Who Is the Leader of One Pact?

As their name alludes to, Armada Entertainment K-pop boy group One Pact is about five guys coming together to make a major impact together as one group. Indeed, each member had already left an impact of their own prior to the group debuting, whether from previous promotions or for performing on the 2023 Mnet survival competition Boys Planet. It’s up to one person to lead this group of big talents though. So among members Jongwoo, Jay Chang, Seongmin, Tag, and Yedam, here is the complete answer to who the leader of One Pact is.

The Leader of One Pact Is Jongwoo

Jongwoo is the leader of the group, as was initially confirmed by Korean news reports prior to the group even debuting. Since he is the oldest member of One Pact, he was the most straightforward choice to select, even if Jay Chang perhaps enjoyed more popularity prior to the group’s debut, having already debuted as a soloist. However, being leader is actually a bit of a role reversal for Jongwoo. This is because he had briefly been part of a short-lived K-pop group called Black Level, in which he was the maknae of the group.

After Black Level but prior to One Pact, Jongwoo demonstrated great leadership during his time on Boys Planet. Particularly, he led an excellent performance of “Home” by Seventeen for his team (a team that also included Jay Chang!), which received praise from fans for the range of emotion on display. In general, Jongwoo was praised by fans for his growth and versatility throughout the series. This too makes Jongwoo a smart choice to be the leader. The bonds displayed by the One Pact members to this point seem to suggest everyone is happy with him leading the pack.

Jongwoo is the leader of One Pact K-pop Armada Entertainment
Jongwoo is the leader.

In summary, Jongwoo is the leader of One Pact and also its oldest member, and he brings a lot of versatility to the position. For more about the group, check out how old the One Pact members currently are and the story behind their debut.

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