Queendom Puzzle Episode Summary & Results for All Episodes

Following from the reality competition shows Queendom and Queendom 2, Queendom Puzzle is the third Mnet series to put beloved idols in direct competition with each other. However, Queendom Puzzle follows a different format, this time seeking to put together idols from different groups (or soloists) to perform together in the pursuit of creating the perfect project group, EL7Z U+P, out of the final winners. The show contains a whopping 28 contestants, though two dropped out during filming, leaving a still large 26 contestants. This article will provide a succinct summary for all episodes of Queendom Puzzle as they become available, including Episode 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and beyond through to the results of the finale at the end.

In total, all of the contestants for Queendom Puzzle include the following: Elly (Weki Meki); Sangah (Lightsum); Shiroma Miru (former NMB48 from Japan); Fyeqoodgurl (former BNK48 from Thailand); Riina & Hwiseo (H1-KEY); Nana and Wooyeon (Woo!ah!); Seoyeon & Jiwoo (tripleS); Yeonhee, Suyun, & Juri (Rocket Punch); Chaerin, Bora, & Jiwon (Cherry Bullet); Jihan, Zoa, Soeun, & Soojin (Weeekly); Yeeun (former CLC); Haein (Laboum); Yuki (Purple Kiss); JooE (former Momoland); Chaeyeon (former Iz*One); Yeoreum (WJSN); Dohwa (formerly known as Chanmi, former AOA); and Kei (former Lovelyz).

However, Haein and Chaeyeon would drop out of the series before its conclusion.

Queendom Puzzle full episode 0 summary results exclusive preview all episodes Riina Pop
Jihan performs “Pop!” by Nayeon.

Episode 0: Queendom Puzzle “Exclusive Preview”

Queendom Puzzle Episode 0, aired June 6, 2023 KST: Despite being 58 minutes long, this “exclusive preview” mostly only introduced the vast cast of idols, who individually entered the stage area and were directed by a glowing arrow on the floor to one of four seating areas. Rocket Punch’s Juri amusingly showed up by walking out with two life-sized dolls with pictures of Yeonhee and Suyun’s faces on them, because those two would arrive to filming later than the others.

Afterward, host Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation appeared to reveal that the four seating areas actually pertained to a “report card” of sorts that had essentially evaluated their success as idols up to this point in their careers. All of the idols had been scored according to two parameters, with 50% of score coming from the number of times they had placed first on a music show and 50% deriving from idols’ total first-week album sales.

(Viewers reacted negatively to this unusual segregation from Mnet to begin the series, both because it could create unnecessary shame for the low-ranked idols and also because the foreign idols had little opportunity to rank higher. Indeed, several Tier 4 idols appeared visibly disconcerted after learning how they had been categorized.)

In summary, ranked from lowest-tier group to highest-tier group, the four Queendom Puzzle groups were established as follows in Episode 0:

  • Tier 4: Elly (Weki Meki), Sangah (Lightsum), Shiroma Miru (former NMB48), Fyeqoodgurl (former BNK48), Riina & Hwiseo (H1-KEY), Nana & Wooyeon (Woo!ah!)
  • Tier 3: Seoyeon & Jiwoo (tripleS), Yeonhee, Suyun, Juri (Rocket Punch), Chaerin, Bora, & Jiwon (Cherry Bullet)
  • Tier 2: Jihan, Zoa, Soeun, & Soojin (Weeekly), Yeeun (former CLC), Haein (Laboum), Yuki (Purple Kiss)
  • Tier 1: JooE (former Momoland), Chaeyeon (former Iz*One), Yeoreum (WJSN), Dohwa (formerly known as Chanmi, former AOA), Kei (former Lovelyz)

However, host Taeyeon then immediately revealed that all of the members would be reorganized into different groups following the results of an “Up Down Battle,” in which the individual contestants would perform a song and then be voted up or down by the other idols.

Dohwa performed first, with a medley of “Elvis,” “Bingle Bangle,” and “Come See Me.” She had one mistake where she could not remove a piece of her outfit for the choreography at the right moment, resulting in a final score of 11 votes up and 16 votes down.

Riina performed second with “Rose Blossom” and Nayeon’s “Pop!” and displayed a great deal of confidence. The score for her performance was obscured for home viewing, to be revealed in Episode 1 instead, but Riina described it as a bit disappointing. After that, Jihan performed, and she had also prepared a rendition of Nayeon’s “Pop!” to perform, which caused surprise among the contestants for the coincidence. Her score too was withheld from home viewers, and then Queendom Puzzle Episode 0 abruptly ended, which also ends this summary!

Queendom Puzzle full episode 1 summary results all episodes Bora sings My Sea by IU.
Bora sings “My Sea.”

Episode 1: Up Down Battle

Queendom Puzzle Episode 1, aired June 13, 2023 KST: This more-than-2-hour episode began by largely replaying the events of the “Exclusive Preview” above, although it revealed a different order of “Up Down” performances. After Dohwa performed, Zoa was the second to perform. Below is the full list of Queendom Puzzle Episode 1 Up Down Battle performances with songs and score in summary:

  • Zoa performed Weeekly’s “After School” and “에프엑스 ‘첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)” by f(x). She teared up when she received a positive final score from her peers. Score: 16 Up, 11 Down
  • Jiwoo performed tripleS’s “Rising.” The other contestants appreciated her cool expressions despite her young age, but because she wore a hat for part of the performance, it was sometimes hard to see her. Score: 7 Up, 20 Down
  • Jiwon performed “벌써 12시 (Gotta Go)” by Chungha with a sophisticated and sultry performance that suggested she had practiced a lot. Score: 24 Up, 3 Down
  • Suyun performed “Advice” by Taemin, and the other contestants noted how high her chorus notes were. Upon receiving her score, she expressed some disappointment and boldly declared to the others, “I’ll be a bit less polite from now on.” Juri said she had never heard Suyun speak like that before, and Yeonhee too was “shocked.” Score: 12 Up, 15 Down
  • Nana performed “Move” by Taemin and impressed with her dance skills. Score: 19 Up, 8 Down
  • Chaeyeon performed “톡!톡!톡! (Toc Toc Toc)” by Lee Hyori, and she was angry at herself that she felt she did not execute it well enough. Score: 20 Up, 7 Down
  • Fye performed “Hype Boy” by NewJeans, because a performance of it she had previously uploaded online had gone viral and brought her to mainstream attention, and she also performed her own self-composed song, “Gone Gurl.” This was her first performance in South Korea, and she said (in English, as she appears more fluent in English than Korean) that being a K-pop idol was her dream. She was surprised and pleased with her score. Score: 16 Up, 11 Down
  • Riina finally performed “Rose Blossom” and Nayeon’s “Pop!” as seen in Episode 0. Score: 8 Up, 19 Down
  • Jihan likewise performed “Pop!” as seen in Episode 0. Score: 17 Up, 10 Down
  • Wooyeon performed “INVU” by Taeyeon, her role model, and she was nervous to perform it in front of Taeyeon herself. Her decision to lip sync the high notes negatively affected her score, but Taeyeon said warmly that she enjoyed the performance. Score: 4 Up, 23 Down
  • Yeoreum performed WJSN’s “이루리 (As You Wish)” with strong, clean dancing. She said her score made her feel as good as when WJSN won Queendom 2. Score: 24 Up, 3 Down
  • Bora performed “아이와 나의 바다 (My Sea)” by IU while barefoot and using a prop mail post, lending it a “musical” quality, and she impressed everyone with her extremely strong singing ability. She cried from the score she received. Score: 25 Up, 2 Down
  • Kei performed Lovelyz’s “Destiny (나의 지구),” but a result was withheld for the next episode.

