When Is the Blackpink Comeback?

When K-pop girl group Blackpink debuted in August 2016 at YG Entertainment, their impact was immediate and tremendous. Producer Teddy offered the group a distinct sound, and the fact that most of the group spoke fluent English meant an international audience could instantly engage with them. While YG seldom gave the girls as many comebacks as fans had wished for, it only had the effect of increasing their mystique even further. Now, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are individual superstars with or without YG Entertainment or even Blackpink itself. Nonetheless, the fans do want more of them as a group. So here is what we know exactly about when the next Blackpink comeback will occur.

A Blackpink Comeback Album and Tour Are Planned

On December 6, 2023, YG Entertainment confirmed that all four members of Blackpink had signed a new group contract with the company, and there are plans for a new album and a new world tour. There is no official indication yet of when this Blackpink comeback will occur, but some time in 2024 seems plausible. In January 2024, Hana Securities analyst Lee Ki-hoon estimated that YG may not firm up its plans for the Blackpink comeback until Q2 or Q3 2024, meaning between April and September. As more details emerge, this space shall be immediately updated.

Contracts had expired for the Blackpink members at YG Entertainment back in August 2023, and indeed, separate negotiations to re-sign the members as individual artists at YG were ongoing until December 29, 2023 KST, when YG confirmed that the individual members would not be re-signing with the company as soloists. However, even earlier than that, on December 24, 2023, Jennie had announced the creation of her own new company, Odd Atelier (OA), where she would manage her own solo promotions moving forward.

Initial lack of clarity about the future of Blackpink at YG had resulted in a negative impact to YG’s stock price in September 2023, which YG hoped to negate with the debut of its next girl group, BabyMonster, and the renewal of Blackpink’s group contract. Indeed, YG stock surged immediately following the confirmation of Blackpink’s continuation. Additionally, in October 2023, Jennie did release the special single “You & Me” with YG to tremendous charts success. YG’s stock price did fall again after YG confirmed Blackpink would not be re-signing as individual artists though.

So to summarize, a new Blackpink album and world tour are in the works at YG Entertainment, but the Blackpink comeback will not occur any earlier than Q2 or Q3 2024 at the earliest. As more information becomes available, this space will be fully updated.

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One thought on “When Is the Blackpink Comeback?

  1. Happy to hear BP continue perfoming together 🙂
    I think I’m not the only one thinking that the SECRET of Blackpink’s success consists in the MAGIC mix of their performance of good music/singing PLUS great dancing PLUS (most important!) their powerful individual charismatic expression, all at the same time! That they are able to perfom this magic mix in a complete 4-some harmony like a clockwork is a piece of unique ART, isn’t it? So, no wonder this creates facination 😉
    I can only speak for my self: however, when they perfom solo, although it is all very well done- it is much less magic … Anyway, I wish them all the best also for their solo careers. !!! I can fully understand that this is a very important step foreward for them also in order to indipendently develop further their individuality.

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