Who Is the Leader of Mamamoo?

You would never want to ask who the most talented member of Mamamoo is, because (1) it would be rude, and (2) giving an accurate answer would be impossible. All four members of Mamamoo are wildly talented, with Solar, Wheein, and Hwasa ranking among the top female vocalists in K-pop and Moonbyul being a captivating rapper. It’s a minor miracle that company RBW was able to assemble so much talent in one group. And while you can’t pick out one member as the most talented, the group still has a leader all the same. So among Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa, here is the full answer to who the leader of Mamamoo is.

Solar Is the Leader of Mamamoo

Solar is the leader of the group and also the oldest member. She had graduated from Hanyang Women’s University and initially planned to become a flight attendant before attempting to pursue singing. She failed dozens of auditions before finally being accepted and ultimately debuting at age 23, which by the standards of K-pop is actually a quite late age to debut. (Although, Red Velvet’s Irene notably also debuted at age 23, and she and Solar were only born a month apart.) From that perspective, it makes sense for Solar to be the leader of the group, as the wise and educated leader. (She has even said that she was probably chosen as leader because she was the oldest.)

Fans have documented Solar’s acumen as leader of Mamamoo over the years, whether it’s setting a jovial tone as a goofball or reminding Hwasa of the proper way to sit. She is willing to do what it takes to both protect the group and to help it thrive. Solar likewise has an intense work ethic, which the other Mamamoo members have acknowledged, and they have hypothesized that Solar’s excessive need to work gives her a sense of reassurance.

Solar is the leader of Mamamoo at RBW
Solar is the leader.

However, as is often the case for leaders of K-pop groups, being the leader of Mamamoo came with stress at first. Solar has spoken about how she was used to being the youngest person back at home, so being the oldest in this group and having to make decisions for everyone else was initially “hard and frustrating.” She also regrets that she rarely complimented her fellow members in the beginning, and her occasional anger at Hwasa eventually caused Hwasa to ask Solar, “Do you hate me?” Of course, all the members would become closer over time, reaching a point where they could sometimes understand each other with mere facial expressions.

So in summary, Solar is the leader of Mamamoo, and although it took time for her to settle into the role, she is an extremely hard-working person who is well respected by her fellow members.

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