Who Is the Leader of Geenius?

HOMe and sure place K-pop girl group Geenius dazzled their fans straight from debut, with their refreshingly old-school sound and their strong live performances. Since they had spent so many years training together, it came as no surprise that they knew how to put on a memorable performance. One might wonder who is leading this group to greatness though. So among Yeyoung, Sion, Mika, Zoe, and Andamiro, here is the answer so far to who the leader of Geenius is.

Yeyoung Is the Presumed Leader of Geenius

Geenius and their company have yet to clarify whether the members have formal positions in the group. As such, it cannot be stated with certainty whether or not the group has an actual leader. Indeed, some K-pop groups contemporary to Geenius do not have a leader, such as RIIZE. However, if we act under the presumption that the group does have a leader, then it currently seems to be Yeyoung.

Yeyoung is the oldest member of Geenius, and she is consistently the member who counts down the group’s introduction in videos, such as their 2024 New Year greeting and it’s Live “Voyage” performance. Traditionally, the leader counts down a group’s introductions. These are basic yet straightforward indications that Yeyoung is probably the leader of the group. Of course, when official confirmation arrives one way or the other, this space shall be fully updated.

Prior to Geenius, Yeyoung (and Sion) had competed on survival competition series Girls Planet 999 in 2021, so she, along with some other members of the group, had already been known to the public. At debut, she stood out with her doll-like visuals.

Yeyoung is the leader of Geenius
Yeyoung is the presumed leader, but it has not been formalized as of yet.

In summary, Yeyoung is the presumed leader of Geenius, but the group has not actually confirmed this role or any other positions in the group to date. This space shall be fully updated if and when roles are clarified. For more about the group, check out how old the Geenius members currently are and the complicated story behind their long-awaited debut.

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