Who Is the Leader of Kiss of Life?

K-pop is an incredibly competitive space, and despite so much hard work and so many good intentions, few idols actually stand out and achieve real popularity. However, right from debut, S2 Entertainment girl group Kiss of Life defined itself as unique from other K-pop groups by offering a more mature, sometimes even gritty image, and it earned them a pronounced following despite coming from a small company. It takes a strong leader to guide a group through the trials and tribulations of debut and beyond, so among Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul, here is the full answer to who the leader of Kiss of Life is.

Julie Is the Leader of Kiss of Life

Julie Han is the leader of the group, as she first declared at the group’s debut showcase. She was selected in part because she is the oldest member of the group, and it is fairly typical for the oldest member of a group to be its leader (as seen in, for example, Mamamoo, where Solar debuted at the same age as Julie). However, Natty has also noted that Julie is “like a mom,” another good quality for the leader of a girl group.

Julie was born in Hawaii in the United States in 2000, and in a Reddit AMA, she expressed her wish to perform in Hawaii someday. Julie had been a student of Def Dance Skool and Def Music Academy in South Korea, and in 2017, her performance there earned her a spot at YG’s The Black Label. (During that period, it would appear that Julie befriended Hwiseo, who would later debut in H1-KEY, because Hwiseo was also part of The Black Label for a time.) Of course, she would not debut there, as Julie would ultimately make her debut with Kiss of Life in July 2023.

Julie Han is the leader of Kiss of Life K-pop group at S2 Entertainment
Julie Han is the leader.

So in summary, Julie is the leader of Kiss of Life in addition to the oldest member, and she was trained in Korea but born in Hawaii. For more about the group, check out how old the Kiss of Life members currently are, how tall they are, what their MBTIs are, and who speaks English in the group, or check out our comprehensive, fact-checked Kiss of Life members profile and trivia page. Alternatively, if you just want to zone out and watch some videos, check out our conveniently arranged archive of every Kiss of Life music video.

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