All BabyMonster Music Videos: Every Official MV

YG Entertainment K-pop girl group BabyMonster had the most high-profile road to debut of virtually any group in K-pop history, for better and for worse, but they finally arrived. Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon (eventually, we hope), Rami (Haram), Rora, and Chiquita are bound to create a body of work that stands on its own at YG, separate from what Blackpink achieved previously. We here maintain an updated archive and list of all of the BabyMonster music videos, including every official MV and links to each performance video and related behind-the-scenes content. As a bonus, we also provide a list of all of the performance videos for songs that BabyMonster covered predebut during the 2023 Last Evaluation reality series. Please share this page with newcomers in order to conveniently introduce them to the BabyMonster fandom!

First, here is the complete list of performance videos for cover songs that BabyMonster officially recorded across the length of Last Evaluation, long before their official debut:

Now, here are all of the official music videos.

A List of All Official BabyMonster Music Videos – Watch Every MV Right Here

0. “Dream” MV – May 14, 2023

Dream” is the first official, original BabyMonster song, and it was released as a predebut track two days after YG executive producer Yang Hyun-suk officially confirmed that he would debut all seven members of the group. The “Dream” music video contains clips of all of the BabyMonster members from during their training period, and the song itself is an inspirational ballad, as one would expect. Surprisingly, “Dream” is all in English.

1. “Batter Up” MV – November 27, 2023

The BabyMonster debut music video, digital single “Batter Up,” arrived on November 27, 2023 at midnight KST, after years of anticipation. Ahyeon was not part of the debut, owing to health problems, but the “Batter Up” MV feels like a declaration of intent to the K-pop world that BabyMonster had finally arrived and was ready to play. Notably, member Asa has both a composition and lyrics credit on this song. And at the time of its release, the “Batter Up” MV broke the record for the most watched debut K-pop music video in its first 24 hours, accumulating 22.59 million views within that period. (The record had previously belonged to “Black Mamba” by Aespa.)

There is a three-part “Batter Up” MV making film, as well as a “debut special” dance performance video.

Obviously, these are early days for the group. Nonetheless, that is the small and complete list of all BabyMonster music videos at this time, and this archive is being updated for each new MV, performance video, or related content as it emerges. Bookmark this page if you want to always have convenient access to the latest music from Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Rami, Rora, and Chiquita.

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