When Did Queenz Eye Debut?

The fourth generation of K-pop produced a ferocious number of quality girl groups, and it’s not easy to stand out, especially if the group hails from a small company. Queenz Eye hails somewhat improbably from Big Mountain Entertainment and Media Lab SISO, and they are making a name for themselves through sheer tenacity. Hardcore K-pop fans were excited to see former WM Entertainment trainee Hwang Chaewon finally debut (under her new alias, Wonchae), but everyone in the group contributed something to the whole for this fresh start. So here is the full answer as to when Hannah, Narin, Wonchae, Ahyoon, Damin, and Jenna made their debut as K-pop girl group Queenz Eye.

Queenz Eye Debuted on October 24, 2022

Queenz Eye made their debut on October 24, 2022 with the single album Queenz Table, which contained lead single “Yummy Yummy,” a second song called “Before&After,” and instrumental versions of each song. The “Yummy Yummy” MV was released on the same day, and notably, all of the members of Queenz Eye contributed heavily to its choreography, which is unusual. (All the members of the group proudly share the role of “main dancer.”) The group had trained together for two-to-three years prior to debut, and it has been implied that their total group training period was 1,024 days. They also released several cover performance videos on Queenz Eye YouTube prior to debut.

“Yummy Yummy” was composed by Seulgi Park and his 20Hz Sounds, which included Jo Hyungseo, Kim Dongyeop, Yook Jeongyoon, and Kim Sumin, in addition to Roydo, Boran, and +1. Lyrics were provided by Park Seulgi, Roydo, Boran, and (also of 20Hz) Leafia. The 20Hz composers furthermore arranged the song. Meanwhile, “Before&After” was composed and arranged by Jeong Hohyeon (e.one) and Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), with lyrics written by them and also WWWAVE(PAPERMAKER).

Queenz Eye held a showcase on the day of their debut. Otherwise, Queenz Eye performed for the first time on October 25, 2022 on The Show, with “Yummy Yummy.”

Their debut proceeded smoothly, but this would be the only era of the group to feature the sixth group member, Jenna. She would depart the group prior to the group’s first comeback, UNI-Q, which was released on July 6, 2023.

So in summary, Queenz Eye made their debut on October 24, 2023 with the single album Queenz Table and lead song “Yummy Yummy,” and it was the only era to feature sixth member Jenna. We maintain an archive of all the Queenz Eye music videos that have been released since then as well.

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