Who Is the Leader of EL7Z UP?

Exactly as it was designed to do, the 2023 Mnet series Queendom Puzzle assembled a super group of K-pop talent, and we have a full summary of the series available to read if you would like to relive it. In a group whose members have such diverse talents and colors, one could make a solid case for why any of them could be the leader — even the member that debuted most recently, Hwiseo, who finished Queendom Puzzle at the top of voting. However, in the end, there is only one leader. So among Kei, Yeeun, Yeoreum, Yeonhee, Nana, Hwiseo, and Yuki, here is the answer to who the leader of EL7Z UP is.

Yeoreum Is the Leader of EL7Z UP

Yeoreum is the leader of the group. This was originally confirmed in an episode of MBC Radio show Hopeful Song at Noon with Kim Shinyoung that aired live on September 14, 2023, where EL7Z UP appeared as a group to promote for the first time. The episode began airing just six hours before EL7Z UP officially debuted with the mini-album 7+UP.

Yeoreum is originally from the group WJSN, also known as Cosmic Girls, and WJSN is notable for having won a previous Mnet competition series, Queendom 2. In that sense, Yeoreum has a sort of seniority in the group, even though she is actually only the third oldest member of EL7Z UP. She also has some previous leadership experience, as the leader of the WJSN subunit called WJSN Chocome. And in general, Yeoreum has always been praised as a strong all-rounder, capable in all skill areas.

Although, it is worth reiterating that truly anyone could have done a good job as the leader of EL7Z UP. For instance, Yeonhee is already the leader of Rocket Punch and Nana is the leader of Woo!ah!, and Kei and Yeeun are both older members with an abundance of experience in the K-pop industry. This is part of what makes the group so exciting.

Yeoreum is the leader of EL7Z UP K-pop WAKEONE 7+UP
Yeoreum is the leader, and she is originally from WJSN.

In summary, Yeoreum is the leader of EL7Z UP, and she originally comes from WJSN. She is a talented all-rounder who can lead the group well. For more about the group, check out how old the EL7Z UP members currently are.

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