Who Is the Leader of NCT Wish?

SM Entertainment has created passionate fans out of countless people with NCT, and a big part of that is just the sparkling personalities of the members in the various subunits. There is a lot to love among the diverse members, and in turn, there is plenty to love among the different leaders of the groups. NCT Wish is the Japan-based final extension of NCT, yet as it turns out, leadership actually falls to one of the group’s Korean members. Among Sion, Riku, Yushi, Jaehee, Ryo, and Sakuya, here is the complete answer to who the leader of NCT Wish is at SM.

Sion Is the Leader of NCT Wish

Sion is the official leader of the group. We first learned this when Sion introduced himself as the leader during predebut performances that the group held at NCT CONCERT – NCT NATION : To The World in Japan in September 2023, back when the group was still referred to by the temporary moniker of “NCT New Team.”

Sion is the confirmed leader of NCT Wish at SM Entertainment K-pop
Sion is the leader of NCT Wish.

While most of the members composition of NCT Wish was determined by the 2023 survival competition, NCT Universe: Lastart, Sion and Yushi had actually already been confirmed as debut members in June 2023. Between this and the fact that Sion is actually the oldest member of NCT Wish, it makes sense that he found the leadership role.

One of the first opportunities that the public had to get to know Sion was his introduction in NCT Universe: Lastart, where he described himself (at that time, at least) as having an MBTI of INTJ, and he said his friends think that he always laughs at everything. (That is an endearing quality to have!) Separately, Sion has expressed a love for animals of all kinds. As for Sion’s leadership capabilities, Jaehee has stated that he is grateful for how Sion provides “a lot” of mental support. Incidentally, Sion and Jaehee are the two Korean members of the group; the rest of the group is Japanese. It is Sion’s responsibility as leader to bridge the gap between cultures.

In summary, Sion is the leader of NCT Wish and also the group’s oldest member, and he is Korean. Sion is part of a lofty and lauded roster of leaders among the NCT groups. For more about the group, check out how old the NCT Wish members currently are and the full story behind their debut. We also maintain a convenient archive of all of the NCT Wish music videos, to make it easy to watch everything in one spot.

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