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Along with the likes of XG, S2 Entertainment K-pop girl group Kiss of Life arrived as part of a quiet resurgence of the R&B sound that TLC and Destiny’s Child executed so flawlessly. However, the group doesn’t merely aim to repeat what was successful decades ago. The Kiss of Life members are all involved in the creation of their music, crafting songs that borrow from the past while being true to their own experiences. It’s already resulted in a lot of great music — and a lot of great music videos. To make it easy and convenient to watch all of the Kiss of Life music videos in one place, we here maintain a current archive and list of every MV, plus links to relevant performance videos and special video content. Share this page to make it easy to introduce new listeners to Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul!

A List & Archive of All Official Kiss of Life Music Videos – Watch Every MV Here

1. “Sugarcoat (NATTY Solo)” MV – June 19, 2023

S2 made the decision to release a music video for all six songs on the first Kiss of Life mini-album, fittingly titled Kiss of Life, and each member received her own solo song on the album. The group would not officially debut and release their album until July 5, 2023, but the first five music videos were all released in advance of then, beginning with Natty’s solo song, “Sugarcoat.” In it, Natty essentially lives as a vagabond and a street dancer, impoverished (and caught trying to steal) but trying to realize her dream of becoming a performer. “Sugarcoat” is a terrific R&B track. Incidentally, Natty had previously debuted as a soloist prior to debuting again as part of Kiss of Life.

All six of the first Kiss of Life music videos were filmed in Hungary across three weeks, as detailed in a two-part album making-of documentary.

2. “Countdown (BELLE Solo)” MV – June 20, 2023

Belle’s solo song, “Countdown,” was the second song to receive a music video. She actually wrote the song in her second year of high school, in two sessions with the songwriting group Royal Dive. The song was originally called “Getdown” and an English demo exists, but the title and lyrics were changed for this Korean release. (Indeed, Belle was a successful songwriter even prior to becoming an idol, having co-written “Unforgiven” for Le Sserafim, among others.) In the “Countdown” music video, Belle struggles to live up to her family’s expectations, which results in a scene of brief but explicit cursing.

3. “Kitty Cat (JULIE Solo)” MV – June 21, 2023

“Kitty Cat” is the Julie solo song and the third song on Kiss of Life to receive a music video. Julie is the leader of Kiss of Life, and she had a long road to debut. In “Kitty Cat,” she depicts a party girl, and there are some slightly racy scenes — at least by the highly modest standards of K-pop, anyway. Like Belle, Julie ultimately gets a short scene where she freaks out and starts yelling, albeit without cursing. But Julie ultimately finds some friends she can just chill with.

4. “Play Love Games (HANEUL Solo)” MV – June 22, 2023

“Play Love Games” is the Haneul solo song and the last of the initial Kiss of Life solo songs to receive a music video. Somewhat surprisingly, the song’s melody draws from the classic baseball anthem, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” giving it a lighter feeling than the other solo songs. Haneul is the maknae (meaning the “youngest member”) of Kiss of Life, so the shift makes sense in that light. In the “Play Love Games” MV, Haneul gradually overcomes shyness at school to become an influencer.

5. “안녕,네버랜드 (Bye My Neverland)” MV – June 28, 2023

As the fifth music video overall and the first song to feature all four members, “안녕,네버랜드 (Bye My Neverland)” gradually brings together the four storylines established in the other videos. It ends in dramatic fashion, with Julie accidentally hitting Natty with a car (oops!). The song itself is a pleasant ballad though, and Julie and Haneul are among the co-composers of the song.

6. “쉿 (Shhh)” MV – July 5, 2023

Kiss of Life finally, officially debuted on July 5, 2023, and the “쉿 (Shhh)” music video coincided with it, being the lead single of their debut album. This is the Kiss of Life members fully assembled for a hip R&B and pop song, and after the video concludes, it surprise-segues into also becoming the “쉿 (Shhh)” performance video, replaying the song in full. Belle and Natty are among the co-composers of “쉿 (Shhh).” Incidentally, the lead track for Kiss of Life had originally been a different song, but they changed it to this one just two weeks before music video filming!

There is a lengthy video of Kiss of Life reacting to all six of the music videos filmed in Hungary, and as mentioned above, there is a two-part album making-of documentary that showcases the filming of the videos.

7. “Bad News” MV – November 8, 2023

Bad News” is the first of two title tracks on the second Kiss of Life mini-album, Born to be XX, and the music video was released in tandem with the comeback. This MV is all about confrontation, with, for example, Belle theatrically spilling a drink on someone and Haneul beaming a girl in the face with a ball repeatedly. Also, Natty might have murdered a dude. So it’s nothing if not memorable! The song itself combines rock and bouncy hip hop.

There is a “Bad News” performance video, and there is a video of Kiss of Life providing commentary on the Born to be XX music videos. There is also a documentary series for the making of Born to be XX, including of its music videos.

8. “Nobody Knows” MV – November 15, 2023

Nobody Knows” is the other title track on Born to be XX, and it’s a bouncy R&B song. Its music video serves as both prequel and sequel to the “Bad News” MV, explaining why all of the Kiss of Life members took it upon themselves to drench, pulverize, and/or murder people.

*. “Gentleman” Live Clip – January 29, 2024

In January 2024, Kiss of Life surprised fans with a “live clip” performance of “Gentleman,” another song from Born to be XX. It is exactly what fans would expect — a thrilling vocal showcase from the group.

*. “Says It” Live Clip – February 2, 2024

After “Gentleman,” “Says It” received a live clip from the Born to be XX album.

9. “Midas Touch” MV – April 3, 2024

Midas Touch” is the titular song of the first Kiss of Life single album, Midas Touch, and its music video is oozing ’90s sounds in a different way than before. The music video makes use of some regal props and solid CG. It would seem that Kiss of Life’s success enabled them to upgrade the production values of the videos a bit!

There is a behind-the-scenes video for the “Midas Touch” MV and a Kiss of Life commentary video for the MV.

*. “Nothing” Short Film – April 11, 2024

“Nothing” is the B-side to Midas Touch, and it received a short film that plays an abbreviated version of the song. The video is pretty and ethereal, making it the next best thing to a full music video.

There is bound to always be another Kiss of Life comeback around the corner, so check back with us often for more!

That is the complete list of all Kiss of Life music videos at this time, and this archive is being updated for each new MV or special performance video as they release. Bookmark this page if you want to be able to find and share all their major videos at a moment’s notice! Then let us know what your favorite music video is so far.

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