Who Is the Leader of Secret Number?

One of the many joys of K-pop is how each group offers something a little different, and Vine Entertainment K-pop girl group Secret Number is no exception, surprising fans with one strong concept after another. Indeed, even the name Secret Number exudes the feeling that you’re going to get something you haven’t seen before. In a roundabout way, one could argue the same is true of the group’s leadership situation. Among Léa, Dita, Jinny, Minji, Soodam, and Zuu, here is the unusual answer to who the leader of Secret Number is.

Léa Is an Unofficial Leader for Secret Number

Officially, it seems that the group has no formal leader. The Secret Number members just all support each other however they can. Unofficially, however, Léa has taken a role reminiscent of leader, depending on the need and the occasion. For instance, during Secret Number’s debut showcase, Léa described herself as the “innocent general” of the group. It certainly has the sound of being the leader, albeit in an unofficial context. She is also the oldest member of Secret Number. Léa is likewise the member who typically “counts down” the group when they introduce themselves for promotions, a task usually handled by the leader.

However, the word “leader” is seldom ever even uttered in official Secret Number YouTube videos. For instance, in a reaction to the “둠치타(DOOMCHITA)” music video, published in June 2022, the members discussed what individual role they each played in the context of playing characters in the MV. In that specific, MV-character context, the members agreed that Léa’s role in the video was “acting leader.” That’s roughly the most discussion about a leader you can expect.

Léa is not the official leader of Secret Number, but she is the closest thing.
Léa is not the official leader, but she is the closest thing.

Léa’s real name is Ogawa Mizuki, and she is Japanese. Official foreign-born leaders in K-pop are extremely rare, but there are a few, such as Keita in EVNNE. Some online K-pop publications inaccurately include Léa among this small list, but it is understandable why such mistakes could occur.

In summary, Secret Number does not have an official leader, but Léa is sometimes regarded as an unofficial leader of the group. She will always be the “innocent general” of Secret Number, at least. For more about the group, check out how old the Secret Number members currently are or the story of their debut.

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