When Is the Blackpink Comeback?

When K-pop girl group Blackpink debuted in August 2016 at YG Entertainment, their impact was immediate and tremendous. Producer Teddy offered the group a distinct sound, and the fact that most of the group spoke fluent English meant an international audience could instantly engage with them. While YG seldom gave the girls as many comebacks as fans had wished for, it only had the effect of increasing their mystique even further. Now, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are individual superstars with or without YG Entertainment or even Blackpink itself. Nonetheless, the fans do want more of them as a group. So here is what we know exactly about when or if a potential next Blackpink comeback will occur.

It Is Not Yet Clear When or If There Will Be Another Blackpink Comeback

Contracts reportedly expired for the Blackpink members at YG Entertainment back in August 2023, and negotiations to re-sign between the members and YG are currently ongoing. There is no official confirmation yet that any or all of the Blackpink members will re-sign with YG to continue promoting. As such, it is impossible to say definitively at this time when or if Blackpink will come back with new music.

However, there are a handful of reports pertaining to whether the members will re-sign with YG. One prominent report from Sports Seoul from September 21, 2023 claimed that only Rosé was re-signing with YG. Another report from News1 on September 25, 2023 claimed that Jennie and Jisoo had each established their own individual agencies for solo promotions but that negotiations with YG were continuing to do Blackpink group promotions. In response to such reports, YG Entertainment only reiterated that “Nothing has been confirmed” regarding contract renewals and future activities.

Lack of clarity about the future of Blackpink at YG resulted in a negative impact to YG’s stock price in September 2023, which YG hopes to negate with the debut of its next girl group, BabyMonster, in November 2023. However, in October 2023, Jennie did release the special single “You & Me” with YG to tremendous charts success, which is theoretically an encouraging indication.

So to summarize, there is no confirmed date for a Blackpink comeback yet because it is not yet confirmed if Blackpink will stay together at YG Entertainment. It is possible there will be no further Blackpink comebacks besides perhaps a “goodbye” song. Conversely, it is possible the entire group will stay together for many more years! As more information becomes available, this space will be fully updated.

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