Queenz Eye Members Profile: All Fact-Checked Trivia!

Maintained by Big Mountain Entertainment and Media Lab SISO, K-pop girl group Queenz Eye is full of potential and deserving of an ever larger audience. The group name refers to the girls shining bright “like the eye of the queen,” and in fact, everyone in the group shares the role of “main dancer”! Queenz Eye debuted on October 24, 2022 with the single album Queenz Table, which featured the lead single “Yummy Yummy,” a song for which all members participated in creating its choreography. Since debut, they have aimed to hold the title of “Performance Queens,” and their companies have been supportive of their success, both financially and emotionally. According to member Wonchae, Media Lab SISO CEO Song Eun-i makes joke to the Queenz Eye members like, “You’re so skinny,” and “A girl group idol should weigh around 60 kg” (60 kg being about 132 pounds). So our aim now is to help you get to know this unique group better! Here, we maintain a current, fact-checked, and heavily researched Queenz Eye members profile, absolutely packed with trivia and fun facts for Hannah, Narin, Wonchae, Ahyoon, Damin, and even former member Jenna. Enjoy!

(Although, if you just want to know how old the Queenz Eye members are, we have a separate page explaining their ages in depth!)

Queenz Eye Members Profile: Facts and Trivia for Hannah, Narin, Wonchae, Ahyoon, and Damin

Hannah Queenz Eye facts trivia

Hannah Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

Narin Queenz Eye members profile fact-checked trivia fun facts K-pop

Narin Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

Wonchae Queenz Eye members profile fact-checked trivia fun facts K-pop

Wonchae Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

Ahyoon Queenz Eye members profile fact-checked trivia fun facts K-pop

Ahyoon Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

Damin Queenz Eye facts trivia

Damin Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

former Queenz Eye Jenna

(Former Member) Jenna Profile: Fun Facts & Trivia

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Anyway, before you go, let us know what your favorite Queenz Eye facts and trivia are in this members profile, because there is a lot to love about Hannah, Narin, Wonchae, Ahyoon, and Damin! Also, check out our archive of all the Queenz Eye music videos, to make sure you haven’t missed any great content.

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