Queendom Puzzle episode 1 ended with a tease of a future episode, revealing that all contestants will receive a list of everyone who upvoted or downvoted their performance, if they choose to view it, the results of which you can see in the next summary below. Additionally, the next challenge was revealed to be a “7 vs. 7 Team Battle.”

Queendom Puzzle Episode 2 summary all episodes Bora picks her Snap team.
Bora picks her “Snap” team.

Episode 2: Up Down Battle Conclusion & 7 vs. 7 Team Battle

Queendom Puzzle Episode 2, aired June 20, 2023 KST: Instead of immediately revealing Kei’s result, this episode began with a break for dinner and a sequence about how funny Rocket Punch’s Juri can be. This segued into Rocket Punch’s Juri performing her “Up Down” Battle” performance, and you can see a summary of the remainder of these performances in Queendom Puzzle episode 2 below:

  • Juri performed “열이올라요 (Heart Burn)” by Sunmi. Despite a charming performance, she did not score well, but she laughed it off by promising to rise in the future, with her phrasing being a joke referencing the lyrics of the song she had performed. Score: 7 Up, 20 Down
  • Yeonhee performed “Dumb Dumb” by Jeon Somi, and she surprised the other contestants by discarding the pink plaid jacket she had been wearing the entire time up to this point, revealing something a bit sexier underneath. The strap on one of her shoes broke at the beginning of the performance, making it more difficult to dance, but no one else noticed it until the performance was over. Score: 12 Up, 15 Down
  • Soeun performed “28 Reasons” by Red Velvet’s Seulgi, and she hoped to showcase her strong dance skills. She was a bit disappointed with her result. Score: 13 Up, 14 Down
  • Soojin performed “꽃 (Flower)” by Blackpink’s Jisoo. Although she didn’t get a great score, she said it was still a better score than she had expected. Score: 13 Up, 14 Down
  • Seoyeon performed tripleS’s “Cherry Talk.” She had anticipated 0 up votes for herself, because she had literally never been a trainee before debut; she had been scouted straight into debut. Indeed, her performance was sloppy. However, she got 2 votes up, one from tripleS member Jiwoo and another from Shiroma Miru. Miru said she actually upvoted everyone who performed! Score: 2 Up, 25 Down
  • Miru performed her solo song “Shine Bright,” wearing a slick leather outfit and singing from a hand microphone without backup dancers. Juri was a friend of Miru’s back in Japan, so Juri said they can cheer for each other as friendly rivals. Miru teared up at her score, but she expressed a desire to do better next time because she wants to succeed in Korea. Score: 5 Up, 22 Down
  • Yuki performed her Purple Kiss song “Wh0 Cares (Queen’s Prelude),” with fierce rapping and dancing. She confessed to having trouble remembering some lyrics she had recently changed though. Score: 13 Up, 14 Down
  • Sangah performed “Black Dress” by CLC — a bold choice with Yeeun of CLC as another contestant — and “Tomboy” by (G)I-dle. Lightsum, CLC, and (G)I-dle are or were all from Cube Entertainment. Score: 11 Up, 16 Down
  • Yeeun performed her song “Cherry Coke” with confidence and edge, resulting in the best score by far of the three rappers in the competition (including herself, Yuki, and Sangah). Score: 19 Up, 8 Down
  • Haein performed Laboum’s “상상더하기 (Fresh Adventure)” and “체온 (Between Us),” with the latter surprising by being considerably sexier. Score: 5 Up, 22 Down
  • Elly performed “Sonata of Temptation” by Ivy, hoping to distinguish herself after not being so well known in Weki Meki. Score: 4 Up, 23 Down
  • Chaerin performed “Bicycle” by Chungha, but it was a sloppy performance disrupted by her nerves. Score: 4 Up, 23 Down
  • YooE performed “24 Hours (24시간이 모자라)” by Sunmi. As her own manager these days, YooE revealed she had even paid for the preparation that went into her performance, and she chose a sultry showcase for this occasion. There were some slight imperfections in the dancing though. YooE was deeply upset about her score, especially compared to other members in Tier 1, but she did not let other contestants see her emotions. Score: 6 Up, 21 Down
  • Hwiseo performed H1-KEY’s “Rose Blossom” at a mic stand, eschewing dancing to showcase her vocals, but then she sang and danced with backup dancers to “Tomboy” by (G)I-dle. Contestants were impressed with her vocals in both instances, yet she still felt like she could have performed better. Score: 23 Up, 4 Down
  • Finally, following up on the end of Queendom Puzzle episode 1, Kei performed “Destiny.” Her vocals were good, but she sometimes let the backing track take some of the lyrics. Score: 18 Up, 9 Down

Cherry Bullet’s Bora finished the Up Down Battle with the best score, followed by WJSN’s Yeoreum and Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon. The scores of the Up Down Battle resulted in the following four new tier arrangements:

  • Tier 4: JooE (former Tier 1), Miru (same tier), Haein (former Tier 2), Elly (same tier), Wooyeon (same tier), Chaerin (former Tier 3), Seoyeon (former Tier 3)
  • Tier 3: Suyun (same tier), Yeonhee (same tier), Sangah (former Tier 4), Dohwa (former Tier 1), Riina (former Tier 4), Juri (same tier), Jiwoo (same tier)
  • Tier 2: Kei (former Tier 1), Jihan (same tier), Zoa (same tier), Fyeqoodgurl (former Tier 4), Soeun (same tier), Soojin (same tier), Yuki (same tier)
  • Tier 1: Bora (former Tier 3), Yeoreum (same tier), Jiwon (former Tier 3), Hwiseo (former Tier 4), Chaeyeon (same tier), Nana (former Tier 4), Yeeun (former Tier 2)

Afterward, contestants had the individual opportunity to see who had voted them up or down, if they chose to do so. However, Queendom Puzzle episode 2 did not spend time delving into who actually voted for each other.

