Who Is the Leader of VCHA?

The instant that A2K, the reality series from JYP Entertainment and Republic Records, reached its epic conclusion, the American K-pop girl group VCHA was born and immediately began releasing music. JYP even began revealing some big details about the group right away, including who its leader is! And since then, we’ve learned plenty more about her. So among Camila Ribeaux Valdes, Lexus Vang (Lexi), Kendall Ebeling, Savanna Collins, KG Crown, and Kaylee Lee, here is the full answer to who the leader of VCHA is.

Lexi Is the Leader of VCHA

Lexi is the official leader of the group, as first confirmed in an interview with Teen Vogue that went live after the conclusion of A2K. There are a couple core reasons why she is likely to have been selected.

Firstly, Lexi finished A2K with the first place ranking. (We have a full summary of the A2K series with more details!) She quite literally earned the leadership role with her performance throughout that series. Secondly, at the end of A2K, Lexi also finished with the highest rank for “character” and attitude, meaning she had been the contestant that both staff and fellow contestants liked and appreciated as a person the most.

It is worth noting that Lexus is not quite the oldest member of VCHA — Camila is a little bit older. She still has more than enough seniority and talent to lead though. Lexi has also explained that, while she is not directly influenced by any one specific musician, she does really look up to ballet dancer Misty Copeland, since Lexi too has a ballet background. As an integral member of VCHA, Lexi now has plenty of opportunities to show what she can do on stage.

In a January 2024 interview with Billboard, Lexi elaborated on her role as leader. She explained, “I do do a lot of the organization things like setting up our times for when we should practice or spreading things out for what we should do throughout the day and for what’s coming up. I help us try to stay on task too. Sometimes I’ll have to communicate [with the label teams] just a little bit for things like our schedules.” However, she also said that her group members help her “so much.”

Notably, Lexi is ethnically Hmong, and she hopes to be a great role model in Hmong culture. We have much more information on Lexi and all of the other members in our comprehensive VCHA members profile page, which contains fact-checked trivia replete with specific citations.

Lexus Vang Lexi is the leader of VCHA JYP Entertainment
Lexi is the leader of VCHA.

In summary, Lexi is the leader of VCHA, both because of her stellar performances during A2K and also because her teammates and JYP staff just love her. She was an excellent choice for leader! For more about the group, check out how old the VCHA members are, what languages they speak, more about their debut, and our archive of all the VCHA music videos. Or if you just want to know where the individual VCHA members are originally from or what their MBTIs are, we have that information too!

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  1. Wish them success in ALL their music endeavors. Although young…time and experience will only improve their vocal skills and other talents. ALOHA!

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