When Did WHIB Debut?

Back in November 2021, C-JeS Studios began “Made in Cjes,” or “M.I.C,” a training program to develop the label’s new K-pop boy group out of C-JeS trainees, and fans would be able to watch the trainees grow and develop throughout the process. It began a long road for not just the trainees but the public who became dedicated to them, and it was not until May 2022 that the first M.I.C vlog was published. Not every M.I.C trainee remained through to its end, and it was a bitter pill for fans to swallow when a trainee like Sunho simply vanished without warning, never to be mentioned again and even having much of their content deleted. However, that is all in the past. The M.I.C trainees are officially WHIB now, and here is the exact answer as to when members Haseung, Jinbeom, Jayder, UGeon, Leejeong, Jaeha, Inhong, and Wonjun made their debut as WHIB.

WHIB Made Their Debut on November 8, 2023 with Cut-Out

WHIB officially debuted on November 8, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. KST with the single album Cut-Out. The name of the group, their “official logo motion,” and their debut date were revealed on October 10, 2023 KST. A scheduler for their debut was then released on October 13, 2023. “WHIB” is a combination of the opposite colors “white” and “black,” and as such, it is intended to represent a vast spectrum of unique colors and talents that exist in-between. The Cut-Out tracklist includes two songs, functioning as dual title tracks: “BANG!” and “DIZZY.” “BANG!” was composed by 김승수 (Kim Seung Soo), Sero, and GALLERY, while “DIZZY” was composed by HUMBLER and Adam Wolf.

The music video for “DIZZY” was released on November 1, 2023, a week ahead of the official debut. The music video for “BANG!” was released on debut day.

Likewise, on the day of their debut, the group held a showcase, in which they performed both “DIZZY” and “BANG!” The following day, November 9, 2023, WHIB performed for the first time with “BANG!” on M Countdown.

Prior to becoming WHIB and adopting stage names, several members of the group had been known to M.I.C fans by their regular names. Haseung was simply Taewoo, Jayder was Junmin, UGeon was Seungyong, and Jaeha was Jaehyon. However, Wonjun was both a new name and a new face to fans when he was revealed as a member of WHIB, because he had not appeared in M.I.C. He was nonetheless immediately embraced by the fandom.

Unfortunately, on October 26, 2023, C-JeS announced that Leejeong had been injured in the leg while filming content, so in order to prioritize his recovery, he would not be joining the group in performances immediately following debut.

WHIB was the first new K-pop boy group to come out of C-JeS in 13 years, but the label carries a pedigree that includes the likes of JYJ, Gummy, and Noel. There was plenty of reason to be excited about this debut.

In summary, WHIB made their debut on November 8, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. KST with the single album Cut-Out, and the C-JeS group mostly comprises trainees that had trained as M.I.C. For more about the group, check out how old the WHIB members currently are and who their leader is.

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