On a new day, the contestants returned to a new section of the studio, where Taeyeon introduced the next challenge of Queendom Puzzle, the 7 vs. 7 Team Battle. Each of the four teams were challenged to create a performance video for the signal songs of Queendom Puzzle, to be judged by a special panel, and the winning team would receive a benefit of 10,000 votes. The first signal song is “Charismatic,” whose composers include Ylva Dimberg and whose choreography was created by dance group La Chica. The second signal song is “Snap,” whose composers include Ryan S. Jhun and whose choreography was created by Choi Youngjoon.

Each song would be allotted 14 contestants, and they got to chose what song they wanted to perform in order of how they performed in the Up Down Battle. Thus, Bora went first, followed by Yeoreum and Jiwon, and so forth. Once the two groups of 14 were established, Bora (who selected “Snap”) got to select what six members she wanted on her team. Since Yeoreum also chose “Snap” but Jiwon chose “Charismatic,” Jiwon had the ability to choose what six members she wanted on her team to perform “Charismatic.” The other two teams were decided by default among the remaining members.

The four team compositions were decided as follows:

  • “Charismatic” Pick Group (as “Picked” by Jiwon): Jiwon, Nana, Chaeyeon, Jiwoo, Soeun, Wooyeon, Jihan
  • “Charismatic” Drop Group (as “Dropped” by Jiwon): Suyun, Haein, Seoyeon, JooE, Soojin, Zoa, Yeonhee
  • Snap” Pick Group (as “Picked” by Bora): Bora, Yeeun, Yeoreum, Sangah, Yuki, Riina, Chaerin
  • “Snap” Drop Group (as “Dropped” by Bora): Elly, Miru, Dohwa, Kei, Hwiseo, Fyeqoodgurl, Juri

The episode ended with a brief tease for episode 3, revealing that this will be when Chaeyeon leaves the series. This concludes the Queendom Puzzle episode 2 summary!

Rocket Punch Suyun performs Nxde Remix Battle song in ep 3.
Suyun performs “Nxde” with her team for the Remix Battle.

Episode 3: Queendom Puzzle 7 vs. 7 Conclusion & Remix Battle

Queendom Puzzle Episode 3, aired June 27, 2023 KST: For the “Charismatic” Pick team, Chaeyeon suggested what positions each member should be, and everyone smoothly agreed with her recommendations seemingly immediately. Then she even took the lead in how they would approach learning the choreography, and the entire time seemed to appreciate her guidance. Meanwhile, the “Charismatic” Drop team spent an hour just distributing parts, according to Zoa, and the members voted for whom they wanted to see in each role.

However, the following day, it was revealed that both Chaeyeon and Haein had left Queendom Puzzle for “personal reasons,” making both the “Charismatic” Pick and Drop groups into six-member teams. Each group then had to redistribute team positions to account for those absences. On the Drop team, Yeonhee took on a leadership role in managing the practice.

On the day of filming for the “Charismatic” performance video, the Drop team filmed the “first performance” first. When asked her opinion of who performed the best on the team, Performance Director Gabee (of La Chica) selected Yeonhee and Suyun of Rocket Punch. Gabee liked the team’s formation in general. Meanwhile, Gabee had to correct the starting formation of the Pick team before filming because they were not standing in the right spots. In general, the Pick team’s performance appeared imperfect in what was shown, and the team members expressed disappointment with themselves for it.

Less time in Queendom Puzzle episode 3 was spent on filming of the second performance video location, but what the show elected to reveal indicated that the Drop team performance was “perfect,” while the Pick team had more problems, particularly with Jiwoo’s placement. It also began to rain hard when it was the Pick team’s turn to film an outdoors segment, making it more difficult to perform.

The episode then segued to the “Snap” teams. On the “Snap” Drop team, Dohwa took the lead in helping the team decide part distribution. “Snap” is notably a song that benefits from multiple rappers, but Bora had selected all three main rappers (Yeeun, Yuki, and Sangah) for her Pick team. So, for the good of the Drop team, Juri and Elly (and Fye, though not necessarily chosen) volunteered for rapping.

During dance practice, although Dohwa continued to lead, Hwiseo astutely observed that the others were performing wrong, and she was able to gently correct them. Dohwa then suggested that Hwiseo take center and lead them, since she knew how to do it correctly. Practice went smoothly afterward, despite perhaps a slight language barrier with Fye and Miru.

“Snap” Pick team parts were assigned smoothly, and their dance practice too went well. Choreographer Choi Youngjoon then came to observe them, and it went generally well; he offered various pointers for where to further improve.

Queendom Puzzle episode 3 then transitioned briefly to vocal recording for “Snap,” beginning with the Drop team. Kei added some higher notes to her part to distinguish the performance, but since Bora could hear it from another room, she elected to raise her notes for the Pick team too. Not all of Bora’s ideas jived with the style of the song, which she acknowledged, and they continued working toward an amicable sound.

Then it transitioned again to the day of performance video filming. The Drop team had a bit of trouble with synchronization, so Dohwa gave a pep talk saying that if they can’t be as synced as the Pick team, then they must at least have more “power” in their performance. However, Yeeun and Sangah from the Pick team observed some of their performance and decided the Drop team actually had less “power” than they had expected.

On a new day, a secret panel of judges separately judged the dance performances of all teams. This panel included Lee Minhyuk and Seo Eunkwang of BTOB; vocalist Hyolyn; La Chica members Simeez, Gabee, and Rian; producer Ryan S. Jhun; performance director Choi Youngjun; camera director Kim Doyeon and MV director Lee Giseok; and pop music journalist Joy Park and pop music critic Kim Yunha. It was additionally revealed that the Queendom Puzzle contestants would judge each other as well: “Charismatic” teams would judge the “Snap” teams’ performances and vice versa.

Furthermore, on each winning team, one person would be selected as “MVP” by the judge panel, and the two MVPs would become the “puzzlers” for the next challenge, meaning they would decide the team compositions for the next challenge.

For the “Charismatic” Pick team, Lee Minhyuk and Kim Yunha thought Jiwoo stood out the most. Joy Park thought Nana stood out. For the “Charismatic” Drop team, Gabee, Yunha, and Choi Youngjun thought Suyun stood out the most, along with Zoa, but Gabee and Yunha also thought Yeonhee was an effective center. Between the two teams, Minhyuk and Yunha felt that the Pick team was more stable and cohesive but that the Drop team had more “eye-catching” members and fresh vibes. Lee Giseok too loved the fresh vibes. Simeez said the Drop team’s performance was closer to what La Chica had envisioned for the song.

