How Tall Are the Kiss of Life Members?

Few K-pop groups from a small company have garnered a fandom as quickly and enthusiastically as Kiss of Life did at S2 Entertainment. The KISSY fandom adores the KIOF ladies as people, as artists, and as visuals. Regarding that last point, when it comes to discussing the members’ beauty, fans might wonder how tall they actually are in relation to each other. So to explain exactly how tall the Kiss of Life members are, here is the height for Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul, plus how to order them from tallest to shortest.

How Tall Kiss of Life Members Are: Height for Julie, Natty, Belle, & Haneul

  • Haneul is 168 – 169 cm tall or 5’6″ – 5’6 1/2″.
  • Belle is 167 – 168 cm tall or 5’5 3/4″ – 5’6″.
  • Natty is 166 – 167 cm tall or 5’5 1/3″ – 5’5 3/4″.
  • Julie is 163 cm tall or 5’4″.

As seen above, the correct way to order the Kiss of Life members from tallest to shortest is as follows: Haneul, Belle, Natty, and Julie. Julie is indisputably the shortest member of Kiss of Life, and Natty has remarked that Julie wears high-heeled shoes for performances to keep in line with the heights of her fellow members.

The above height information is drawn primarily from two sources: a Kiss of Life video where the members created profiles for each other, published October 12, 2023, and a teaser graphic for the Born to be XX album, published on November 3, 2023. In the video, Belle described Haneul as 168 cm, Natty described Belle as 167 cm, Julie described Natty as 166 cm, and Haneul described Julie as 163 cm. (Incidentally, Kiss of Life also stated that Belle was 167 cm during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” back on July 8, 2023.) Meanwhile, the Born to be XX graphic claimed that Haneul is 169 cm, Belle is 168 cm, Natty is 167 cm, and Julie is 163 cm.

exactly how tall are the Kiss of Life members height Julie Natty Belle Haneul cm inches S2 Entertainment K-pop girl group
This promotional graphic, released November 3, 2023, lists both height and shoe size for the Kiss of Life members. (Click to enlarge it.)

In other words, the Born to be XX graphic listed everyone except Julie as one centimeter taller than previously estimated. There are several reasons this could be the case: (1) Height can truly vary slightly throughout the day, meaning either height could potentially be correct, (2) The members may not have actually known each other’s heights in October 2023, (3) The members could have still been growing (which doesn’t seem extremely likely for most of them, since they debuted as adults), and/or (4) S2 Entertainment decided to exaggerate Kiss of Light members’ heights for promotional purposes. It is not easy to make any definitive statements on the subject, but the ranges presented above can be confidently described as accurate.

That is everything there is to know about how tall Kiss of Life members Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul are, plus how to correctly order them by height!

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