Who Speaks English in Kiss of Life?

From their songwriting abilities to their vocals to just their all-around cool vibes, S2 Entertainment K-pop girl group Kiss of Life stands out. Even in the deeply competitive domestic market, Kiss of Life have made a name for themselves. However, the group has a strong international fandom as well, and since most of the group actually originates from outside of South Korea and speaks more than just Korean, perhaps that isn’t surprising. So among Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul, here is the full answer to who speaks English or other languages (such as Thai) in Kiss of Life.

Julie and Belle Speak Fluent English in Kiss of Life

Julie and Belle both speak native English because they are both from the United States. As we have explained in our comprehensive, fact-checked Kiss of Life members profile, Julie is from Honolulu, Hawaii, while Belle is from Seattle, Washington. Particularly, Belle has specified that she lived in the United States for eight-to-nine years. Julie and Belle are both ethnically Korean though, and they both speak fluent Korean as well. (Incidentally, Belle’s mother has a hometown of Paris, France and speaks fluent French, but there is no current indication that Belle speaks fluent French.)

Meanwhile, Natty is originally from Thailand and speaks native Thai, in addition to learning and speaking fluent Korean after living in South Korea for a period of years. There have been claims in the past that Natty speaks English, and she likely does speak a degree of English. However, there is no credible indication that Natty is a fluent English speaker, and in fact, Natty actively prefers to let Julie and Belle speak most of the English in Kiss of Life. In a video behind the scenes at Arirang (a broadcasting network aimed at an international audience), uploaded to Kiss of Life YouTube in August 2023, Natty explicitly states, “Our team’s Julie and Belle speak English fluently, so I don’t have to worry about it and I am doing well.” Indeed, there are only brief, limited video examples of Natty speaking English since joining Kiss of Life or in general.

Lastly, Haneul, who is a native of South Korea, only seems to speak fluent Korean. However, she does understand a degree of English, and it seems highly likely that, the longer Kiss of Life is together, the more English that Natty and Haneul will learn from Julie and Belle. Indeed, the members have even learned at least a bit of Thai from Natty (when she chooses to teach them, anyway!).

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From left to right: Belle, Natty, Julie, Haneul

In summary, when it comes to who speaks English or other languages in Kiss of Life, Julie and Belle are native English speakers, while Natty speaks native Thai, and everyone speaks fluent Korean. The group’s ability to speak directly to international fans is yet another reason they were able to attract a fan base so quickly.

K-Pop Answers has way more information about the group where this comes from, such as how old the Kiss of Life members currently are, how tall they are, who their leader is, what their MBTIs are, and when they originally debuted. We also maintain a convenient archive of all of the Kiss of Life music videos, in addition to our aforementioned Kiss of Life members profile page, which comes packed with meticulous citations.

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