Shifting to the “Snap” performances, on the Drop team, the judges were impressed with everyone and thus surprised that they were not the Pick team. Joy Park cited Hwiseo as a standout, and others agreed. Yunha also cited Dohwa’s charisma, and Youngjun felt she had true queen energy. On the “Snap” Pick team, again everyone received praise as being stable. Yeongun described them as “basically flawless.” H1-KEY members Hwiseo and Riina both received praise for performing the same position differently on opposite teams.

Ultimately, when combining 27 votes between judges and contestants, “Charismatic” Pick team won with 21 votes, and Nana won the MVP vote with 7 of 13 judge votes. Meanwhile, the “Snap” Drop team won with a unanimous vote from the judge panel because their performance had more personality, and Hwiseo won the MVP vote by one vote.

For the next challenge in Queendom Puzzle episode 3, there would be a “Remix Battle” to recreate performances of well-known pop songs, with performances judged by an on-site audience. Members of the winning team would receive 20,000 points as benefits. The six songs for remixing were “Nxde” by (G)I-dle, “Fighting (파이팅 해야지)” by BSS (Seventeen), “Shut Down” by Blackpink, “Only One” by BoA, “Don’t Call Me” by SHINee, and “Dance the Night Away” by Twice, with each song having a different, specific number of performers allotted to it.

Nana and Hwiseo ultimately chose the following team compositions:

  • “Nxde” Team: Nana, Jihan, Dohwa, Suyun
  • “Fighting (파이팅 해야지)” Team: Elly, Jiwoo, Juri, JooE, Soojin, Yuki
  • “Shut Down” Team: Hwiseo, Fye, Sangah, Riina
  • “Only One” Team: Soeun, Kei
  • “Don’t Call Me” Team: Miru, Wooyeon, Yeoreum, Yeeun, Zoa
  • “Dance the Night Away” Team: Jiwon, Bora, Chaerin, Seoyeon, Yeonhee

Soeun and Kei discovered that they had a lot in common and became close quickly, and the two teams picked by puzzlers were happy at their own group harmony. The teams had two weeks to practice their remixes. At one point, the teams individually listened to short teasers of each other group’s remixed song and ranked them, and each team saw the results on the day of the live performance; however, these rankings had no bearing on anything.

The “Nxde” team performed first, and they had decided upon a concept of being constrained by ropes and acting like dolls, a darker and more alluring take. Despite its being a difficult and complex dance, they performed it without mistakes and earned 222 votes from the audience; however, there was no way for anyone to know yet if 222 was a good score.

Since only Juri had wanted to perform “Fighting (파이팅 해야지)” on their team, they had difficulty coming up with a compelling concept and decided on being office workers. They pantomimed a scene acting at an office desk before performing an energetic, upbeat take on the song, with some humor involved. They received 209 votes.

The “Only One” team was shown to be next.

This concludes our extensive summary of Queendom Puzzle episode 3, which had an incredible amount of content packed into its 135-minute length!

Yeeun performs Don't Call Me in episode 4.
Yeeun performs “Don’t Call Me.”

Episode 4: Queendom Puzzle Remix Battle Conclusion

Queendom Puzzle Episode 4, aired July 4, 2023 KST: This episode actually began with the “Shut Down” team instead. After remixing the song, the team had difficulty agreeing on parts to perform, because Hwiseo wanted to be a main vocal but that part had been given to Fye before they had finished remixing the song. The other members decided not to change their parts, which made Hwiseo upset, but she accepted it. The team ultimately gave a powerful performance of “Shut Down” that made use of two poles as occasional props. However, they received a low score of 152 points, shocking all teams because they had thought it would be an excellent score. Hwiseo cried afterward.

Next, the “Only One” pair of Soeun and Kei got along well but took time to master synchronicity in an intimate dance that would normally be for a man and woman. They actually bound one of their hands to each other while eating and walking around to make their intimacy feel more natural. Their practice resulted in an emotional and mesmerizing performance. They scored 184 points, which again surprised all of the teams with how unreasonably low a total it seemed. Kei cried in disappointment separately, and each member felt like they might have disappointed the other member — but then they ate together happily anyway.

Moving on to the “Don’t Call Me” team, Miru was slow to pick up the choreography, so Yeeun supported her (and even spoke to her in Japanese). Given the main vocal part, Wooyeon felt pressure to perform well after underperforming in the Up Down Battle. The team’s performance of “Don’t Call Me” was ultimately strong as expected, and they scored 201 points. Wooyeon was proud of her performance.

Finally, on the “Dance the Night Away” team, Yeonhee and Bora both wanted the “sub-vocalist 1” part that begins the song, so Bora had them compete for it in the practice room and make the other members vote. Bora won the vote. When they performed the song, it began with Bora in a “fish bowl,” a concept that was Yeonhee’s idea. Everyone performed well, but their score was withheld until after the audience left, increasing anticipation. In the end, the “Dance the Night Away” team scored 166 points.

So in summary, in Queendom Puzzle episode 4, the final results of the Remix Battle were as follows:

  1. “Nxde” Team: Nana, Jihan, Dohwa, Suyun – 222 points
  2. “Fighting (파이팅 해야지)” Team: Elly, Jiwoo, Juri, JooE, Soojin, Yuki – 209 points
  3.  “Don’t Call Me” Team: Miru, Wooyeon, Yeoreum, Yeeun, Zoa – 201 points
  4. “Only One” Team: Soeun, Kei – 184 points
  5. “Dance the Night Away” Team: Jiwon, Bora, Chaerin, Seoyeon, Yeonhee – 166 points
  6. “Shut Down” Team: Hwiseo, Fye, Sangah, Riina – 152 points

Members of the “Nxde” team received a benefit of 20,000 points in the Queendom Puzzle competition (and, later, some surprise high-quality beef to cook).

A short segment followed highlighting how many Queendom Puzzle contestants had entered the competition professing to have few friends, but filming this show had helped to create new friendships among the idols. Afterward, a “healing day” ensued, in which all of the contestants got to eat fine food and relax together on a rooftop.

However, then the show backtracked to return to the stage of the Remix Battle, where it revealed that the next challenge would be an “All-Rounder Battle.” Live on stage before the audience, the 26 contestants were divided into two new teams — the “Queendom Team” and “Puzzle Team.” Members of the winning team would receive a benefit of 20,000 points in Queendom Puzzle.

The first member of the two teams was selected at random by Taeyeon: Yeonhee for Queendom Team and Kei for Puzzle Team. The remainder of the contestants got to choose which team they would join as they were called. (However, no one knew what the All-Rounder Battle actually was yet.) The final team lineups were decided there. However, as revealed during the healing day, the Remix Battle winners also got to recruit a member each from another team to join them, resulting in Queendom Team having 11 members and Puzzle Team having 15 members.

