How Tall Are the Aespa Members?

K-pop fans are pretty enthusiastic (or, sometimes, outright rabid) to learn every little factoid they can about their favorite idols. However, when hard facts are unavailable, sometimes the fans start doing some guesswork to try to fill in the gaps. Determining the heights of idols is one particular area where fans engage in a lot of guesswork, resulting in profile pages or wikis that have height estimates that are presented as fact. That’s not good! Even worse, it’s possible that even a company might exaggerate the “official” heights of its idols if it thinks it will result in positive PR. That’s also not good! Fortunately, in the case of SM Entertainment girl group Aespa, the members have actually gone on record about specifically how tall they are, so we will share the correct Aespa member heights for Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning here!

Heights for Aespa Members: How Tall Karina, Giselle, Winter, & Ningning Are

  • Karina is 167.8 cm tall or 5’6″.
  • Giselle is 163 – 164 cm tall or 5’4″ – 5’4 1/2″.
  • Winter is 164 – 165 cm tall or 5’4 1/2″ – 5’5″.
  • Ningning is 161 cm tall or 5’3″.

This data is taken directly from the mouths of the Aespa members themselves from a video published in May 2021, in which they aimed to rectify incorrect information being shared about the group online. (Although, the other members did lovingly tease Ningning when she briefly claimed to be 163 cm!) While it’s theoretically possible that the members’ heights have fluctuated slightly since then, it’s not likely that their heights have changed in a numerically significant way. Of course, if it is factually demonstrated in the future that their heights have changed, this page will be updated to reflect that.

When you arrange the Aespa members in order of height, it is almost the same as ordering the Aespa members by age. Karina is the oldest (and the leader), Ningning is the youngest, and Winter and Giselle are the two in-between, except that Giselle is two months older than Winter.

how tall are the Aespa members height answer cm centimeters inches feet Karina Giselle Winter Ningning official correct heights
From left to right: Karina, Giselle, Ningning, Winter

That is everything there is to know about how tall Aespa members Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning are. For more about the group, check out when Aespa originally debuted, who speaks English or other languages, where the members are originally from, or our archive of all of the Aespa music videos.

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