How Old Are the Candy Shop Members?

Music producer Brave Brothers made a name for himself by composing some big hits for K-pop groups like AOA, but his own company that he founded, Brave Entertainment, would struggle with recognition until the hard-earned viral success of Brave Girls in 2021. However, Brave Girls ended their time with Brave Entertainment in 2023 (and rebranded as BBGirls), making space for a new girl group at the company: Candy Shop! The “Candy” stands for “Catch N Draw Youth,” but the name also simply evokes the joy of going to a colorful candy shop. Candy Shop debuted on March 27, 2024 with Hashtag# and lead single “Good Girl.” To explain exactly how old the Candy Shop members are right now, here is the current age and birthday for Soram, Yuina, Sui, and Sarang.

How Old Candy Shop Members Are: Age & Birthday for Soram, Yuina, Sui, & Sarang

  • Soram is 18 years old and was born on September 24, 2005.
  • Yuina is 17 years old and was born on February 27, 2007.
  • Sui is 16 years old and was born on August 15, 2007.
  • Sarang is 16 years old and was born on November 30, 2007.

Everyone in Candy Shop debuted within a typical age range by K-pop standards, though the group did skew young, with only one adult member. Sarang is the maknae (“youngest member”) of Candy Shop, while Soram is the oldest member. It is not yet clear if she is the leader of the group, but if there is a leader role, it is likely to belong to Soram. Notably, while most of the group is Korean, Yuina is Japanese. Additionally, according to their introductory bios, Soram is the only particularly introverted member of the group.

Use our birth date image below to match names with faces and learn how old the Candy Shop members are more conveniently:

how old are the Candy Shop members age birthday birth date Soram Yuina Sui Sarang Brave Entertainment K-pop girl group

With current age and birthday, that is all there is to know about how old Candy Shop members Soram, Yuina, Sui, and Sarang are. The hope is that they will deliver a sweet experience to K-pop fans for years to come!

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