But Queendom Puzzle then revealed that each team must have 13 members, and Puzzle Team members were forced to rank individually whom they wanted on their team and write down reasoning. As a result of these rankings, Jiwoo and Soojin were “expelled” to Queendom Team. (Incidentally, Jiwoo had originally picked Queendom Team in the first place, but Nana had recruited her for Puzzle Team.) Final teams were as follows:

  • Queendom Team: Yeonhee, Seoyeon, Juri, Dohwa, Hwiseo, Soeun, Elly, Miru, Chaerin, JooE, Fye, Jiwoo, Soojin
  • Puzzle Team: Kei, Nana, Bora, Wooyeon, Zoa, Jihan, Jiwon, Yeeun, Suyun, Yeoreum, Riina, Sangah, Yuki

In the All-Rounder Battle, the two teams would perform three songs emphasizing vocal and rap and two brand new songs emphasizing dance (so five songs in total), to be judged against each other by Puzzle Judges. The highest total team score across the five rounds of performance would determine the winner.

The teams chose their vocal and rap songs from a curated selection on a first-come, first-served basis, resulting in the following songs for each team:

  • Queendom Team Songs: “Weekend” by Taeyeon, “Hopeless Romantic” by BIG Naughty, “Time of Our Life” by Day6
  • Puzzle Team Songs: “Rush Hour” by Crush, “If We Ever Meet Again” by Lim Young Woong, “Wannabe” by Itzy

Meanwhile, Simeez of La Chica, Choi Youngjun, and RyuD of Auspicious choreographed the four new songs that would be used for the dance songs: “Bad Blood,” “Overwater,” “Web,” and “Glow-up.” How these songs would be divvied up would be determined by a spontaneous dance battle between the two teams, with the winning team getting to choose its two songs first. Both teams were nervous to dance at first, but Bora finally got it started on her own for Puzzle Team. The episode ended with Yeonhee stepping up for the Queendom Team.

That concludes this summary and results breakdown for Queendom Puzzle episode 4!

Miru, Soeun, Elly, Chaerin, Hwiseo take a selfie for episode 6, performing Time of Our Life.
Miru, Soeun, Elly, Chaerin, and Hwiseo take a selfie with the audience while performing “Time of Our Life” for Queendom Team.

Episode 5: All-Rounder Battle – Vocal and Rap

Queendom Puzzle Episode 5, aired July 11, 2023 KST: This episode began by jumping to the day that the Queendom Puzzle contestants were appearing before the press (in advance of this series airing), but 30 minutes prior to the press conference, the Queendom Team and Puzzle Team were tasked with deciding through open conversation who would perform first when the All-Rounder Battle began. Both teams wanted to go second instead of first, so the entire teams played rock paper scissors for it. Queendom Team won and elected to go second, and Dohwa was the hilariously successful rock paper scissors MVP.

The episode then jumped forward to the day of the All-Rounder Battle, with the first two team performance compositions for Queendom and Puzzle Team, respectively, being as follows:

  • Puzzle Team (“Rush Hour” by Crush): Nana, Suyun, Yeoreum, Yeeun, Yuki, Zoa
  • Queendom Team (“Weekend” by Taeyeon): Seoyeon, Soojin, Yeonhee, JooE

During preparation, the “Rush Hour” team got along well and was enthusiastic, but they had difficulty deciding who would sing harmony in the bridge and more difficulty rehearsing it. Nonetheless, the final performance proceeded smoothly, and Yeeun and Yuki notably drove up in a car parked right outside the venue in order to make a dramatic entrance for their rapping during the song.

Meanwhile, on the “Weekend” team, seemingly only JooE had actually wanted to perform the song. However, Soojin, wanting to prove herself after being “expelled” to Queendom Team last episode, contributed several good ideas for the performance and added new harmonies. Their final performance used a “floating cloud” prop to sit on, along with a bike and a little table, and the song itself featured a new rap. This team too performed well.

The live audience (the “Puzzle Judges”) then voted on which song they liked better, and while precise scores were not revealed, the final result was that Puzzle Team (“Rush Hour”) won Round 1.

The next two team performance compositions were as follows:

  • Puzzle Team (“If We Ever Meet Again” by Lim Young Woong): Bora, Kei
  • Queendom Team (“Hopeless Romantic” by BIG Naughty): Dohwa, Juri, Jiwoo, Fye

Bora and Kei got along very well and, as expected, delivered powerhouse vocals both in practice and during their live performance. It was basically a perfect performance. Meanwhile, for “Hopeless Romantic,” Dohwa took charge of the song arrangement, and Fye practiced hard to improve her Korean pronunciation. The team ultimately delivered a highly emotional and beautiful performance.

Between these two ballads, when the audience vote was tallied up, the final result was that Puzzle Team (“If We Ever Meet Again”) won Round 2.

The final vocal and rap team performance compositions for Queendom Puzzle episode 5 were as follows:

  • Puzzle Team (“Wannabe” by Itzy): Riina, Sangah, Wooyeon, Jiwon, Jihan
  • Queendom Team (“Time of Our Life” by Day6): Miru, Soeun, Elly, Chaerin, Hwiseo

The “Wannabe” team opted for a rocking rendition of the song, and Jihan volunteered to play electric guitar to start the song. They performed the song with confidence, and Sangah notably performed her rap in the area where the Queendom Team was sitting, a bold choice. Meanwhile, the “Time of Our Life” team opted to maintain the original rock sound of their song, and co-songwriter (and Day6 member) Young K called them to give them advice and cheer them on. They gave an upbeat and thrilling performance with a theme of photography, including taking a big-screen selfie with the audience during the performance.

Queendom Puzzle episode 5 ended before revealing the results, and that marks the end of this summary as well. Next episode will feature the dance battles with the original songs, along with the final results of the All-Rounder Battle.

Queendom Puzzle episode 6 summary results - Soojin performs Overwater like a mermaid with a tail.
Soojin performs “Overwater” like a mermaid with a tail for Queendom Team.

Episode 6: Queendom Puzzle All-Rounder Battle Completion

Queendom Puzzle Episode 6, aired July 18, 2023 KST: Puzzle Team (“Wannabe”) won Round 3 of the All-Rounder Battle. In private interview, Yeonhee teared up with frustration that Queendom Team had worked so hard yet had not won any of the vocal and rap rounds.

Episode 6 then returned to the spontaneous dance battle featured at the end of episode 4, jokingly called “Street Queendom Fighter,” to determine which teams would perform which dance songs for the All-Rounder Battle. Bora did a dance for Puzzle Team that was somewhat comedic in spots, but Yeonhee danced perhaps a bit more passionately for Queendom Team. Fellow Rocket Punch member Suyun then joined Yeonhee, and they danced in a simultaneously cute and sexy way together despite being on opposite teams. Finally, Rocket Punch member Juri also joined Yeonhee to complete the dance.

