Why Blackpink Has No Leader

Blackpink is a monstrously successful K-pop girl group at YG Entertainment, and like a lot of K-pop groups, the members only seem to be further increasing in popularity with time, thanks to how K-pop itself is continuing to expand in international popularity. Blackpink stands out among K-pop groups for many reasons, but one particular thing that differentiates it from most other groups is that it has no leader. It’s common for the oldest Korean member of a K-pop group to be its leader, as seen with Chaewon in Le Sserafim or Karina in Aespa, or perhaps the group votes for its leader, as seen in Twice. However, among Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, there is no leader, and here is the reason why Blackpink has no leader.

The Reason Why Blackpink Has No Leader Is a Leader Would Not Benefit the Group

As Blackpink has explained in brief on a couple occasions, the group has no leader because having a leader simply would not help the group to function. When Blackpink appeared on Choi Hwa Jung’s Powertime Radio Show on July 7, 2017, Jisoo explained, “We’ve all been trainees together for a long time, treating each other like friends, so I think [YG] thought if we didn’t have a leader, we would live peaceful and well together.”

Likewise, on episode 251 of Knowing Bros, when asked why the group has no leader, Lisa explained, “We all have things that we’re good at, so we each have our own roles in the group.” She elaborated, “I take care of all things dance-related, while Jennie initiates things, Jisoo makes difficult decisions as the oldest, and Rosé is in charge of all the little details.” Jennie is also the one in charge of talking to YG when the group has requests or complaints.

As such, responsibility and leadership are delegated within Blackpink according to the situation at hand, and this is why the group has no need for a leader! For more about Blackpink, check out how old the members are, how tall they are, what their current MBTIs are, when they originally debuted, or who speaks English in the group and how they learned it. We also maintain a complete archive and list of all of the Blackpink music videos, to make it easy and convenient to watch everything in one place!

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  1. Blackpink is an exceptionally talented K-pop group that uniquely thrives without the need for a designated leader in order to showcase the individual strengths of its members and maintain a harmonious dynamic within the group.

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