When Is the Fifty Fifty Comeback?

When ATTRAKT K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty unleashed the song “Cupid” back in February 2023, it became an international viral smash. The song was just outstanding, and the combination of the members’ potent vocals and the release of a corresponding English version was a recipe for untold success. Yet despite that, the group has had no comebacks at all since then, besides the release of the song “Barbie Dreams” for the Barbie movie soundtrack. This is due to the complicated legal battle (which we have summarized in depth) that arose among ATTRAKT, its partner company The Givers, and the members of Fifty Fifty all at once in June 2023. However, there is a slight, if still bleak, light at the end of this tunnel. So let’s discuss the full answer to when the next Fifty Fifty comeback will be at ATTRAKT — but it will probably be for a Fifty Fifty “Generation 2,” with Keena as the only returning member.

The Fifty Fifty Comeback Will Likely Happen in 2024 with Keena and Generation 2

There is no official comeback date for the group at this time. In fact, ATTRAKT in part acquiesced to the legal demands of Saena, Sio, and Aran by ending their exclusive contracts with the company on October 22, 2023. Only Keena voluntarily returned to ATTRAKT back in October 2023. In other words, Keena is the only member of Fifty Fifty who currently still remains with ATTRAKT. (All of this was explained with citations in our ATTRAKT leadership and lawsuit summary.)

However, in November 2023, ATTRAKT expressed an intention to create a “Fifty Fifty Generation 2,” consisting of Keena and three new group members. They would presumably be performing the existing Fifty Fifty discography, in addition to new songs. The Hunnies fandom is a bit confused and divided over how to support the group anymore, since they want to support Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran all at once. However, if one wants to support Keena, one will essentially have to support Fifty Fifty Generation 2 — whatever form it ultimately takes.

So, there is no official time frame yet from ATTRAKT for when Fifty Fifty Generation 2 will be created, but Keena and some version of Fifty Fifty will likely have a comeback at some point in 2024. This space shall be fully updated as more information becomes available. But for more about the (original) group members, check out our in-depth Fifty Fifty members profile page with fact-checked trivia or how old they currently are. We also maintain an archive of all of the official Fifty Fifty music videos.

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