Next, Hwiseo stepped up to dance for the Queendom Team, performing something sultry and mesmerizing. Then Nana performed a technically impressive dance for Puzzle Team. In the next round, Soojin came out to dance for Queendom Team, and Jiwon came out for Puzzle Team to counter her. In the round after that, Soeun danced for Queendom Team, and Sangah came out to meet her for Puzzle Team. Soeun demonstrated more stamina by dancing for longer. At the end, Yeoreum danced for Puzzle Team, dancing at the DJ booth and among the other team.

For the results of the impromptu dance battle in Queendom Puzzle episode 6, special judge RyuD selected Puzzle Team, special judge Simeez selected Queendom Team (particularly because of Soeun’s ability), and special judge Youngjun selected Puzzle Team. Thus, Puzzle Team was the overall winner and selected the songs “Bad Blood” and “선 (Web)” for the dance round of the All-Rounder Battle. That meant Queendom Team would perform “Glow-up” and “Overwater.”

The show then segued to the day of the dance round performances before the live audience. The team compositions for the first showdown were as follows:

  • Puzzle Team (“Bad Blood”): Nana, Sangah, Suyun, Yeeun, Wooyeon, Kei
  • Queendom Puzzle (“Overwater”): Dohwa, Miru, Seoyeon, Soojin, Jiwoo, Fye

Puzzle Team practiced diligently for the complex “Bad Blood” choreography, which at times involved balancing members on other people’s bodies and even burning an object. During the final performance, Yeeun had slight difficulty getting the object to burn, Suyun slipped slightly during her balancing on other members, and Nana couldn’t extend her head the way she wanted to during her balancing moment. These were minor mistakes, but they were left upset with their performance.

On the Queendom Team, they had worked with the choreographer to add more complicated leg work for Soojin in order to stay competitive with the challenging “Bad Blood” choreography. For their final performance, which was essentially Little Mermaid-themed, everything went perfectly. Afterward on stage, when host Taeyeon asked Fye who had taught her to perform so innocently, Fye cited Dohwa in particular for helping her (because Fye and Miru were not there for every dance practice, and Dohwa had recorded videos to help Fye practice). Then Fye cried, which caused Dohwa to cry too.

However, after both teams performed, Queendom Puzzle refrained from revealing the winner and results at that time. Instead, the next two teams came up, whose compositions were as follows:

  • Puzzle Team (“선 (Web)”): Riina, Bora, Yeoreum, Yuki, Zoa, Jiwon, Jihan
  • Queendom Team (“Glow-up”): Soeun, Elly, Yeonhee, JooE, Juri, Chaerin, Hwiseo

“선 Web” choreography involved complicated use of ribbon, which Riina was slower to grasp than the rest of the Puzzle Team, but the team performed the song without errors for the final live performance. Likewise, “Glow-up” too had challenging choreography and also the tossing of a can of spray paint, but the Queendom Team performed it well without mistakes.

Queendom Puzzle episode 6 ended by declaring that the results of the All-Rounder Battle would not be announced there at the venue, so this summary ends on another cliffhanger! The results will instead be announced live on July 25.

EL7Z U+P Rise Up
The Queendom Puzzle contestants perform a special stage, “Rise Up.”

Episode 7: Five Contestants Eliminated Prior to the Semi-Finals, EL7Z U+P Name Revealed

Queendom Puzzle Episode 7, aired July 25, 2023 KST: This episode aired live, and we wrote up these results live accordingly. Host Taeyeon said that, from 184 countries, 2,758,749 votes had been cast for the ideal seven-member Queendom Puzzle team at the point of this episode airing.

The final scores of the All-Rounder Battle were as follows:

  • Puzzle Team Final Score: 1146
  • Queendom Team Final Score: 812

It was retroactively revealed that Puzzle Team had won all five rounds of the battle, with the following score differentiations between Puzzle Team and Queendom Team in each round:

  1. 253 – 133
  2. 208 – 178
  3. 217 – 169
  4. 245 – 155
  5. 223 – 177

Only semi-final and final rounds remain, and shifting back to times prior to the day’s live episode, it was revealed that Queendom Puzzle contestants would perform three new songs for the semi-finals. The songwriters and their songs were as follows: Young K of Day 6 wrote “Puzzlin’,” Bobby of iKON wrote “i DGA,” and Ryan S. Jhun wrote “I Do.”

The episode then revealed that, prior to the semi-finals, voting to this point in time would result in five contestant eliminations from the competition. In turn, that would mean teams for the semi-finals would ultimately be three teams of seven. Nonetheless, interim team compositions were voted upon by fans as follows:

  • (A) Team “Puzzlin’”: Kei, Miru, Jiwon, Riina, Soojin, Chaerin, JooE, Wooyeon, Suyun
  • (B) Team “i DGA”: Yuki, Hwiseo, Sangah, Yeeun, Fye, Dohwa, Yeoreum, Soeun
  • (C) Team “I Do”: Bora, Yeonhee, Jiwoo, Zoa, Nana, Jihan, Juri, Elly, Seoyeon

Bobby of iKON met with the “i DGA” team and asked them to enunciate the lyrics well. Soeun volunteered to be the “understudy” of the team because she wanted one of the sub-rapper roles. (One person would ultimately be eliminated, so this “understudy” position would not remain later.) Separately, “Puzzlin’” co-composer Kadeun recorded that team’s voices to determine parts, and he liked Jiwon for the lead. Meanwhile, for “Puzzlin’,” Ryan S. Jhun liked Jihan as main vocalist and Bora as sub vocalist.

Queendom Puzzle episode 7 then returned briefly to the live filming, to reveal that the contestants had prepared a special stage, “Rise Up.” Prior to that performance, it segued back into the past to reveal that fans had left handwritten messages for each contestant at a recent pop-up store event for Queendom Puzzle. The contestants were surprised and touched, causing some, like JooE, to cry. In turn, they wrote messages to be distributed to the fans during their live performance of “Rise Up.” (Dohwa helped Fye to both read and write Korean, which was rather adorable.)

From June 14 to July 23, 5,253 opinions were collected on how to name the final Queendom Puzzle project group, and the name that was decided was EL7Z U+P. The final group will give a surprising performance at the 2023 MAMA Awards, among other promotions.

Queendom Puzzle episode 7 next revealed the current top seven combination results, based on interim voting and bonuses earned from challenges. (It would have no effect on final voting.) The interim top seven contestants, announced in no particular order, were revealed to be as follows:

  • Hwiseo
  • Yeoreum
  • Nana
  • Jihan
  • Yuki
  • Yeeun
  • Kei

Back during episode 3, Queendom Puzzle had teased a different interim top seven combination, but it did not reveal those results. However, during episode 7, Taeyeon revealed that Hwiseo had not been part of the top seven back then, but she had earned her placement in the subsequent episodes.

