Each of the four songs on this first NewJeans album (“Attention,” “Hype Boy,” “Cookie,” and “Hurt”) would receive a music video or videos, all of which you will see below in this archive.

For more “Attention,” you can watch the official “Attention” performance video. Additionally, on the one year-anniversary of NewJeans’ debut, they put out a reaction video to the “Attention” MV.

2. “Hype Boy” MV – July 23, 2022

Amazingly, ADOR chose to release four different versions of the “Hype Boy” music video on July 23, 2022, each one emphasizing different members of the group. There is a Minji version, Danielle & Haerin version, Hyein version, and Hanni version. However, all four versions of the video do ultimately include scenes of the full group dancing together.

For even more “Hype Boy,” check out a special performance video, plus performance video Ver. 1 and performance video Ver. 2.

3. “Hurt” MV – July 24, 2022

Hurt” is the gentlest and most emotional song on New Jeans, and while it has not garnered as much attention as the other three songs on the album, fans still have boundless love for it. It’s certainly as infectiously catchy as the other songs!

For more “Hurt” from NewJeans, check out a special performance video and a “Hurt (250 Remix)” special video.

4. “Cookie” MV – August 1, 2022

ADOR released the NewJeans “Cookie” music video alongside the digital release of New Jeans. The song was ferociously popular like most of the songs on the album, but “Cookie” generated controversy for lyrics that were deemed to be worryingly sexual considering how old (or young, rather) the NewJeans members were at that time.

5. “Ditto” MV – December 19, 2022

For the first NewJeans comeback, they began by unleashing the incredibly catchy “Ditto,” with two music videos labeled “Side A” and “Side B,” catching two different perspectives of the same general school scenario. “Ditto” would ultimately prove to be one half of the single album OMG, which would release in January 2023.

For more “Ditto” videos from NewJeans, check out the performance video (fixed ver.) and the regular performance video, the latter of which is the most viewed version of the song.

6. “OMG” MV – January 2, 2023

“OMG,” like “Ditto,” was a phenomenally popular song, especially domestically in South Korea. Besides sponsored music, it would be the last new NewJeans song to be released for half a year.

For more NewJeans “OMG” videos, check out performance video Ver. 1 (the most viewed version of the “OMG” music video) and performance video Ver. 2.

7. “Zero” MV – April 3, 2023

This is a song created in a sponsorship with Coca-Cola to promote Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, hence the “Zero” name. It’s fairly catchy, but the repetitive chorus lyrics of “Coca-Cola is delicious” are pretty silly!

For more “Zero,” you can watch the “Zero” performance video. Additionally, in June 2023, Coca-Cola released a “Zero (Remix)” performance video with NewJeans collaborating with J.I.D.

*. “저곳으로” (“Part of Your World”) MV for The Little Mermaid, Korean Version (Danielle) – May 17, 2023

For the Korean release of the live-action Disney remake of The Little Mermaid, Danielle sang the Korean version of “Part of Your World,” which received its own dedicated MV from Disney. NewJeans subsequently released a behind-the-scenes video of recording the song.

8. “Be Who You Are (Real Magic)” MV (with Jon Batiste, J.I.D., Cat Burns, Camilo) – May 31, 2023

The “Be Who You Are (Real Magic)” MV is another sponsored event for Coca-Cola, this time having NewJeans team up with a variety of international artists, particularly Jon Batiste, who wrote the song.

9. “New Jeans” MV – July 7, 2023

The fittingly named “New Jeans” is a prerelease song for the second NewJeans mini-album, Get Up, and the superpowered music video features an official collaboration with The Powerpuff Girls. Each NewJeans member discovers their animated Powerpuff Girl self, and it is a lot of fun to watch unfold.

You can watch the girls react to watching “New Jeans” for the first time, where they are just elated with becoming superheroes. There is also a video that combines the “behind the scenes” filming for the “New Jeans” and “ASAP” MVs.

10. “Super Shy” MV – July 7, 2023

While the “New Jeans” music video had been released on July 7, 2023 at the strike of midnight in South Korea, the “Super Shy” MV was released at the strike of midnight on July 7 in US Eastern Time. This video is another elaborate on-location shoot, making use of lots of extras and international backup dancers. It was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal. It doesn’t seem to have any superheroes in it though!

