When Did Blackpink Debut?

YG Entertainment does not debut a new girl group very often, so when it happens, the expectation is simply that the debut will be huge. That was absolutely the case for Blackpink, the first new K-pop girl group at YG after 2NE1. The latter had been a phenomenon during an earlier, otherwise more insular era of K-pop, paving the way for Blackpink to then push K-pop into a truly international phenomenon that is here to stay. And it all began in 2016. Let’s discuss when exactly did Blackpink debut, along with their first songs and album.

Blackpink Debuted on August 8, 2016 with Dual Singles “Whistle” and “Boombayah”

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa debuted as Blackpink on August 8, 2016 with the single album Square One, which included dual singles “Whistle” and “Boombayah,” in that order. “Whistle” was written by Teddy and Bekuh Boom and produced by Teddy and Future Bounce. “Boombayah” was written by Teddy and Bekuh Boom and produced by Teddy. “Boombayah” would go on to become the first debut song by a K-pop group to accumulate 1 billion views on YouTube.

On August 14, 2016, Blackpink performed for the first time with both “Whistle” and “Boombayah” on SBS Inkigayo. Just one week later on August 21, 2016, Blackpink would win their first music show, Inkigayo, for “Whistle,” which beat out “Whatta Man” by IOI and, incidentally, “Boombayah” by Blackpink!

On the subject of when it was that Blackpink made their debut and with what songs, that is everything you need to know. The group went on to enjoy tremendous international acclaim, and now it is up to BabyMonster to do the same or maybe even ascend to new heights for YG Entertainment. But for more about Blackpink, check out how old the members currently are, how tall they are, why the group has no leader, what each member’s MBTI is, or who speaks English in the group and how they learned to speak it.

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