Next, Queendom Puzzle episode 7 eliminated the five following contestants:

  • Seoyeon (TripleS)
  • Chaerin (Cherry Bullet)
  • JooE (former Momoland)
  • Sangah (Lightsum)
  • Soeun (Weeekly)

Thus, teams for the semi-finals were tentatively slimmed down to the following compositions:

  • Team “Puzzlin’”: Kei, Miru, Jiwon, Riina, Soojin, Wooyeon, Suyun
  • Team “i DGA”: Yuki, Hwiseo, Yeeun, Fye, Dohwa, Yeoreum
  • Team “I Do”: Bora, Yeonhee, Jiwoo, Zoa, Nana, Jihan, Juri, Elly

At this point, Queendom Puzzle reset the combination vote. A new combination vote would begin from this point forward, and voting would be available on a daily basis. The semi-finals will occur on August 8, and the finals will occur on August 15. Seven members will be eliminated on the day of the semi-finals. Only 14 contestants will participate in the final battle.

That concludes the summary and results for Queendom Puzzle episode 7.

top 7 interim results and bottom 7 in danger of elimination for EL7Z U+P
Contestants watch their edited video performances from previous episodes for the first time.

Episode 8: Filler Content & Interim Top 7 / Bottom 7 Contestants

Queendom Puzzle Episode 8, aired August 1, 2023 KST: The episode began with a preview of a “Special” series of variety show-style content with the Queendom Puzzle contestants to be aired separately on Mnet, in which contestants were divided into four teams for fun, seemingly silly challenges unrelated to the larger competition.

As an extension of that, Queendom Puzzle episode 8 showcased a prerecorded challenge with the four teams having to find a Queendom Puzzle “editing room” in the Mnet building, and they apparently had free rein of the building. When each team found their allotted editing room, they then watched edited videos of their performances from the previous episodes for the first time, enjoying and discussing them together. This segment went on for a huge 45 minutes and must have been filmed prior to the events of Queendom Puzzle episode 7, since it featured contestants who had been eliminated in that episode.

After that, there was a segment of Jiwoo and Zoa recording voiceover for the show, which doubled as a recap and summarization of the entire Queendom Puzzle series to that point. This lasted for about 30 minutes. Clearly, episode 8 was all “filler” content in anticipation of the semi-finals the following week, but it was still enjoyable in its own way.

Queendom Puzzle episode 8 then ended with a quick snapshot of the interim results of fan voting since the end of episode 7, revealing a new top seven contestants and also seven contestants currently in danger of being eliminated in the semi-finals. Those interim Queendom Puzzle voting results were as follows:

  • Interim Top 7 Contestants to Redebut as EL7Z U+P: Nana, Yeoreum, Yeonhee, Yeeun, Yuki, Kei, Hwiseo
  • Interim Bottom 7 Contestants at Risk of Elimination: Riina, Miru, Bora, Soojin, Zoa, Jiwon, Fye

That ends the summary and results for Queendom Puzzle episode 8, where very little actually happened!

Queendom Puzzle episode 9 semi-finals summary results spoilers new top 7 eliminated 7 contestants Yeonhee
Yeonhee becomes emotional to learn she remains in the top 7 contestants.

Episode 9: Queendom Puzzle Semi-Finals Results: New Top 7 and 7 Eliminated Contestants

Queendom Puzzle Episode 9, aired August 8, 2023 KST: This episode began with contestants who had been eliminated in episode 7 reacting to the news after the episode had concluded, often in tears with the other contestants, but they received flowers and encouraging letters. The editing of the episode framed their exits in a positive light, that there are still greater triumphs ahead of them.

A total of 3,628,177 votes were collected globally for the next round of voting up to that point, and the vote count difference between contestants was “very small.” These results would be combined with the results of live voting conducted via text messages during this episode, in order to determine current top 7 and the next 7 eliminated members. Contestants on the winning team of the semi-finals would receive 30,000 benefit points each to help their individual vote totals.

After explaining this, Queendom Puzzle episode 9 went back in time to reiterate that the three teams for the semi-finals all had to contain seven members each. Thus, teams had to discuss and negotiate who would change teams. The “i DGA” team asked for Nana from the “I Do” team as their #1 pick, but she rejected the request, preferring “I Do.” So, the “i DGA” team asked for Suyun from the “Puzzlin’” team next as their #2 pick, but she too rejected the request (albeit gratefully). After that, they requested Elly from the “I Do” team as their #3 pick, and Elly was persuaded to change to the “i DGA” team because she was not satisfied with the rapping part she had had for “I Do.”

As such, the final team compositions for the Queendom Puzzle semi-finals in episode 9 were as follows:

  • Team “Puzzlin’”: Kei, Miru, Jiwon, Riina, Soojin, Wooyeon, Suyun
  • Team “i DGA”: Yuki, Hwiseo, Yeeun, Fye, Dohwa, Yeoreum, Elly
  • Team “I Do”: Bora, Yeonhee, Jiwoo, Zoa, Nana, Jihan, Juri

It was revealed then that the difference in points between Soojin (who had advanced to semi-finals) and Sangah (who had been eliminated) was only 1,011 points back in Queendom Puzzle episode 7, emphasizing how little ultimately separated contestants in the results.

The show went back again to show how the “Puzzlin’” team had prepared for their performance. Soojin and Jiwon had both wanted sub vocal 1, and after a vote, Jiwon received it. Returning to the present, they performed “Puzzlin’” live, and it was executed wonderfully.

Next, the show displayed the preparation for the “i DGA” team, and Elly got vocalist 1 role after some discussion. Since she had less time to learn the song, she spent extra time practicing, and it paid off in how natural her vocals were during song recording. Composer Bobby of iKON asked for meticulous pronunciation of lyrics, and it took time for Yuki to get it how he wanted it. Returning to the present, the “i DGA” team performed the song nicely.

Finally, Queendom Puzzle episode 9 showed how the “I Do” team had prepared. Nana and Yeonhee both wanted the sub vocal 3 part, so Yeonhee had suggested that they perform part of the choreography to decide who receives it. Yeonhee had already practiced the whole routine, while Nana had only practiced part of it. Despite that, the team voted for Nana for the part, (Only Bora voted for Yeonhee.) so Yeonhee got sub rapper. Yeonhee excelled in the rapping though. Then in the present, the “I Do” team performed, with an obvious wedding theme, and it was delightful like the other performances. Queendom Puzzle episode 9 then provided some time for summary and contemplation, presumably to grant more time for voting, especially for the “I Do” team who had performed last.

