Who Is the Leader of NCT 127?

The first thing anyone is likely to learn about SM Entertainment boy brand NCT is that it is really large, as there are closer to 30 members in total across the various units. However, most of the time, the members are focusing on their individual groups (which might be more than one group), and in turn, the fans can focus on the members and units that most appeal to them. NCT 127 is the Seoul-based NCT unit, with nine active members and one very important member leading them. Among active members Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan, here is the full answer to who the leader of NCT 127 is.

Taeyong Is the Leader of NCT 127

Taeyong is the leader. He is not the oldest member of NCT 127, but there are only two older members. Taeyong is known for his versatility as an artist, as he is also a member of SM Entertainment supergroup SuperM, along with Mark (and WayV member Ten). Plus, Taeyong is typically regarded as the overall leader of NCT in general. Taeyong is additionally known for his visuals, and Jungwoo said in a Teen Vogue interview published in January 2023 that Taeyong has a “very special face.” That is quite the compliment.

Taeyong is the leader of NCT 127 and NCT as a whole SM Entertainment K-pop
Taeyong is the leader of NCT 127 and generally regarded as the overall leader of NCT.

Taeyong has discussed briefly how the NCT 127 leadership role came to him in the past. In an interview published in July 2020, Taeyong explained, “I didn’t know I’d become the leader, but it happened naturally. They told me that when I was a trainee, I looked like I had a lot of drive. I have a lot of pride in our team, and I imagine that’s one of the reasons why they felt I would be a good fit as leader.” His responsibilities as leader include little things like deciding what the group will eat, but they also include larger things like discussing how to arrange their schedule or being a spokesperson for the group when talking with their company. The NCT 127 members think of Taeyong as highly thorough as a leader.

Notably, in June 2023, Taeyong became the first NCT member to have a full solo debut, with the mini-album SHALALA and the lead single of the same name. He co-composed the entire album and wrote nearly all of the lyrics. One could say this is another instance of Taeyong leading the way forward for NCT members.

In summary, Taeyong is the leader of NCT 127 and also effectively the leader of NCT in general. Taeyong is furthermore a SuperM member. He is both very talented and very busy.

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