You can additionally watch a behind-the-scenes making-of video for “Super Shy,” and NewJeans also released their own “review” of the MV, discussing some additional surprising details about its creation. (Danielle isn’t actually riding a bike in all of those scenes!)

11. “Cool with You” (& “Get Up”) MV – July 20, 2023

ADOR released “side A” and “side B” versions of the NewJeans “Cool with You” music video, both starring model and actress Jung Ho-yeon, and “side B” also featured acclaimed Hong Kong actor Tony Leung. The videos follow the emotional journey of Jung Ho-yeon as she meets a man, and the side A version ends with the actress standing nude in the rain at night, while the side B version picks up at this moment. Additionally, the side B version concludes with NewJeans giving a surprise small dance performance for “Get Up.” The video was filmed in Spain.

There is a performance video for “Cool with You” to enjoy as well, in addition to a video of the members reacting to the MV, plus a behind-the-scenes making-of video.

12. “ETA” MV – July 21, 2023

The “ETA” music video arrived at midnight ET on July 21, 2023, coinciding with the release of the Get Up album. It was filmed entirely on an iPhone 14 Pro as a collaboration with Apple, and the video deals with discovering a cheating boyfriend (and… subsequent murder?). It also features the NewJeans members dressing up in some pretty fun outfits, such as Minji and Haerin as police!

NewJeans also has an “ETA” performance video, and they did a “review” video to discuss the “ETA” MV. Ador later released a behind-the-scenes video of making the music video.

13. “ASAP” MV – July 26, 2023

As the final song on the Get Up mini-album to receive a music video, “ASAP” is a chill experience, feeling like a pleasant (yet also unusual) coda to both the album and album promotions. The members become beautiful fairies in an ethereal scene, with giant fluffy bunnies appearing as well, yet there are also some slightly scarier things on the margins of the video. It is definitely another memorable NewJeans music video!

There is a video of NewJeans reacting to the “ASAP” MV. There is also a video that combines the “behind the scenes” filming for the “New Jeans” and “ASAP” MVs.

*. NewJeans Lollapalooza 2023 Full Performance

This isn’t a music video, but this full, 45ish-minute NewJeans live performance at Lollapalooza 2023 is worth including here just because of how thrilling it is. The girls performed every song in their discography to that point, except their sponsored Coca-Cola songs, and songs from New Jeans were performed with a live band, further heightening the excitement.

*. “GODS” MV (League of Legends Worlds 2023 Anthem) – October 4, 2023

NewJeans contributed “GODS” as the anthem to League of Legends Worlds 2023. Game developer Riot Games had collaborated with K-pop idols on several occasions prior to this, beginning with the project group K/DA (featuring Soyeon and Miyeon of (G)I-dle) and the song “POP/STARS” in November 2018.

On November 19, 2023, NewJeans performed “GODS” live at Worlds 2023.

14. “Bubble Gum” MV – April 27, 2024

NewJeans released the “Bubble Gum” music video as a prerelease B-side for its next full comeback, which would occur in May 2024. The video is introduced and concluded by Hyein, and as is common for the group’s MVs, there is a leisurely, relaxed vibe to the filming. The song itself breaks slightly from the usual NewJeans formula though, falling a bit more into the typical K-pop mold, but not in an unwelcome way.

15. “How Sweet” MV – May 24, 2024

How Sweet” is the A-side that corresponds with “Bubble Gum” as the B-side, released nearly a month after the B-side. The MV incidentally continues the Coca-Cola branding collaboration, as the drink and the logo is everywhere, accompanied by lyrics like “How sweet it tastes.” Frankly, it’s a little egregious.

There is a performance video for “How Sweet” with even heavier Coca-Cola branding.

That is all of the official NewJeans music videos that exist at this time, and this archive is being continually updated for every new MV, performance video, or special video that arrives from ADOR or elsewhere. If you’re so inclined, let us know what your favorite NewJeans song or music video has been so far! Then, since time flies in K-pop, check out how old the NewJeans members are or what each member’s MBTI is these days.

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