After voting concluded, the results were that the “i DGA” team won the semi-finals in Queendom Puzzle episode 9, so Yuki, Hwiseo, Yeeun, Fye, Dohwa, Yeoreum, and Elly earned 30,000 benefit points.

The show then went back in time to reveal how the final challenge of Queendom Puzzle will occur, with two teams of seven performing one of two new songs. The songs were “Billionaire,” produced by Kenzie and LDN Noise, and “Last Piece,” produced by Kenzie and Moonshine. The contestants had to choose themselves which song and position they would like. Surprisingly, the vast majority chose “Last Piece,” and the initial, non-final team compositions were as follows:

  • Team “Billionaire”: Nana, Jihan, Wooyeon, Jiwon, Yeonhee
  • Team “Last Piece”: Dohwa, Jiwoo, Yeeun, Juri, Yuki, Hwiseo, Yeoreum, Elly, Suyun, Kei, Miru, Fye, Soojin, Riina, Zoa, Bora

By the end of the episode, 3,827,852 votes had been accumulated. The updated top 7 to potentially become EL7Z+UP were as follows: (Note that there is no change from the previous top 7 revealed in episode 8!)

  • Nana
  • Hwiseo
  • Kei
  • Yeoreum
  • Yuki
  • Yeeun
  • Yeonhee

Then the following 7 contestants were eliminated from Queendom Puzzle episode 9: (Four contestants were from the “Puzzlin’” team.)

  • Fye
  • Riina (H1-KEY)
  • Miru
  • Soojin (Weeekly)
  • Jiwon (Cherry Bullet)
  • Zoa (Weeekly)
  • Bora (Cherry Bullet)

Thus, other contestants who would continue to the final included Dohwa, Elly, Suyun, Wooyeon, Juri, Jiwoo, and Jihan. The combination vote was then reset for the final.

Next week would be the series finale of Queendom Puzzle, but for now, that concludes the summary and results for episode 9.

Queendom Puzzle episode 10 summary results finale final EL7Z UP members lineup final
The final EL7Z UP members lineup is revealed.

Episode 10 Finale: Queendom Puzzle Finals and EL7Z UP Members Revealed

Queendom Puzzle Episode 10, aired August 15, 2023 KST: The finale began with the eliminated contestants from episode 9 reflecting on their journey with appreciation and receiving flowers and notes. The show then reiterated that the final EL7Z UP project group will enjoy an album release, a global tour, and a 2023 MAMA Awards performance. After that, previously eliminated contestants were reintroduced to briefly greet the viewing audience at the live show.

Queendom Puzzle then went back in time to reveal how the final team compositions for the final performances had been formed, following the eliminations in episode 9. Nana and Hwiseo, as the top two members on the “Billionaire” and “Last Piece” teams respectively, (Hwiseo ranked first overall.) were given the power to both create their teams and even select their positions in the song. If a contestant were selected by both teams, then that person could select which team she wanted.

The team compositions for the Queendom Puzzle finals ultimately worked out like this: (Yeoreum and Yuki were initially selected by both teams, while Kei and Dohwa were initially selected by neither.)

  • Team “Billionaire”: Nana (Main Vocal), Yeonhee (Rapper 2), Suyun (Sub Vocal 3), Wooyeon (Sub Vocal 4), Jihan (Sub Vocal 1), Yuki (Sub Rapper), Kei (Sub Vocal 2)
  • Team “Last Piece”: Hwiseo (Main Vocal), Jiwoo (Sub Vocal 3), Juri (Sub Rapper 2), Yeeun (Main Rapper), Elly (Sub Vocal 2), Yeoreum (Sub Vocal 1), Dohwa (Sub Rapper)

During the live show, global voting would be combined with text message voting for the final votes for individual members, not teams. Queendom Puzzle briefly showed how the “Billionaire” team prepared in the past before revealing their live, final performance. They delivered a fun and bouncy performance, as expected. Queendom Puzzle then briefly showed how the “Last Piece” team had prepared in the past. They delivered an intense, high-impact performance. The choreographers for both songs then praised their respective team’s performances. Live voting ceased afterward.

Afterward, all 26 Queendom Puzzle contestants reunited to perform two special stages, in which the “Pick” and “Drop” teams for “Snap” and “Charismatic,” respectively (from back in episode 2), became one team each. Prior to their performances, it showed them all going to Gangwon Province for “healing time” and eating. Elly actually led a tour with one group, while other groups ate Thai food or Subway. (Elly’s tour seemed like an advertisement for Korean tourism, but regardless, a separate YouTube video would be uploaded revealing all of that tour.) Regardless, the segments of the teams eating together and reflecting on their shared experiences stretched on for a while. It concluded with a reminder that the contestants had entered the series feeling like they did not have many friends, but they had made many friends throughout the course of Queendom Puzzle.

At the live show, the unified “Charismatic” team performed first, followed by the “Snap” team performance, and each was delightful. Afterward, Queendom Puzzle displayed snippets of prerecorded final interviews the contestants had done, in addition to some of the last times they had spent together. It was also a reminder that the show had filmed for a whopping four months in total. At the live show, some contestants then gave additional final remarks.

Then the time came to finally announce the “top 7,” final members of EL7Z UP, ranked from first to seventh. Third place was announced first: Yuki. (She climbed four rankings since the semi-finals to reach this spot.) Fourth place was announced next: Kei. (She was ranked in the “top 7” throughout the competition.) Then fifth place was announced: Yeoreum. Sixth place was announced afterward: Yeonhee. (She climbed two steps in total to get there, and she cried her eyes out again when she was selected. Her family traveled from Gwangju to see her as well.) Then first place was announced: Hwiseo. (Her mom was there too.) Second place was announced next: Nana. (She was always in the “top 7.” Unrelated, it was then announced that Elly had been in eighth place in the semi-final.) Finally, seventh place was announced: Yeeun.

In summary, the final lineup of EL7Z UP contains the following members, ranked in the following order, as revealed by the results of the Queendom Puzzle episode 10 finale:

  1. Hwiseo (H1-KEY)
  2. Nana (Woo!ah!)
  3. Yuki (Purple Kiss)
  4. Kei (former Lovelyz)
  5. Yeoreum (WJSN)
  6. Yeonhee (Rocket Punch)
  7. Yeeun (former CLC)

EL7Z UP was revealed to the world! Get more information on who the EL7Z UP members are in our separate article here at K-Pop Answers, and we can also tell you how old the members are and when EL7Z UP is planned to debut!

This concludes the summary and results for Queendom Puzzle Episode 10, the finale! Please stick with K-Pop Answers for more summary and results for exciting K-pop series!

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