When Is the VCHA Comeback?

It was a long, long road between the time that JYP Entertainment first announced reality competition A2K and the time that North American K-pop girl group VCHA finally debuted in January 2024. However, when they arrived, they arrived with a bang, and the VLIGHTS fandom has been supporting them ever since. And fortunately, the VLIGHTS have been getting fed well! So here is the complete answer to when exactly Camila Ribeaux Valdes, Lexus Vang (Lexi), Kendall Ebeling, Savanna Collins, KG Crown, and Kaylee Lee made their first VCHA comeback at JYP Entertainment, with “Only One.”

The VCHA Comeback Happened on March 15, 2024 with “Only One”

VCHA came back on March 15, 2024 at midnight ET with their second single, “Only One.” This was originally announced on March 1, 2024 at midnight ET. The single comes with a B-side, “Favorite Girl.” Only One, the single album, is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music or purchase digitally from storefronts like Amazon. The “Only One” performance video features a beautiful house set, as seen in the teaser below. “Only One” was composed and had lyrics written by Nathan Cunningham, Marc Sibley, Tiffany Gia, and Jonathan Hall, and it was arranged by Space Primates. “Favorite Girl” was composed by Cunningham, Sibley, Hadar Adora, and Deza, and it was also arranged by Space Primates.

Previously, VCHA had debuted on January 26, 2024 with single album Girls of the Year, which included the titular single and a B-side, “XO Call Me.” And before that, VCHA had predebuted in September 2023 with SeVit (NEW LIGHT), which contained the lead single “Y.O.Universe,” followed by a December 2023 release of another predebut single, “Ready for the World.” VCHA has been a very busy girl group since the instant A2K ended!

In summary, VCHA made their first comeback on March 15, 2024 at midnight ET with their second single, “Only One,” which also includes B-side “Favorite Girl.” This page is being maintained for every time that VCHA makes a comeback, so bookmark this page if you want to always be up to date on new music from the group!

In the interim, K-Pop Answers has tremendously more information about VCHA where that came from, including the following:

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