Who Is the Leader of WHIB?

The long “Made in Cjes” (“M.I.C”) training process at C-JeS Studios resulted in WHIB, the K-pop boy group who showcases a wide and unique spectrum of colors between black and white. Indeed, in a group with eight members, there is plenty of opportunity to showcase something different. Somebody has to lead that spectrum of diverse talents though. So among Haseung, Jinbeom, Jayder, UGeon, Leejeong, Jaeha, Inhong, and Wonjun, here is the full answer to who the leader of WHIB is.

Jayder Is the Leader of WHIB

Jayder is the leader of the group. He originally announced this himself in an inaugural Weverse post from October 29, 2023. Jayder is not the oldest member of the group, as Jinbeom is around eight months older, and Haseung is actually about three-and-a-half years older. Nonetheless, seniority isn’t everything, and everyone seems to be happy with him in the role.

Back when the WHIB members were simple M.I.C trainees, Jayder trained under his original name, Junmin. Long before the debut of WHIB in November 2023, Jayder and UGeon (then named Seungyong) shared self-profiles in a video published June 4, 2022. Jayder revealed several simple details about himself, such as that his MBTI (at the time) was INTJ, and his favorite colors were red, khaki, sky blue, and purple. Surprisingly, at that time, the other members called him “Petit Junmin,” referencing his inherent cuteness. Jayder also revealed that he believes he has a strong sense of fashion, and UGeon agreed with this, adding that Jayder even helps to style the other members. So, one might say Jayder is also the fashion leader!

In a follow-up introductory interview for the group, “WHIB’s Interview Film,” published November 7, 2023, Jayder noted his MBTI had become ISTJ, and he said he was commonly called “mom” by his members. It makes sense that a nurturing mother figure would lead the group.

Jayder is the leader of WHIB C-JeS Studios K-pop
Jayder is the leader of WHIB.

So to summarize, Jayder is the leader of WHIB, and in addition to being all-around cute, he also has excellent fashion sense! For more about the group, check out how old the WHIB members currently are.

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