Who Is the Leader of Lightsum?

Most K-pop groups have a leader, with rare exceptions like Blackpink and RIIZE. At least one K-pop group actually has two leaders at once (Treasure). It is rare for the leadership role to change from one member to another in a group during its life span, but it does happen, as seen in Everglow. Cube Entertainment K-pop girl group Lightsum is another such example. So among members Sangah, Chowon, Nayoung, Hina, Juhyeon, and Yujeong, here is the full answer to who the current and also original leader of Lightsum is.

Sangah Is the Leader of Lightsum Now

Sangah is the current leader of the group, but until sometime in 2023 or later 2022, Juhyeon was actually the original leader of the group. Sangah is the oldest member of Lightsum, while Juhyeon is strikingly the second youngest member in the group’s current composition. Strictly from the perspective of age, it’s a bit surprising and intriguing that Juhyeon was ever the leader, even though she was beloved in the role! In part, her selection may have had to do with the fact that Juhyeon was already known to the public by then, having participated in survival competitions The Unit and Dancing High across 2017 and 2018.

Juhyeon is the original leader of the group, from 2021 and at least into 2022.

During Lightsum’s debut showcase from June 10, 2021, it was confirmed in an offhand remark by the host (BtoB’s Eunkwang) that Juhyeon was the leader of the group. Eunkwang joked that Juhyeon must have been the leader of the group because she is the first to wake up in the morning and always woke up the other members, to which she agreed. Otherwise, during that showcase, Juhyeon had only actually introduced herself as the “almighty key” of Lightsum, which is certainly a fun and slightly confusing title. (All of the members introduced themselves in festive ways like this at the showcase, such as Sangah introducing herself as “the warrior.”) Prior to debut, back on on April 23, 2021, Cube Entertainment had actually announced the official roles for each member of the group, but it had peculiarly not announced any leader at that time. It had only described Juhyeon as “main dancer” and “lead vocal.”

Sangah is the current leader of Lightsum, since at least sometime in 2023.

However, it was publicly confirmed in September 2023 that Sangah is the current leader of Lightsum. Prior to that, it had been implied that Sangah was the new leader during episode 7 of the 2023 Mnet series Queendom Puzzle. In fact, even in late 2022, fan speculation had begun that Sangah had become the new leader based strictly on how she had become the one to count down the group’s introductions (which is a task typically handled by the leader). As such, it is possible — but not confirmed — that Sangah may have become the new leader of Lightsum after Huiyeon and Jian were officially removed from the group in October 2022. Regardless of when it officially occurred, this role change does not appear to have been discussed at length by the group in video, but the group and fans alike support the change.

In summary, Sangah is the current leader of Lightsum, but the original leader of the group was Juhyeon. Both members continue to support each other. For more about the group, take a look back at the group’s debut or check out how old the Lightsum members currently are.

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